33 Brilliant Ways to Design Your Mudroom

When creating a comfortable and cozy interior in the house, such a small space as a mudroom is given too little attention. Such a wrong decision! Even the smallest one can become a stylish and super functional addition to your house. We have collected 33 smart mudroom ideas for you to choose the ones that are right for you.

1. Lockers For 1000 Small Items. The most crucial thing in the mudroom is its organization and functionality. After all, this is where we keep all sorts of little things. Therefore, it’s important to have quality cabinets that match the overall design of your house.

Entryways often have mesh doors, which we can see on these cabinets. Such a light and spacious interior design create a sense of cleanliness throughout the house.

2. Wicker Boxes. If you dream of a perfect, stylish entrance room, you should think through many details, including storage space. It can be cubbies, wicker boxes, dressers, or shelves. You can hang coats or bags on minimalist hooks. Boots for all seasons can be stored in a closed drawer beneath.

3. Bits Of Vintage. Designers recommend choosing a large wardrobe if you are a real fashionista. Check out this giant coat closet with gold vintage handles. Doesn’t it look expensive and stylish? Besides, it is very functional as there is plenty of storage space.

The wall of the room has an unobtrusive gray color. We can see similar shades on the floor.

4. Shoe Corner. People take off their outerwear and footwear in the mudroom, so a special place should be allocated for storing them. Such a shoe rack saves a lot of space, provides convenient removal of shoes, and simplifies the cleaning process.

You can create something useful and easy to use even in such a small room. By the way, notice how the little black window gives extra space and light here.

5. Temporary Mudroom Relaxation. The makeshift mudroom should be simple, spacious, and pleasing to the eye, as it is the first thing we see when entering the house. The black and white patterned floor tiles create a special mood to this tranquil room.

And, of course, there should be a white wall in such a place. This color expands the room and allows using every inch rationally.

6. Bright Beach Storage Space. How to equip a mudroom depends entirely on your preferences and ideas. In such a room, we often see wardrobes and shelves. However, the owners of this house chose a more original way. This bright interior design is not taken out of thin air for sure. It evokes a feeling of peace, relaxation, and carelessness.

7. Simplicity And Style. Wooden facade, white wall, and brown floor are ingenious and simple! The designers did not forget about the stylish hanger as well. There are enough hooks for the whole family. In addition, it is convenient to change or take off shoes on a long bench when you come home.

As you can see, a traditional bulky closet in the mudroom is easy to replace with compact and practical hooks. This option is especially relevant if there are children at home.

8. Functional Mudroom. Wicker storage cubbies fit perfectly into the snow-white space of the room. This mudroom is designed very thoughtfully. Look at this shelf with baskets above. They can accommodate all the staff.

The white ceiling adds a sense of airiness. This room fully reflects the style of Emily Henderson: a famous interior designer who knows a lot about beautiful entryways.

9. Pure Coziness. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this photo. But it still looks mesmerizing. You may notice an ideal drop zone for slippers under this lovely dressing table. Isn’t it a perfect women’s little nook?

10. Turquoise Interior Design. Furniture arranged in a row along one of the walls is a good way out of a narrow mudroom. The space beneath the bench can be used for storage too. The green floor-to-ceiling cabinet fronts reflect the warm light of the spotlights and make the room radiant.

11. Don’t Forget Benches. Look at this elegant bench with a back. This type is rarely seen in the entryways for sure. The wall space is adorned with old paintings, giving it a vintage vibe.

The coat rack doesn’t stand out visually and is almost invisible to the naked eye. Umbrella baskets complete the ensemble of this cozy room perfectly.

12. Brown Shades. This nook is absolutely perfect for storing things. The natural wood floor is in harmony with the bench. You can store anything in this kind of wicker basket, as in the photo: from children’s toys to all sorts of little things. This room definitely needs some hanging artworks in order not to seem boring.

The interior design is calm and neat. As you can see, the classic white wall set with the natural wood surface and cushions is an amazing match.

13. House Laundry Room. Here is the option when the laundry space can be organized right in the mudroom. The washer and dryer don’t cause any harm to the overall look here, and a compact cupboard above can store cleaning supplies. Black hanging hooks can be used at your discretion: for bathrobes, hats, etc.

14. Classic Wooden Shelf. All sorts of hangers, hooks, and shelves, complemented by baskets, drawers, and organizers, can become a chic replacement for bulky headsets and cabinets in the mudroom. The gray tiled floor looks beautiful with dark wood furniture.

Also, do not forget to match the front door to the color of the walls: white, black, or beige. Such a nice entrance!

15. Only Hooks. The acquaintance with the apartment often starts from the mudroom. Thus, modern and stylish furniture is a must-have. It not only makes a good impression on guests, but also cheers owners up. The set that includes closed cabinets and chests of drawers with open shelves and hangers is the best storage solution. Notice how white cubbies freshen up the entryway.

16. Precision And Order. Shelves for boxes, hooks for accessories, shoe racks, hangers and bars for outerwear, organizers for small things… If each thing has its own place, the mess in the mudroom is definitely excluded. This house gives the impression of cleanliness, orderliness, and comfort. What else does a person need?

17. Countryside Mudroom Ideas. Such an interior is often called rural. That is why it creates a friendly and soulful image with a hint of nostalgia. It also looks completely comfortable and multifunctional. Someone even managed to insert a sink here. Delightful, isn’t it?

