50 White Kitchen Ideas that Are Making a Statement

Pristine white kitchen cabinets and glossy white subway tile backsplashes are all the rage these days. It’s easy to see why white kitchens are very much loved: they are airy, make a small space appear bigger, and give off a feeling of cleanliness. White is also a perfect canvas to enhance other elements and materials. Dark floors look richer, detailed gold hardware will sparkle and sleek stainless-steel appliances will really pop out against the white.

However, a white kitchen can be high maintenance and is definitely not for everyone. An all-white kitchen coupled with a lot of hard surfaces may also appear sterile and cold. To help create a warm and inviting white kitchen, here are 50 ideas you can use to personalize your kitchen and make it more inviting.

1. Farmhouse White Kitchen Design. A timeless color rightfully goes well with a traditional farmhouse kitchen style. The paneled cabinet doors with crown molding and simple door knobs add enough interest to keep this small white kitchen from getting boring. Other details worth noting are the glossy arabesque mosaic tiles that serve as a break to the matte white cabinets along with the simple white marble countertop.

White Kitchen with Black Stools and Pendant Lights

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2. White Kitchen with a Black Kitchen Island. While farmhouse style kitchens take the cake as one of the most popular kitchen styles. Contemporary white kitchens won’t accept defeat and are just as equally gorgeous as proven in this small one-wall kitchen layout. Even with just a basic black and white palette, there are so many details that stand out in this kitchen. Keeping the cabinet doors plain and simple has allowed the ebony kitchen island and the mesh pendant lights to get all the spotlight.

All White Kitchen with Black Kitchen Island

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3. Marble Kitchen Island. Kitchen islands really work wonders in commanding attention especially when it’s something as luxurious as this all marble island. The white walls and light beige color of the custom cabinetry result in creamy luxury. What makes it more stunning? The large brown veins on the marble island and the brass sink faucet.

White Kitchen with Beige Cabinets and Marble Backsplash and Kitchen Island

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4. Brass Hardware. White and gold kitchens are a dream and if only we can have real gold, oh how luxurious would that kitchen be. Thankfully, we have brass, an alloy of copper and zinc and gives off a strong yellow color similar to gold. There’s a mixture of metal in this kitchen but the brass wall lamp and cabinet hardware add warmth to the white cabinets.

White Kitchen with Brass

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5. Modern Pendant Light. White kitchen cabinets with white countertops can look very sterile. The cold look is avoided in this kitchen with warmth brought by the wooden dining set and a modern pendant light that serves as the focal point in the space.

White Kichen with Marble Countertops

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6. Light Blue Accents. Blue is a calming cool color and makes a lot of sense why it would go with white kitchens. This blue and white kitchen has a lot of modern vintage details: the traditional farmhouse style kitchen cabinets and the use of brass in both the pendant lights and cabinet hardware. It all works together to create a canvas for the pastel blue subway tiles and the blue upholstered chairs. The blue here is subtle and soft but adds depth to the white kitchen.

Blue and White Kitchen Idea

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7. White and Gray.White and gray make a very soothing combination with lots of potential for elegant luxury. Adding cool gray accents to a white kitchen lets you highlight features such as dramatic gold hardware and a veiny marble backsplash, or just generally brings in more light. It’s so subtle and yet it effectively works to prevent a white kitchen design from looking too sterile.

White and Gray Kitchen with a Large Kitchen Island

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8. Adding Vintage Charm. Perhaps the most effective way of adding warmth to any space is by adding an old-school charm that will fondly remind you of good memories. Vintage china and wooden bowls on open shelves add a touch of quirkiness and fun to this corner of the kitchen. You can also never go wrong with wood and white, something that is taken advantage of a lot in this photo.

White Floating Kitchen Selves with Kitchen Decor

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9. Wedgwood Blue and White Kitchen. While the dominant color here isn’t white, there are plenty of details and elements to love in this kitchen. The Wedgwood blue cabinets with gold hardware and a farmhouse sink impart a historical feel of a traditional kitchen. The patterns of the tile backsplash and the arabesque floor tiles complete the dreamy design.

White Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

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10. Blue, White and Gold Palette. An unexpected color palette works so well together in a modern Victorian kitchen. The kitchen uses a combination of modern industrial and traditional elements like the wood and white range hood and white subway tiles to create a beautiful kitchen in an older home.

