30 Shoe Storage Ideas for Perfect Shoes Organization

No one likes stepping through their door and tripping over shoe clutter. Or having to dig through a mountain of mismatched shoes on the closet floor looking for the pair they need. Luckily, shoe storage and organization become a breeze with the right tools. Here are 30 great ways to keep all your shoes tidy and your floor spaces clear.

1. Tradition with a Twist. Hall trees are a staple of entryway organization. They are versatile and come in a wide range of styles. However, if you are looking for more shoe storage than a traditional hall tree has to offer, consider buying or building one that has shelving all the way up one side. This will provide extra space for your pairs of shoes and works as a great space to keep purses and small decor.

Hall Tree with a Shoe Cabinet

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2. Drawers Galore. Modern problems require modern solutions and one way to store an abundance of shoes is by turning your stairs into drawers. These pullout shoe cubbies make your clutter problem disappear. In addition, this storage system is incredibly efficient if you have a large family and many pairs of shoes to keep organized.

Hidden Drawers in Stairs for Smart Shoe Storage

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3. Hanging Hide-Away. You can turn a simple cabinet into a hanging shoe organizer by simply adding some hooks. This solution allows easy access to all of your shoes while keeping them tucked away and off the floor. This is also a quick DIY project that can be accomplished with any cabinet that catches your fancy.

Easy DIY Idea for Maximizing Shoe Storage Space

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4. Wire Cubbies. These wire shoe racks are an excellent solution for an active household with lots of outdoor shoes. Their metal construction and clean lines give them a modern look while allowing dirt and debris to fall under the shelving unit, allowing for easy sweep-up. No wiping out individual cubbies.

Wire Shoe Rack for Shoes Organization

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5. Happy Hallways. Using a console or hallway table as shoe storage creates order while remaining stylish. If your table has more than one shelf, you can add cute baskets to store out of season shoes or those you only wear occasionally.

Stylish Hallway with Boots and Shoe Organizers

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6. Stackable Style. These metal cubes are not only cute but are also versatile. The ability to re-arrange the stacking pattern allows you to create a storage solution unique to your room’s needs. This makes them a great fit for small spaces.

Stackable Metal Cubes Shoe Rack

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7. Stylish Shelving. Floating shelves are very much in style right now, and people are using them to display everything from house plants to books. So why not take it a step further and use them as a stylish shoe rack in a walk-in closet? Keeping your shoes on shelving creates a clean, organized look and makes it easy to find the pair you need.

Floating Shelves to Store Shoes

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8. Rustic Charm. Upcycling old wooden crates is a great way to solve your shoe storage woes. Crates are durable, low-cost, and you can arrange them to best suit your area. Plus, they make the perfect addition to a rustic entryway or mudroom and can be arranged around your existing furniture and coat rack.

Wooden Crates Shoe Organizer

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9. Shoe Wall. One of the best shoe storage solutions is to turn unused wall space in a primary bedroom or closet into a shoe wall. Then, using the shelving of your choice, you can create as much or as little storage as you need while keeping your shoes up off the floor and out of the way.

Open Shelves Shoe Storage Idea

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10. Custom Cubes. Every home has a different ratio of storage needs to available space. These customizable cubes make meeting those needs easy-peasy. Large enough to store even most men’s boots, they are also stackable which makes it easy to add more or downsize as your organizational needs change.

Makeshift Shoe Rack You Can Easily Downsize

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11. Wire Racks. These simple wire racks are a great way to maximize your shelf space. They make it easy to display your favorite shoes, and their added length means you can fit more pairs on each shelf. You can also purchase them in a variety of sizes and depths to fit your specific needs.

Closet Shoe Storage Idea

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12. Wicker for the Win. Wicker baskets are some of the best and easiest storage options. Wicker is durable, cost-effective, and you can find a wicker basket in nearly any shape or size. Sliding them under an entry bench is a great way to keep shoes easily accessible near the door without cluttering your space.

Hallway Wicker Baskets to Store Shoes

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13. Slide ’em Out. Instead of just tossing shoes into a wardrobe or storage cabinets and ending up with a cluttered mess, consider adding sliding shoe racks. These easy-to-install racks are the perfect solution, adding function and ease to any shoe storage space.

Cabinet with Sliding Out Shoe Rack

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14. Display Drawers. Adding drawer storage is a great space saving idea for almost any closet or dressing area. However, these drawers double as a display, giving you a stylish way to show off your collection while maintaining order.

Large Wardrobe with Display Drawers for Shoes

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15. Removable Shelves. Everyone loves a storage bench; they are a convenient and cute way to keep shoes organized. However, they can also be limiting for shoes larger than a sneaker. So, when you are purchasing your next bench, get one with removable shelves, and you will have enough space to store your favorite boots upright and ready to go near the front door.