By the way, a small tray, box, or a shallow vase in the same locker where you leave your bag and gloves can also be a hiding place for small items.

18. Compact Laundry. An entryway can serve you as a good laundry. But only if you arrange it properly. For example, as shown in the photo. This room has double duty. It is a light mudroom and a functional laundry room.

Pay attention to the baskets for paper towels. Good storage option, don’t you agree? Such a compact mudroom can create a pleasant first impression of the whole house.

19. Black And White Mudroom. Simple, but a useful option for those who do not want to bother. This black and white room has everything a person needs. The vertical storage organization is a good way to use every inch of the mudroom. The cabinets look strict, but not repulsive. On the wide shelf on top, you can store hats or something of your choice.

20. Fresh Flowers. This roomy space is perfect for storing bags, keys, sunglasses, etc. In other words, for everything you want to free your hands from when returning home. You can easily hang your coat here. Note that there are no built-ins because they aren’t needed here at all.

Moreover, we advise refreshing this room with plants or flowers. As you know, green plants enliven and give a sense of nature to the house.

21. Summer Essentials. This summer makeshift mudroom awakens a strong desire to relax by the sea. We are willing to bet that the owners of this house have a picturesque view of the coast from the window. You can have a little rest on the bench, choose a toy for water fun or just find the perfect storage for your beach towels in these cubbies.

22. Galvanized Metal Baskets. Your imagination can run wild in such a massive mudroom! Designers suggest giving preference to the metal baskets or drawers, as in the photo. The room is so spacious that the desire to organize everything at once appears. There is definitely enough storage room for each family member.

23. Mudroom And Laundry Room Combo. How to create a functional mudroom? Ask the owners of this remarkable place! There are stylish storage boxes, a handy drying, a lovely nook with plants, and elegant lamps. The wall has a white finish that compliments the wood floor and ceiling very favorably.

24. Perfect Shoe Storage Cabinets. Pay attention to this reference if you want to save a lot of space. The built-in bench is at the same time a functional storage box. Notice how hooks play an essential role: each of them is signed and belongs to a specific person.

Rubber boots have also found their place. It especially resonates with those who live in rainy regions. Keep in mind that the green color brightens up the space perfectly.

25. Non-Standard Approach. Let’s talk about the use of mirrors in mudrooms. For example, a large-sized one, in addition to the main function, helps expand the space visually and makes the room brighter. You won’t find any cubbies here, just because it is an ideal place to have some rest.

If the space is so tiny that you risk tripping over even a miniature piece of furniture on the floor, give up on this idea. In addition, instead of a hard bench, you can use a soft pouf.

26. Hidden Nook. You shouldn’t make bright walls and lay colorful tiles with patterns in such a mudroom. Choose light shades for the wall and floor: white, beige, or gray. A small bench with soft cushions is a perfect place for reading a book or listening to favorite music. A single hanger, bench, or shoe rack is a spectacular and minimalist solution for a miniature hallway.

27. Giant Mudroom Ideas. This beautiful mudroom is made in an absolutely royal style. The patterned wall goes well with a checkerboard floor. On such a large bench you can not only relax but also keep your bags on. The ceiling is white and adds some airy feeling. There is enough space to store things of any size and shape, without a doubt.

28. Handmade Details. Several elegant pieces of furniture in more or less free space make the entryway visually more spacious. Of course, if it is not overloaded with decor and details. Minimalist wooden coat hooks add a bit of chic to this authentic mudroom. The room is visually uncluttered and leaves a lot of space for imagination.

29. Deep Green Shades. The noble dark green color of the spring forest can leave only a good impression. Anyone would like to spend some time in such a pleasant nook. However, the owners didn’t forget about the functionality. The hidden shoe shelf under the bench is clear proof of it.

30. Beige Cabinets. This mudroom can be a great drop zone for hats, shoes, and accessories. For decoration, you can use floor-to-ceiling shelves. Do you want to include everything at once? Choose furnishings of modest size: a compact mirror, neat shelf, shallow closet.

If you have already started using beige tones in the room, do not stop only at the furniture. The floor and ceiling can also be a part of this ensemble.

31. Happiest Mudroom Ever. This mudroom is designed to cheer people up, for sure. The white door goes well with the gray floor that imitates natural wood. Baskets under the bench are just perfect for storing shoes. The focal point of this space is the emoji painting on the wall. Doesn’t it make you smile?

If you have already started using beige tones in the room, do not stop only at the furniture. The floor and ceiling can also be a part of this ensemble.

32. Luxury And Comfort Workspace. It is an ideal place for efficient work. You can rest or create here. Such an uncommon option for the mudroom! Under the ceiling, we can see a small shelf for all the necessary things that are always at hand. The herringbone tiles on the floor add coziness to the space. We are sure that working in such a space is a real pleasure.

33. Pet-Friendly Space. Look at this awesome blue nook for pets! Everything here is so well thought out that even dog feeders can be hidden if necessary. We won’t be surprised if the other drawer contains toys or pet collars.

But the owners didn’t forget about themselves. Thus, there is a large floor-to-ceiling coat closet, where all outerwear can easily fit.

As you can see, creating a unique mudroom interior design is not a big deal. Our ideas can help you to turn this space into functional storage for clothes, shoes, and useful little things. Good luck with your interior solutions, and have easy repairs!