White Blue and Gold Kitchen with a Large Range Hood

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11. Navy Blue Kitchen Island. If you want to make a statement in your white kitchen design, painting your kitchen island in a different color is an instant attraction. Blue and white kitchens are popular for a reason: it brings balance to a neutral white kitchen and prevents it from looking cold. Navy is a timeless color and is an excellent choice to make white countertops look crisper and make shiny metals and warm, dark floors look elegant.

Traditional White and Navy Blue Kitchen Design

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12. Greige Cabinets. If you cannot decide between a cool or warm color for your kitchen but still want to keep it as close to white as possible, greige is your best bet. It’s the hue you get when gray and beige are mixed. This transitional kitchen spells timeless luxury further complimented by the dark wooden floor.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Greige Cabinets

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13. Contrasting Colors. This rustic kitchen is filled with a lot of contrasting colors and textural elements. The white kitchen cabinets with black countertop and the island being the opposite of it, the oversized industrial pendant lamps, and the wooden beams all add to the rustic modern feel of this kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops and Black Kitchen Island

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14. Open Shelves. Adding warmth to keep an all-white space from looking sterile doesn’t always mean you have to introduce warmer colors or materials. A simple open shelf filled with an assortment of vintage accessories is enough to add warmth to your kitchen. Open shelves also give an airy feeling to a kitchen.

White Rustic Kitchen with an Open Shelf and Wicker Decor

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15. Statement Range Hood. Creamy whites, marble countertops, reclaimed wooden beams and a touch of gray keep this humble kitchen understated. What draws the eye is the antiqued range hood which is the most noticeable feature of the kitchen.

White and Gray Kitchen Exposed Beams Dark Floors

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16. Glass-Front White Kitchen Cabinets. Glass-front cabinets are a great example of functional aesthetics. A perfect idea for a display of precious China or storage for everyday kitchen items. The kitchen also has different shades of white, ranging from warmer off-white cabinets to a slightly cooler white backsplash.

White Kitchen with Lots of Glass Front Cabinets and Black Countertops

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17. Using a Single Dominant Material. There’s a lot going on in this charming white kitchen design but the busyness is toned down with the use of the same wood tone for the countertop, the floor, and the dining table’s top.

Wood and White Kitchen Design

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18. Open Kitchen Layout. Don’t think that an all-white palette will look good? It will if you opt for an open kitchen layout that seamlessly blends with other areas in your room. Here, while the cabinets are the same color as the walls, it doesn’t look too lonely with the accents present in other spaces.

Open Plan Design with White Walls and Kitchen

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19. White Cabinetry and Brick Backsplash. The key to preventing white kitchens from looking boring is to pair cabinetry with contrasting walls and raw materials. Opt for white kitchen cabinets with a black countertop or use butcher’s block wood for your kitchen island. Have an existing brick wall in your house? Don’t hide it yet; instead, use the wall to create textural contrast and add visual interest to your kitchen design.

White Kitchen Cabinets and Red Brick Backsplash

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20. Modern White Kitchen. Just as much as white is perfect for traditional kitchens, it is also the ultimate clean and minimalist color for a contemporary space. Opt for beautiful marble countertops, glossy subway tiles and chrome finishes matching your sleek stainless steel appliances in your modern kitchen.

Modern White Kitchen with Kitchen Island

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21. Adding Rustic Touches. Farmhouse kitchens will truly never go out of style, and this kitchen is good evidence. The Shaker-style features of the cabinetry and the rustic touches make this kitchen look anything but old and boring.

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sage Green Kitchen Island

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22. Wooden and White Kitchen. Natural materials are always the best way to add warmth to a kitchen. In this case, different shades of wood pop out against the white kitchen cabinets. The contrast between the light and dark kitchen floor not only defines spaces but also adds visual interest to the kitchen.

White Kitchen with Subway Tile and Wooden Butcher Counters

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23. Free-Standing White Furniture. Opting for white furniture further provides a blank canvas as an extension of the kitchen enabling other elements to shine like the brick-clad column and the wooden floor.

