48 Ingenious Garage Organization Ideas

Whether you plan it or not, garages often become a catch-all area for an assortment of things: from sports equipment to cleaning supplies, from old toys and clothes waiting for donation to gardening tools. Between wheelbarrows, ladders, and lawn mowers, there is very little space for an actual car. And don’t even get us started on the potential hazards of getting in or out of your garage or parking your car safely. But with a few clever tricks, you can make the most of the space you have in your garage and keep it neat and tidy.

1. Use Pegboards for an Organized Garage Workshop. One pegboard panel, so many possibilities. They provide convenient vertical storage for power tools, hammers, and other tools you want easy access to. You can also add small baskets, organizers, or a magnetic strip to a pegboard.

Garage Cabinet and Wall Mounted Pegboard for Tools

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2. Build a Holds-Everything Garage Storage Wall. Get everything up off the floor with customized shelving. This garage shelving system includes different types of storage for hanging, stacking, and hiding things away. It also offers a pegboard-style wall panel to hold all kinds of objects.

Long Garage Workbench with Pegboard Storage

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3. Slick up Your Garage Storage with Stylish Shelving. Even if you use your garage as a dusty workshop, there is no reason why it can’t look great with the addition of some simple garage storage systems to help you get organized. This garage storage idea features an open workstation for your DIY projects, clear pull-out drawers for hiding odds and ends, and a pegboard for all the stuff you need to grab and go.

Garage Working Place Organization Idea

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4. Organize Your Garage with a Shelving. To put vertical space to work in your garage, install a garage storage rack in the corner of the garage to hide gear inside baskets on a wire shelving unit. Wall shelves are practical as they don’t require additional clearance for opening doors and you can optimize shelf space by using a variety of bins to store your possessions.

Garage with Build In Shelves for Storage

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5. Add Labels to Find Items Easily. Those who use bins for storing know how easy it is to lose track of items over time. This is why labeling everything from sports gear to supplies of pet food is key. Label your bins with custom storage labels or simply use duct tape and marker to keep things organized.

Red Metal Wire Rack Garage Storage for Bins and Car Top Carrier

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6. Get Your Stuff Off the Floor. Keep items off the floor whenever possible. Bulky, awkwardly-shaped items tend to take up all the free space and pile up. Make sure the storage system is mounted high enough off the floor or raised on legs so that you can clean the floor beneath or store heavier equipment like lawnmowers or wheelbarrows.

Garage Shelves with Space for a Lawnmower

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7. Get Garage Racking for a No-Fit Solution. Being versatile, durable, and affordable, racking is one of the most popular garage storage ideas. You can fill the entire rear wall of a garage with racks at a low cost, then add small drawer units, toolboxes, and storage bins for a flexible and low-cost solution to all your storage needs.

Metal Garage Storage System

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8. Install Tower Shelving. The lack of used vertical space is one of the reasons garages get cluttered. Using plastic or wire shelving is an inexpensive and easy garage storage idea. They are easy to assemble and provide ample storage space.

Tower Shelves for Garage Organization

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9. Handy Workstation. Design a workspace that combines function and style. Along with wire bins, metal racks, and shelving units, use a variety of hooks and brackets for screwdrivers, hammers, and chisels to save you from rummaging in drawers of sharp tools.

Metal Floating Shelves for Tools

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10. Customize Unused Wall Space. Keeping the floor space of your garage free is key as you don’t want to be tripping over things or running them over when you drive your car in. The solution is obvious. Opt for customized racks and wire shelves that create horizontal storage to optimize space and keep essentials out of the way.

Wall Mounted Shelves in a Garage for Home Gym

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11. Utilize the Corner. Of course, you may already have shelves, but wrapping a row of wire racks around a corner maximizes that tricky square footage. Add a tracking system to hang extension cords and hoses and a mobile cabinet unit for flexible options.

Floating Corner Shelves for Small Garage Organization

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12. Hide Everything Away into Cabinets and Drawers. Good news! With built-in cabinets, you can hide clutter by simply shutting the door. Or you can keep it organized with labeled bins for your family’s outdoor games and cleaning supplies.

Perfect Garage Organization with Lockers and Work Station on One Side

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13. Carpentry Workstation. Embrace your passion for woodwork with this spacious and functional workstation. Not only will you optimize your garage space by neatly organizing every tool on display, but you will also make the creative process so much handier.

