40 Reading Nook Ideas Your Inner Bookworm Will Definitely Approve

Reading has recently seen a remarkable comeback, driving folks to bookstores for their portion of fresh reading material. This trend has also been reflected in interior design — a reading nook has become a trendy addition to any space.

Whether reading has been your lifetime passion or you’ve just taken up this rewarding pastime, you surely don’t mind a cozy space where you can curl up for a good read. With this ultimate compilation of reading nook ideas, it will be easier for you to decide on the style of your nook.

1. Boho Style. For a laid-back boho vibe in your reading nook, skip the large furniture and expensive decor and invest in a cozy Papasan or hammock chair. Add some plants, maybe a few rocks or crystals, and voila!

Boho Style Reading Nook

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2. Old World Elegance. To give your reading space a more formal feel, look for heavy, vintage pieces to add. Wing-back chairs, ornate picture frames, and a reclaimed curio cabinet or sideboard will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into your favorite historical novel.

Reading Nook with Vintage Decor

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3. Love the Light. Lighting is one of the most important elements of a successful reading nook design. Ideally, you will have a large window to sit near, but if that isn’t the case, a floor lamp can go a long way toward adding light and character to the space.

Modern Style Reading Nook in a Bedroom Corner

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4. Always Accessorize. While the right chair is a great place to start, you need more than that for a comfortable reading nook. Smaller details can really make the space. Get yourself a soft blanket or three, and bring your favorite throw pillows before you crack open your next book.

Monochrome Reading Corder with Armchair and Foot Stool

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5. Small Space Big Style. You don’t need a lot of square footage to make your reading space special. A comfy chair in a bright color or with a bold pattern will draw all eyes to your special spot.

Gray and Soft Pink Bedroom with Large Green Armchair and Foot Stool

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6. Whimsical Window. This window seat is giving off some serious cottage vibes. So many people dream of a window reading nook but never take the leap. Don’t let that be you. Adding a simple bench with an adorably upholstered seat is an easy afternoon DIY.

Cottage Style Window Reading Nook

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7. Comfy Corner. We love the simplicity and comfort of this reading corner. No major renovations are required, just a bean bag chair or an oversized pouf, and you have a spot to enjoy a cup of tea and a good book.

Mediterranean Style Room Spot for Reading with Pouf and Side Table

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8. Extra Office Space. Home offices are often the perfect place to add a reading nook. Here, the homeowner has incorporated a window seat into their built-in shelving unit, providing space to sit and enjoy some sunshine and store their favorite books.

Home Office Window Seat with Throw Pillows

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9. Shelves Galore. This little reading nook has everything you need for a quiet afternoon. Natural light, soft pillows, and enough shelves to hold a small library. A little shelf above the bench is the highlight of this super cozy reading nook.

Rustic Home Library with Window Reading Nook and Bright Color Accents

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10. Quiet Corner. Formal living rooms are lovely but often end up under-used. Don’t let all of this potential reading space go to waste. Instead, add a bookshelf and comfy chair to a corner of the room and enjoy the peace and quiet and that novel you’ve been putting off.

Tudor Style Living Room with Reading Nook Near a Mantel

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11. Side Tables. When planning the perfect nook, everyone thinks about the seating, the lighting, and maybe some shelving, but they often forget about a table. Even a small accent side table can make all the difference in your reading nook by providing a convenient spot to set your coffee mug and snacks.

Corner Reading Nook with Lots of House Plants and Floating Book Shelves

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12. Raising Readers. Setting aside a corner of your kid’s bedroom for a reading area is a great way to encourage them to read more. Make the space bright and inviting with plush furniture and soft rugs, and see how happy they are to take time off the screens to hang out with a book.

White Gray and Navy Nursery Reading Nook

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13. Secure Shelves. Having a tall, heavy bookshelf in a small child’s room or play area just invites them to climb. Instead, consider these adorable and functional wall racks for their library. They can be hung low for easy access or higher so only older children and adults can reach them.