White and Wood Kitchen with Brick Accent Wall

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24. High-Shine White Backsplash Tiles. As elegant as a white kitchen is, it can also give a feel of a cold room. Incorporating a variety of textures and finishes helps avoid that. Consider adding a shiny subway tile backsplash to contrast matte white cabinets.

White on White Kitchen Design

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25. Black Appliances. We already know that black is a great and safe color to add as a contrast to white cabinetry. Black doesn’t always have to be limited to kitchen cabinets. If you want to maintain your cabinets white, you can always introduce black to your kitchen in the form of appliances and light fixtures.

All White Kitchen with Black Hardware and Appliances

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26. Add Different Levels of Shine and Light. Playing with sheen levels and natural light is an effective way to add interest to a room without diluting the crisp white kitchen design. Glazed subway tiles, polished marble countertop and shiny appliances provide contrast against flat matte painted cabinets. Natural and artificial light makes the space look airy, and the use of glass pendants and glass front cabinets add additional shine to the space.

White Kitchen with Glossy Subway Tile Backsplash

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27. Industrial Touches. Traditional kitchens are all about beautiful craftsmanship and raw materials but add too many industrial touches, and you risk making a space look rough. A balance between hard and soft elements will make a white kitchen more inviting. Red brick and a rustic dark floor lend a cozy look to the white kitchen while the look is softened with the addition of glass pendant lights and a rug.

Open White Living Room and Kitchen

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28. Black Countertops. White kitchen cabinets with black countertops will always be a winning combination and it’s a simple and safe way to add drama to an all-white kitchen design. The black countertop here makes the elegant marble backsplash pop.

Off White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Counters

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29. Woven Textures. White makes small spaces look larger than they actually are. Keep the kitchen design simple and add warm elements for the room not to look cluttered. In line with the white and wood theme, woven pendant lights and rug and wicker stools add warmth and texture to this small kitchen.

Small White Kitchen with Wicker Pending Lights Chairs and Rug

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30. Material Variety. Textures, contrast, and light all work together to make your white kitchen more interesting. Add the wooden and metallic accents to the all-white kitchen and let in as much natural light as you can to create an airy space like this.

Luxury White Kichen with Lots of Natural Light

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31. Subtle Pops of Color. You don’t always have to make a bold statement by painting your kitchen island in a different color or adding an accent wall. Sometimes, this can take the form of accessories like blue and white porcelain plates or upholstered stools in gingham. Even brightly colored flowers used as a dining table centerpiece are enough to add color to a white kitchen.

Kitchen with Multiple Windows White Lower Cabinets

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32. Scandinavian Style Kitchen. Scandinavian styles place emphasis on comfort and simplicity which are traits that go well with the color white. This white kitchen is infused with warmth from the wooden stools and Wishbone dining chairs. Notice that the kitchen uses floating shelving instead of bulky overheads to promote an open and airy feel.

All White Kitchen with Wooden Chairs and Clay Vases Centerpiece

via @julia.laukart

33. Storage Savvy White Kitchen. Storage in this kitchen gives the user several ways to hide or display their kitchen items. Again, a variety of materials and textures make the kitchen more interesting. The use of wood shelves against the white subway tile makes an interesting contrast.

White on White Kitchen with Wooden Shelves

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34. Paneled Ceiling. Who says wood paneling is just for walls? This white farmhouse kitchen is traditional through and through with its paneled ceiling and huge airy window.

All White Kitchen with Ceiling Paneling

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35. Lighted Cabinets. White and light are perfect partners, and installing lights inside your glass-front kitchen cabinets is an added luxury. While this kitchen has a mix of wood and white, lights inside a cabinet enhance the warm tones and add a romantic flair.

White Kitchen with Light in Glass Front Cabinets

via @cosy1125

36. Vintage Architectural Elements. Every vintage detail in this traditional kitchen is kept as is and it works even in a modern setting. The creamy off-white color leans towards a warmer tone, making the white kitchen with marble counters feel more inviting.

Off White Farmhouse Kitchen with Marble Counters

via @lewisandweldon

37. Glossy White Cabinets. White kitchens are not for everyone especially those who don’t like high-maintenance kitchens. If cleanliness is your main priority but you still want an all-white kitchen, laminated kitchen cabinets are right up your alley. A simple wipe-down after cooking is all it needs.