Garage Work Station with Pegboard and Cabinets

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14. Tool Organization Ideas. Create an organized workspace in the garage to stash tools and provide a convenient area for projects. A sturdy wooden frame provides maximum weight capacity for hefty power tools and offers a variety of options for storing smaller items.

Custom Cupboard for Tools Storage to Put in a Garage

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15. Pristine Cabinets. Just like inside your home, it’s a good garage organization idea to include cabinets as a storing option so you can shut the doors on your stuff for a neater impression. Items can be stored loose on shelves inside, or sorted out and stacked in lidded boxes.

White Lockers and Plastic Bins for Garage Storage

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16. Organize Items Inside a Drawer. Start small by organizing tools inside a drawer. Maximize space and visibility with clear unlidded boxes that keep your instruments snuggly tucked in special compartments.

Organizing Work Station Drawers

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17. There are Never Too Many Storage Bins. The easiest way to gain extra space is with a storage system. Try plastic bins or open baskets to store your items. You can go for opaque bins to hide all of your necessary but unsightly possessions or opt for clear bins which make things easier to find.

Storing Sports Equipment on the Garage Wall

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18. Overhead Garage Storage Ideas. If you don’t have too much wall space available, utilize the ceiling of your garage for storing less frequently used items. They are better suited for light items to avoid the hazards of lifting anything heavy over your head or up a ladder.

Combining Different Garage Storage Ideas in one Space

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19. Organization Ideas for Small Garages. If you own a smaller garage, you might want to use all the available space. But fret not! There is a variety of options you can choose from. Try light slim shelving units or movable storage baskets for flexible garage organization ideas.

Slim Shelving Unit for Garage Storage

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20. Sports Equipment Solutions. Piling sports gear in a cupboard is not the best way to look after it, nor is it the best way to access it. Fortunately, there are plenty of specially designed options for all of your sporting needs. A track system safely supports skateboards and tennis racquets and has handy wire shelves for smaller items.

Freeing Up Garage Floor with Wall Paneling and Heavy Duty Hooks

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21. Makeshift Pantry. If you lack extra storage space in your home, let an empty garage space double as another pantry. Store extra cleaning supplies, paper products, or bulk items on a storage rack.

Garage Pantry with Storage System and Transparent Plastic Bins

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22. Garage Storage Ideas for Seasonal Supplies. Make your garage look festive with this neatly organized cabinet for holiday decoration storage. Clear labeled bins will make the process of holiday home decoration easy and pleasant.

Garage Seasonal Decoration Storage Idea

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23. Ace Track Systems for the Smart Use of Wall Space. A range of miscellaneous items can be tricky to handle sometimes. Why not try track systems with adjustable heavy-duty steel hooks to keep your garage organized.

Track System for Storage of Ladders and Extension Cords

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24. Wall Mounted Organizer. When in doubt, choose flexible options for your garage organization. This wall-mounted system offers an array of alternatives, including shelves, braces, and hooks to cater to all your needs.

Hooks and Floating Shelves for Storing Things in a Garage

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25. Keep Your Outdoor Gear Handy. There are plenty of garage storage ideas to keep your lawn toys, strollers, and sports gear accessible for the kids and ready to go. Opt for different levels of shelves and hooks to meet the needs of all family members.

Track System for Storing Sports Equipment and Helmets

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26. Install Tracks for Garden Equipment. Tracks turn a wall into an opportunity. Whatever your storing needs are, you can address them with all sorts of hooks in the arrangement of your choice.

Small Garage with Storage Hooks on Each Wall

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27. Maximize the Use of Space with Overhead Storage. No floor space? No problem. Attach storage bins to the garage ceiling and never trip over your stuff again. Use a pulley system to save your muscle power and get easy access to the things you need at any time.

Garage Organization with Hooks Shelves and Overhead Storage

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28. Utilize Every Inch of Space. The best garage storage systems make the most of all the available space, without creating additional clutter. If you have too much stuff to store, think out of the box: use the underside of a shelf to hang bikes or park your lawn mower on the garage floor underneath.

Pulley System for Garage Organization

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29. Look Up for Extra Garage Storage. If you’re not employing ceiling space, you’re missing out. Consider arranging overhead storage units to hold seasonal stuff, such as swimming pool equipment or holiday decor, or basically any other item you want out of the way most of the year.

Cheap DIY Garage Storage Ideas

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30: Storage Ideas for a Two Car Garage. Overhead racks, suspended from the ceiling, offer another area to stow things away. Just make sure they don’t interfere with your garage door.

