35 Flawless Built-In Bookshelves Design Ideas

Built-in bookshelves will always be a popular design feature, regardless of the interior style. When a blank wall feels too sterile, the built-ins are here to break down the look. Designers love how they add character to a room and convey the desired mood. Whether you wish to display your precious souvenir collection or admire your books, the built-in shelves become a focal point. Let’s get through our styling tips and curate built-in bookcases to enhance your home!

1. Dramatic Bookcase Ideas. A custom built-in bookcase around the fireplace mantel creates a gorgeous focal wall. The fixed shelves are painted in a deep charcoal tone for added drama. The built-in lighting keeps the precious collections on display while setting the mood.

Deep Blue Built In Bookshelves with Hidden Light

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2. Extra Storage Space. The built-in shelves expand from floor to ceiling, making great use of the awkward wall space. With a cozy chair and a lamp, they created a cozy reading nook for relaxation.

Black Built In Bookcases Around Black Door

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3. White Built-In Cabinets. The built-in shelves aren’t strictly limited to use in your living room. The all-white custom built-ins perfectly match the refined aesthetic in this dining room. We love how they displayed the books on the side of the pages to curate a neutral color scheme that fits the vibe.

White Dining Room Built In Bookcase with Storage Space

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4. Cozy Reading Nook. If you have a lonely corner in your home, enhance it with a stylish reading nook. The horizontal shelves cover the whole wall, creating a strong focal point. Add an armchair and anchor with a small side table for your arrangement to look intentional.

Gray Floor to Ceiling Built In Bookshelves on Staircase Landing

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5. Compact Bookcase Design. Living in a tiny home doesn’t have to stop you from creating a bookcase that displays all the books. Use the space around the doors and create a custom solution that works for your compact home.

Built In Bookshelves that Form a Passageway

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6. Bedroom Built-In Shelves. The DIY built-in bookshelves perfectly ft the design of this attic bedroom. With a window bench, this room is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a good book.

Attic Bedroom Built In Bookshelves Around Window Seat

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7. Design for Awkward Spaces. Sometimes, the odd layout might be tricky to work with. The floating design of these built-in bookshelves is a perfect fit for awkward spaces.

Floating Built In Bookcase Shelves

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8. Built-In Bookcase Ikea Hack. Built-in bookshelves don’t have to be an expensive project – you can easily create them on your own using this clever Ikea furniture hack. With the addition of base cabinets, you also get extra storage space available. Add wall sconces to put your precious decor to display and create a dramatic effect.

DIY Built In Bookshelves Using Ikea Furniture

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9. Library Wall with Built-In Sofa. When there isn’t enough space to display your books, why not use free walls around the sofas The full wall bookcase design is ideal for a teenage room or a compact living room.

Sofa Between Floor to Ceiling Built In Bookshelves

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10. Classic Elegance. A built-in bookcase can suit various interior styles, depending on the decor and layout. In this case, the custom shelving highlights the artwork, creating a stylish nook.

Classic Painting and Built In Bookshelves Around It

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11. Modern Office Space. Let the refined bookcase with built-in lighting become the main focal point in your office. Opt for a curated arrangement and add decorative objects for visually pleasing shelves.

Modern Built In Bookshelves Behind an Office Desk

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12. Sloped Ceiling. If you have a sloped ceiling, a tailored bookshelf solution works best. This living room bookcase looks amazing, following the curved lines on the ceiling.

Floor to Ceiling Built In Bookshelves Around a Living Room Window

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13. Floor to Ceiling Shelves. When you have high ceilings, going all the way up with the shelving is recommended. This simple step helps you create the dreamy library you always wanted. Add a ladder for a decorative touch and easy access to your favorite books.

Wooden Built In Bookcases with a Ladder

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14. Keep Things Playful. Built-in bookshelves styled with different textures, colors, and shapes add charm to any space. However, don’t limit your decor choices to books only. Add leaning art, plants, and decorative boxes for a playful arrangement that grabs attention. The gorgeous setting adds a touch of personality to this dining room, setting a homey atmosphere.

Open Space House with a Wall of White Built In Shelving

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15. Vintage Style Bookcases. And again, the dining room is the ideal space for displaying your vintage book collection. The colorful bookcase makes an ideal backdrop for rustic table decor and retro chairs. Highlighted with a sparkly chandelier, the room has a vintage vibe.

Small Rustic Dining Room with Sage Built In Bookcase

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16. Contemporary Design. In this case, the fireplace makes a lovely statement with its natural stone texture. Covering it with bookshelves would be a huge sin in the interior design world. Therefore, opt for exquisite built-in bookshelves next to your unique fireplace to complement its beauty.

Stone Fireplace and Built In Cabinets with Statement Trim

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17. Tiny Bedroom with a Built-In Bookshelf. The charming shelving adds depth to a small bedroom, being the ultimate decorative touch. An ideal pick for minimalist bedrooms that crave a generous dose of personality!