Cute Bench Idea for Storing Shoes and Boots

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16. Fantastic Fold-Away. These fantastic folding organizers give you so much storage capability in a small space. They are the perfect solution for someone who has a large shoe collection but is working with limited closet or entryway space.

Folding Shoe Organizer for a Large Shoe Collection

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17. Cute Crates. This adorable wooden shoe rack is an easy and efficient solution to your shoe storage woes. Available online, or, if you are feeling handy, up-cycle some old pallets and mount them to the wall. These are also so easy to paint or customize to match your space.

Smart Shoe Storage Ideas to Free Your Floor Space

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18. Tidy and Tilted. If you have adjustable shelving in your shoe storage area, tilting the shelves at a slight downward angle can make a big difference in the visibility of your shoes. Add a bracket or piece of crown molding to the end of the shelf to keep shoes from sliding off of your new display.

Tilted Open Shelves for Shoe Storage

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19. Sleek and Simple. Sometimes, a simple solution is best. An industrial-style shelf with minimal hardware and clean lines will add to the tidy appearance of your home. And not having a shelf right along the floor gives you more space underneath and helps keep the dust bunnies away.

Simple Hallway Table that Doubles as Shoe Organizer

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20. The Clear Solution. For folks with a large shoe collection and limited storage space, these stackable plastic shoe boxes are a great solution. Each box fits a single pair of shoes, and its clear front lets you see exactly what’s inside. This makes grabbing your favorite pair a breeze.

Plastic Boxes for Dust Free Shoe Storage

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21. Individual Organization. Having kids and a tidy shoe area do not always go hand in hand. Make organization easy for the entire family with these pullout bins. Each family member gets their own bin or bins, and all they have to do is toss their shoes in and slide them closed. You can even throw some wicker or wire baskets on top for things like sunglasses and baseball caps.

Shoe Organizer for a Large Family

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22. Snug Space Solution. Hall closets can be tight and leave little room for storage solutions. A great way to make the most of your closet is to utilize the vertical space, not just the floor. For especially tight spaces, without the room to mount shelves, mount shoe racks instead. You can purchase them, or, simple shoe racks can be made from just some wooden doles or small PVC pipes.

Behind-the-Door Shoe Storage

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23. Under-Stair Storage. It would be a shame to let all that extra space under your stairs go to waste when it can be working for you by storing shoes. Adding built-in drawers to the underside of your staircase creates ample room for all of your favorite pairs.

Under the Stairs Shoe Storage Idea

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24. Front and Center. Turing an unused book nook or corner alcove into a useful space is always a great idea. So, turn yours from wasted space into the best shoe display on the block. This storage idea works especially well for people who have a large collection that they don’t want to be tucked away somewhere collecting dust.

Shelves for Shoe Storage in a Niche

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25. What About Boots? Rain and snow boots present their own storage problems. They are too big for many storage bins and baskets but still need somewhere to go. These adorable boot hangers provide a stylish and tidy solution to your boot problem. And, with muddy boots hanging upside down to dry, they are less likely to leave you a mess to sweep up.

Wall Shoe Rack for Smart Boots Storage

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26. Mix and Match. Have trouble deciding between rustic wooden crates and adorable wicker baskets? Why not have both? Mix-and-match organizers to create the best shoe storage solution for your space. This is an excellent solution for small spaces where a larger, conventional organizer takes up too much room.

Mixing Shoe Rack and Baskets for Shoe Storage

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27. Funky and Fun. Smart shoe storage ideas don’t have to be all baskets and cubes; you can also think outside the box. This fun shoe rack is made from recycled PVC pipes that have been painted and mounted on the wall. Let your imagination roam. If shoes fit in it, it might be the perfect storage solution for you.

Upcycling Pipes for a Creative Shoe Organizer

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28. Shoe Tree. This beautiful tree shelf is an excellent way to store shoes. They can be purchased or built yourself to fit your closet for a relatively low cost. They also work great for purses and sunglasses.

Wood Ladder Shelf for Shoe Organization

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29. Wonderful Wardrobe. For some collections, a shoe cabinet just won’t cut it, and you need an entire wardrobe. If you have a lot of shoes that need to be housed near the front door and not tucked away in a bedroom closet, your best bet is to add a built-in storage solution or upcycle an old armoire to fit your needs.

Hall with Window Seat and Wardrobe for Shoe Storage

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30. Lazy Shoe-San. Shoe organizers have come a long way from a shoe tray by the back door. These revolving organizers pull out and can be rotated all the way around to twice the shoe storage in the same amount of space. And when you are done, they tuck neatly back into a closet or cabinet.

Shoe Organizer that Can Be Pulled Out and Rotated

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Whether you like a cute and trendy shoe cabinet or the traditional simplicity of a metal shoe rack, there is a space saving solution for you. And once your shoes are organized, you’ll be surprised at how much time it saves you in your day. Time you can use to relax and unwind or find other areas to organize.