Secure Book Shelves for a Nursery Reading Nook

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14. Themed Nook. Many of us love changing up our decor with the season, whether on the fireplace mantel or the dining room table. Why not in the reading nook too? Here, the simple addition of a Christmas banner and bottle brush trees turns the kids’ reading nook into a festive hangout.

Canopy and Low Chair Small Children Reading Nook Design

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15. Interactive Cubby. There are many excellent ways to make your kids’ reading space a fun place to hang out. These parents have added a coat rack for dress-up clothes in the nook. Picking items that coordinate with your child’s current favorite book is a fantastic way to make story time more interactive.

Children Bedroom Reading Nook Idea with Role Play Items

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16. Growing Brains. Sitting through an entire story can be challenging for some small kids. Adding puzzles or other brain-building activities to their reading nook is a great way to encourage little bodies to sit still for longer story times.

Kids Reading Nook with Wooden Furniture and Burnt Orange Throw Pillow

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17. The Right Racks. These wooden book racks are a great addition to children’s nooks. They are sturdy and low to the ground, safer than a traditional bookshelf. They also allow books to be stored with the covers showing, making them easier to identify and more inviting to little readers.

Children Reading Nook Book Storage Ideas

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18. Cozy Hideaway. The unused space under your staircase can make the perfect reading nook. A built-in bench and some mood lighting will make it a spot you can curl up and enjoy a long reading session.

Reading Nook with Bookshelves Under the Stairs

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19. Little Nook for a Little Avid Reader. In many rooms, there’s often some unused space next to the door. If you want to efficiently use each square inch of your kid’s room, consider a built-in reading bench. A couple of bookshelves beneath the bench are great for keeping the reading material and statement planked accent wall adds so much character to the nook.

Niche in a Kids Bedroom for Built In Shelves and Bookshelves

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20. Full of Light. This cozy reading nook stands out due to the plenty of natural light it boasts. You can never go wrong when arranging your reading nook next to a bright window. A comfortable chair and a couple of your favorite knick-knacks will create a perfect setting for your quality time at home.

Attic Bedroom with Reading Nook under Sloping Ceiling

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21. Personal Library. An unused corner in your attic should be your number one place to consider if you look for cozy reading nook ideas. Stock your built-in bookshelves with books, get a huge comfy chair, and don’t forget about lighting – a gorgeous book nook is ready to welcome you!

DIY Attic Reading Spot Organization

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22. Closet Reading Nook. If your kid craves private space to hide for a read, why not create a cozy reading corner inside the closet? Multiple shelves provide a lot of storage space for books, while task lighting makes reading easy and comfortable.

Organized Closet with a Reading Nook

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23. Beautiful Transformation. Could you believe that this awesome reading nook was once a coat closet? The good news is that it is fairly easy to recreate! Just get a bench, a couple of shelves, and lights. Small details such as throw pillows, paintings, and plants can do a perfect job of adding a personal touch to this relaxing space.

Hidden Reading Nook with Dark Walls and Light Floating Shelves

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24. Pastel Paradise. Your small closet under the stairs doesn’t deserve to be a dead space. Instead, you can transform it into a snug reading nook. Pastel shades and soft textures make this place incredibly attractive and relaxing.

Turning Niche into a Cute Reading Nook with Curtains for Children

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25. Vintage Touch. Creating a cozy reading space in a living room filled with natural light is a breeze. If you have beautiful Victorian windows like these, you won’t be wrong when you choose vintage furniture for your nook.

Victorian Style Home Reading Chair and Shelves Below the Window Sills

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26. Minimalist Serenity. If you’re searching for reading nook ideas that can fit into your minimalist interior design, scroll no further. Just look how clean white walls can be beautifully complemented with soft natural textures and a warm brown color scheme.

White Minimalist Interior Design Daybed for Reading

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27. Utilize Vertical Space. Take advantage of the vertical space to house as many books as possible. To make the space even more functional and not waste a single inch, go for corner shelves.

Built in Corner Bookshelves and Reading Nook

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28. Bay Window Nook. Bay windows were created for cozy reading nooks, don’t you think so? A huge daybed with a bunch of throw pillows is a perfect place to get some rest with your favorite novel.

