20 Cozy Small Balcony Ideas for Your Inspiration

Depending on what you need on the balcony, you should look for a suitable design. The most common options for using this space as a resting place are the living room, dining area, and home office. Let’s have a look at the best small balcony designs. Could you imagine a tiny space like this can be decorated with such creative approaches?

1. Hammock – Perfect For An Outdoor Area. Those who like nooks for reading or napping can install couches or original chairs suspended on a chain. A comfortable hammock is an unexpected option for a balcony. It should be carefully and securely fixed. Do not hang it too high. It is much easier because you do not need to drill the ceiling at home.

2. String Lights. There may be nuances with the lighting on the balcony. Do you lack light? Use additional devices. Candles in candlesticks of various shapes will fulfill their function and decorate the space. But be careful with open flames. There are also battery-operated candles.

You can also pay attention to solar lanterns. They have time to recharge in a day. At night, they will be able to light up the balcony. String lights or garlands not only illuminate but also create an incredible atmosphere.

3. Floor Pillows. The terrace can be arranged as a play area for those with children. Ensure security, of course. It can be a soft floor with cushions and boards without gaps. Another option for glazed balconies is a warm floor, carpet, or fluffy rugs. For older children, you can arrange places for creativity.

4. Outdoor Furniture For The Balcony. Turn the balcony into a space for relaxation and parties with guests. The decor, in this case, can be bright and original. The panoramic view from the upper floors will be exciting. Armchairs or a sofa and a coffee table will create a relaxation zone. Umbrellas will add a beach vibe and protection from the sun.

5. Coffee Table And Modern Chairs. Do you start your morning with coffee? So you need a small table and a chair. You will enjoy your coffee and watch the city and nature wake up.

6. Small Table For The Workplace. Those who choose a glazed balcony or loggia increase the functionality of this area. In addition, it expands the possible options for decoration and selection of furniture. Focusing on weather conditions is no longer necessary, but you can choose what you like without conventions.

If the space allows, you can create an original work area. A corner for seclusion has not bothered anyone yet! Home offices consist of a small table, a pair of hanging shelves, and a swivel chair. This is also an option to increase storage space.

7. Dining Space On The Balcony. The outdoor dining area has a soft sofa, a table, and a few chairs. The use of transforming furniture will add practicality to the balcony. You can merge it with the kitchen and create a single space if it is possible to combine the premises.

8. Perfect Place For Sunbathing. Sun protection is sometimes not needed at all. On the contrary, there is a desire to tan. You can buy a comfortable sun lounger and nothing that gets in the way. Check that no grid casts a shadow on you.

9. Minimalist Look. The original design solution for the loggia is to turn the windowsill into a kitchen table. There may also be an imitation of a bar near the handrail area: more legroom and a better view.

10. Outdoor Space For Pets. Pets want to be always close to their people. Do not deprive them of this joy. And take care of the furry ones. Everything must be safe so that the animals do not get hurt and do not run away due to curiosity. Also, don’t forget that heat is harmful. Therefore, ensure constant access to water and shade. If the animal is not allowed to lie on the sofa, put a particular couch.

11. Outdoor Space For Pets. The balcony can connect the apartment with the street. The main thing in small flats with even smaller balconies is not to overload the interior. This place can be very cozy with the right design. Choose such an option as decorating an open or glazed structure. Such a decision will allow you to create a continuous space without burdensome railings visually.

12. Canopy And Balcony Railing. On open balconies, the issue of cleaning is especially acute. For the area to be well-groomed for a long time, it is important to choose suitable finishing materials. They must be resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. In most cases, ceramic tiles are selected for the floor and facade plaster for the walls.

So that you are not blinded by the bright sun, choose a balcony canopy. Another option is a crate on the upper part of the balcony.

13. Seat Cushions On A Balcony Banquette. Another interesting idea is to make a bench. Choose your side: near the front wall or the far wall. Cabinets are often made under the seats. A banquette has advantages if you like to host guests. Then there is much more space for sitting than you could manage to place the chairs.

14. Outdoor Plants. An unglazed loggia for a city dweller is an excellent chance to be more “outdoors”. Use it if the weather in your region allows you to leave the balcony unglazed. Turn it into a garden! You will be comfortable there on warm days. Of course, when choosing flowers and plants, it is essential to take into account all the nuances.

15. Outdoor Space For The Bar Area. A wide windowsill used as a bar counter is an original design idea. Add folding chairs. They are convenient to store. You can leisurely observe the life of the city. Or relax with friends.

If there is little space left for a sofa, then a low cabinet and a few flat pillows will create a comfortable place.

16. Hanging Planters. Flowers hung in pots will turn the balcony into an oasis. Choose moisture-resistant furniture: forged or plastic. Add some soft pillows and woven rugs for comfort; if you want a romantic atmosphere, light candles or garlands.

So that you do not have uninvited winged guests, install a mosquito net. It will also protect you from insects.

17. Chic Terrace For Rest And Relax. A balcony as a private space is a great idea for those who are not bothered by their neighbors or don’t have them at all. Jacuzzi? Ideally. Sunbeds? I will take two. A small fridge with ice and drinks? You will not want to leave such a balcony.

18. Backyard With Lounge Space. Use the screen to create a private corner. They can be wicker or wooden – to your taste. Having closed yourself off from the outside world, you can enjoy solitude. Outside the city, you can take a foam bath even in nature, as in the photo example.

19. Garden And Greenery. Instead of flower pots, arrange a natural mini garden. You can harvest all year round. It is not necessary to understand gardening. Start small – grow greens for your salads. Not only a hobby but also a balcony decoration and valuable ingredients for dishes.

20. Potted Plants, Flowers, And Throw Pillows. Vertical landscaping is just what you need for a small balcony. Place pots on shelves or choose hanging planters.

Hope these balcony ideas have inspired you to transform your own space and style this lovely nook the best possible way.