Using Small Garage Ceiling for Storage

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31. Learn DIY Storage Hacks. PVC pipes make a wonderful home for tools with longer handles, like screwdrivers or hammers. Just attach a piece of PVC pipe to a slim wooden shelf in a neat row to have every tool you need on display.

PVC Pipes Garage Organization Idea

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32. Storage Ideas for Art Supplies. Those with an artistic touch will surely appreciate this clever storage trick. An orderly line of holders attached to a pegboard will keep your paintbrushes and spatulas ready for your next project.

Creative DIY Garage Organization Idea

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33. Give Mason Jars a Second Life. Smaller bits and bobs, like nails or screws, are sometimes a pain to store and hard to find when you need them. Not anymore! With clear jars attached to the underside of a wooden shelf, you can always find what you need.

Using Jars for Storing Nails and Screws

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34. Utilize the Wall Space. When you don’t have enough space on the garage floor, go vertical. Only keep the tools and supplies you really need to keep from overcrowding your walls.

Storing Tires without Taking Up Garage Space

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35. Slightly Slanted. If your garage is home to an assortment of scooters and skateboards, use a slanted storage board with pegs to hold your riding equipment securely.

DIY Wood Rack for Storing Scooters and Boards

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36. Grab-and-Go Wire Racks. Hang a tiered wire rack organizer right next to the workstation to store cleaning supplies you find yourself needing most when you’re on a cleaning mission.

Handy Cleaning Supplies Storage Idea

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37. Don’t Skip Labeling. Opaque bins look stylish and keep your prized possessions away from the prying eyes but they might get tricky when it comes to searching for the things you need. Labels are the answer to your prayers.

Black Pegboard and Bins Garage Organization Ideas

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38. Make Sure You Know Where Your Stuff Is. One of the simplest garage organization ideas is to use clear labeled bins to store garage items. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Storing Cords and Hoses in a Garage

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39. Add Wire Shelving Along the Wall. An inexpensive alternative to adding cabinets to your garage is wire shelves. These are great for storing a variety of items from gardening supplies to fitness gear.

Garage Bins Labeling Ideas

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40. Plan Your Sports Equipment and Outdoor Toys Storage. This panelized system is finished with slotted panels that make it easy to store sports items out of the way. It holds lock-in hooks and shelves so that every square inch of wall space can be put to use.

Garage Bike Rack and Wall Space Storage

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41. Wrangle Your Sports Equipment. Balls rolling around the garage are a serious safety hazard. This sports gear organizer keeps all your balls, rackets, and mitts in one place.

Balls and Helmets Storage Shelves for a Garage

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42. Store Balls in Vertical Bins, Racks, or Nets. Keep basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and everything in between organized and out of the way by hanging racks, nets, or bins along your available wall space!

Hanging Baskets and Storage Systems for Sports Equipment

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43. Squeeze in as Many Components as You Can. If you park the car inside your garage, the main obstacle is that you can only use the edges of the space, not the main area. So this is where you need to make the most modular systems: configure them to make your own space unique.

Garage with Work Station and Wall Mounted Bike Racks

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44. Store Your Swimming Pool Gear Up High. Inflatable rings and mattresses are normally awkwardly shaped and take up a lot of valuable space in your garage. But the good news is that they are light and can be easily stored high up on the wall.

Pool Supplies and Bikes Compact Garage Storage

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45. Use Garage for Garden Tools Storage. Instead of piling brooms and rakes in a corner, use your slat wall or a fast track system to add hooks that will help you organize all of your yard tools!

Freeing Up Garage Space with Clever Storage Systems

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46. Repurpose Vintage Furniture. Use filing cabinets and vintage work tables to store tools in style. Old coat racks are perfect for hanging your garden tools up for easy grab-and-go work too!

Hooks for Garden Tools Storage and Shoe Storage Rack

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47. Use a Wall Mounted Track. Track system can be added anywhere in your garage and give you the freedom to organize however you need. If you are fond of home improvement projects, having all of your essential tools is a must.

Garage Garden Tools Storage Ideas

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48. Gardening Station. Transform an empty corner into a catch-all area for all of your gardening essentials. Add a small workbench to give you a space to pot indoor and outdoor plants, so you don’t make a mess indoors.

Garage Gardening Staton with a Bench and Gardening Supplies Storage

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Inspired to put your cluttered garage into order? The task may seem tedious, but getting organized once will save you so much time and nerve fiber later!