Small White Kitchen with Laminated Cabinet Doors

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38. White Canvas. White doesn’t always have to be the star when we talk about white kitchen ideas. In this kitchen, it makes the gray kitchen cabinets stand out. Lines are also a recurring theme in this kitchen from the white backsplash tiles to the lined cabinet and drawer doors.

Sage Green Lined Cabinets White Backlash Tile

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39. Wooden Floors. Although dark floors are a nice contrast to white kitchens, light wooden floors perfectly partner with white cabinetry to make a kitchen feel airy and light.

All White Kitchen with Light Wood Floor

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40. Tile Kitchen Wall. Instead of using tile on a small portion of the kitchen, commonly the backsplash, use it on the whole wall. Not only does it add sheen to a kitchen but it’s also easier to maintain.

White on White Kitchen Black Window Frames

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41. Adding Wooden Accessories. Incorporating wood into your white kitchen doesn’t always have to come in the form of countertops or floors. Sometimes, it can be through the use of accessories like wooden bowls, chopping boards, bowls, and utensils.

Whie Kitchen with Off White Countertops and Wooden Shelves

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42. Dark Wood Island. Kitchen islands not only serve as an extra surface but also as extra storage and dining space. As a design element, it’s a great focal point, and this dark wood island against a white kitchen prevents it from giving the kitchen a heavy feel.

White Kitchen Black Window Frames and Black Tile Floors

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43. Marble Walls. Every time marble is added to a kitchen, it instantly glams up the space. Using white marble for walls and the countertop added texture and detail to this white kitchen design.

White Kitchen Cabinets and Marble Walls and Countertops

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44. Gray and Gold. White walls and marble countertops serve as an excellent canvas for this elegant dove gray kitchen cabinetry with gold hardware. The dark floor in herringbone pattern not only adds visual interest but ties up the gray and the chocolate brown island table.

Blue Gray kichen with Dark Wood Kitchen Table

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45. Wallpapered Ceiling. Wary of adding wallpaper to your clean, white kitchen? Why not go for the patterned ceiling instead? Pattern equals texture, which further equals warmth, so if you’re looking for a creative way to add a touch of warmth to your kitchen, take the eye high with wallpapered ceilings. The geometric blue patterns are a great complement to the Chippendale chairs.

All White Kitchen with Patterned Ceiling

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46. Simple Lines. If you have a small kitchen, white is the best color to use. Simple lines can also prevent your kitchen from looking cluttered. Here, white glossy cabinets are paired with wood countertops and gray pendant lights to keep this kitchen interesting.

Open Living Room and Kitchen White Laminated Cabinet Doors

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47. Weathered Furniture. Don’t throw that worn-down table yet, it may just be what you need to elevate your white kitchen design. The weathered kitchen island fits right at home with all the other rustic elements in this kitchen. A variety of textures from the shiplap walls to the paneled cabinets to the reclaimed wood planks make this farmhouse kitchen so cozy and inviting.

Kitchen with White Wall Panels and Wooden Floors and Ceiling

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48. Adding Softness Through Window Dressings. Traditional white kitchens look their best when balanced and dressed up with a variety of elements. Aside from adding accessories, adding soft furnishing like sheer roll-up shades can make it look warmer.

Off White Kichen Cabinets with Dark Wooden Counters and Shelves

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49. Mother Nature’s Gifts. Another simple way to add warmth to a white kitchen is to add greenery through house plants or freshly picked flowers. Make sure to assess your white kitchen design until you add these – the effect may be really transformative.

Modern White Kichen with Wicker Bar Stools and Houseplants

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50. Tall Cabinetry. If you’re blessed with a high ceiling in your kitchen, make use of that space and go for full-height cabinetry. Tall ceilings call for detailed carpentry like the crown molding on the cabinets. You can also add structure with exposed trusses and beams that work so well on high ceilings.

White Kitchen with White Subway Tile and Light Gray Walls

via @jpcompassdesign

There are always tons of new trends for kitchens but white kitchens will remain a forever classic. It works for both traditional and modern styles and can be played around with the help of other colors and textures. Perhaps the best part of an all-white kitchen is that it’s super airy and makes a great canvas to make other elements pop.