Bay Window Seat with Drawers and Colorful Throw Pillows

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29. Neutral Palette. The gorgeous chaise lounge is a focal point of this reading nook. To make the space feel warm and cozy, enhance your book nook with natural textures and colors, paying special attention to textiles.

Small Living Room Reading Nook

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30. Contemporary Vibe. This is a great idea for a reading nook for those who are always in a hurry and drop in the nook just to flick through the periodicals with a cup of coffee. To make the space livelier, incorporate a bright poster and some plants.

Corridor Reading Spot with Creative Shelf for Journals

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31. Draw Focus to Book Spine Palette. While you can make your reading nook align with the design of the entire room, it’s easy to make it stand out. For instance, this nook doesn’t contrast much with the style of the formal living room, however, deliberately colorful book spines are sure to draw attention.

Pastel Bedroom with Black False Fireplace and Built In Bookshelves

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32. Keep Warm. The circular design of this armchair was definitely made for curling up with a book. Creating a reading nook by a fireplace will guarantee you atmospheric winter nights. Surround yourself with flowers and art, and you’ll never want to leave your nook.

Large Round Armchair and Rattan Book Shelf Reading Corder Idea

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33. Focus on Textiles. Coziness is often associated with soft, wooly fabrics. If you want your reading nook to be a super cozy and warm place, adorn it with beautiful textiles – a cute rug, a fluffy throw blanket, and a matching throw pillow will create the right vibe. A big plant is a sure way to add a stylish touch to a neutrally colored nook.

Chair with Throw Blanket and Large Plant in Wicker Basket Reading Nook Styling

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34. Living Room Bliss. Built-in bookshelves weren’t made solely for books. In fact, they can serve a double duty and house your outstanding collection of keepsakes, souvenirs, and other knick-knacks. Add a soft chair, and you’ll never want to get out of your adorable nook!

Reading Corner Near Open Shelves with Books and Decor

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35. Artsy Attitude. Clear lines and plain textures make a perfect setting for an abstract art piece, while an unusually shaped side table feeds into the general artsy feel of this reading nook. If you decide to recreate this reading nook, make sure you choose contrasting colors that aren’t too vivid to steal the artwork’s thunder.

Contemporary Reading Nook Chair and Wall Art

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36. Magic Mirror. This gorgeous reading nook with a distinctive vintage vibe resembles the fantasy adventures of Alice who got into the world on the other side of a mirror’s reflection. While vintage reading nooks look fabulous on their own, make sure this style will fit well with your home’s interior design.

Reading Corder with Wall Niches and Large Antique Mirror

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37. Make the Most of Your Balcony. What could be better than chilling on the balcony with your fave book on a warm summer evening? Add some comfy furniture and lovely outdoor wall planters to transform your balcony into a mind-blowing nook. Thus, let yourself indulge your senses with a good read, scenic sunset, and fragrant flowers – all at a time.

Balcony Relax Sone with Hang Up Flower Pots Day Bed Rugs and Basket with Journals

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38. Option with a View. Looking for affordable reading nook ideas that don’t require much space? That’s a breeze to achieve if you have a balcony! Everything you need to do is get a good hammock (a throw pillow is optional but welcome) and … that’s it! Enjoy your read!

Creative Design Idea for Balcony Reading

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39. Out-of-the-Box Solution. A genuine bookworm knows no limits! If you lack space for your reading nook in your living room and bedroom, there’s still a way to go. Ten to one that your laundry room or closet can offer a couple of square inches to accommodate a reader.

Landry Room with Window Seat for Reading that Doubles as Cat House

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40. Kitchen Stories. If you’re blessed with a big kitchen, consider copying this idea. You can create a cozy nook in your kitchen, especially if it has a big window that lets in plenty of natural light. This is the case when a comfy sofa and a small table are just enough for a great reading space.

Kitchen with 60s Inspired Sofa and Side Table

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With an amazing variety of reading nook ideas, it’s easy to create a cozy spot for rest and recharging your batteries, right in your home. While choosing the concept for your nook, make sure it aligns with the general feel of your place.