Floor to Ceiling Built In Bookcase Opposite Bed

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18. Play with the Shelf Arrangement. This example showcases a unique shelf arrangement that grabs attention. The gorgeous layout is the thing that makes a statement, while the decor is kept minimal. With that being said, it is the ultimate choice for minimalist spaces that need a moderate visual touch.

Built In Bookcase with Irregular Shelf Arrangement

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19. Ornated Shelving. The built-in shelving ornated with crown molding is the ultimate choice for traditional and transitional styles. The neutral color palette fits the mood, creating a clean space that feels airy and bright.

Unusual Form White Built In Bookshelves

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20. Scandinavian Design Bookshelves. Although the Scandi style prefers minimalism, there is still space for a stylish bookshelf. The black and white color scheme for the books and decor keeps things neutral, adding a refined feel to the cozy Scandinavian living room.

Minimalist Design with Floor to Ceiling Built In Bookshelves

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21. Dramatic Bookcase Ideas. The dark gray shelving is a bold feature that sets a dramatic mood right before the entrance to your home office and may also be used as a room divider to make your working space cozy and secluded. The light colors create a wonderful contrast, and the woven texture complements the look.

Dark Built In Cabinets on Sides and Over the Doorway

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22. Eclectic Style. When you wish to introduce colorfulness to your home, use a bold paint color. Paint the back of your white bookcase with a gorgeous blue tone to add character. With an exposed brick fireplace next to it, you create an edgy focal point that matches the style.

White Built in Bookshelves with the Inside painted Blue

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23. Built-In Seating. The built-in bookshelves feature seating as a base, an ideal layout for a compact design. You can sit back and relax, enjoying the company of a good book.

Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves with Built In Seating

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24. Minimalist Design. The smart shelf layout positioned next to a wardrobe is an ideal choice for bedrooms. We love how the design feels connected, continuing with open built-ins in the wardrobe. Feel free to display your precious keepsakes and keep your memorable items always visible.

Interesting Corner Built In Bookshelves Solution

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25. Chic TV Wall. The painted shelving with base cabinets is all you need to make a statement in a chic living room. The lovely light gray color adds a modern touch, keeping the space bright and airy.

Light Green Wall of Bookshelves with Space for TV and Paintings

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26. Varying Book Stacks. A curated book arrangement will help your living room look like a professional interior designer has worked on it. Add both vertical and horizontal book stacks to introduce visual interest, complementing with decorative objects.

White Wall Paneling and Black Built In Shelves and Cabinets

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27. Mix Of Textures. A mix of glass, wood, and metal adds a dose of texture to modern spaces. The refined design of these bookcases has a moderate industrial vibe, showcasing a unique contemporary design.

Modern Design with Window Walls and Metal Built In Booshelves

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28. Staircase Bookshelves. If you’re looking for unique features to add to your home, this design might be the right choice. The wall shelves are integrated into the staircase, becoming a central focal point in the home.

Modern House Design with Bookshelves Around Floating Stairs

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29. Wooden Shelves. The wooden shelves add a touch of warmth to the room. The colorful book covers stand out against the woodgrain texture, and the whole setting uplifts the simple room.

Wooden Library Wall Framing a Window

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30. Arched Built-In. When you wish to add a unique feature to your living room, play with the shape. The gorgeous arched design of these built-in bookshelves is cohesive with the oriental style of the room.

Built In Bookcase with Arched Top

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31. Modern Approach. With various tones of gray, the modern setting feels polished and sophisticated. The variance in shapes and addition of LED lighting is the secret trick for a stylish shelving unit.

Custom Contemporary Furniture Unit with Ample Shelf Space

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32. Extra Books Nook in a Boho Bedroom. The taupe wall is an ideal base for creating a stylish setting that adds character. A floating shelf above the bed is an outstanding addition to a Boho bedroom, complemented with woven hats as wall decor. Add a wooden ladder for easy reaching.

Floating Built In Bookshef Below a Sloping Ceiling

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33. Transform Unecesary Door. Do you have an unwanted door somewhere in your home and plan to do a renovation? Use the empty space to create stylish built-in shelves that complement the charming style.

Built In Bookshelved in Wall Studs

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34. Mirror Back Shelves. With the help of built-in shelves, you can create a compact workspace that suits your needs. And don’t forget that designers often use mirrors to make the space look visually larger. Use this trick to make the cramped space feel roomy.

Built In Bedroom Working Place with Shelves and Mirror Wall

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35. Bookcase Headboard. A headboard that doubles as a bookcase is a great design choice for a small bedroom. Styled with a mirror, a vase, and a lamp, it is a unique feature that enforces the chic style in the space.

DIY Custom Headboard with Built In Bokshelves

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Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite built-in bookshelves ideas, we hope you’re feeling inspired to add your own custom shelving to your home. With a little planning and effort, you can have beautiful built-ins that are both functional and stylish.

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