98 Small Kitchen Ideas to Make the Most of a Tiny Space

You need to know two things to create a kitchen that meets your needs. First, you must clearly understand what is crucial for you and what you can give up altogether. Secondly, you need to know what are the possibilities of kitchen renovation. It can be a complete rejection of cabinets or using tables instead of window sills, etc. We will tell you about all the exciting things and novelties to make your small kitchen a cozy corner in the apartment.

You can choose from these 98 examples or memorize individual details and combine them in your future kitchen. Get inspired and use your creativity!

1. Kitchen Island In Small Spaces. A kitchen island can be placed in a kitchen of any size. If you don’t have enough space, choose a small one with a plain surface that can replace the table. Add bar stools, and that’s it! Kitchen islands are always an additional place to store things. If it suits you, pay attention to this type of furniture.

2. Tiny Kitchen And Dining Nook. It is unreasonable to divide small rooms into zones with the help of a wall as it takes up too much space. Instead, pay attention to visual techniques like screens, panels, etc. You can also use a sofa with a high back that imitates a partition.

3. Open Shelving. Use all the space to the fullest. Cabinets that do not reach the ceiling are just a waste. Choose furniture options with lockers that accommodate the maximum. If there is unevenness on the walls, give preference to shelves suitable for any room.

In addition, you will be able to store all things more compactly. It can be one on one or horizontally instead of vertically.

4. Minimize Wasted Space. In small kitchens, people stack almost everything on top of each other and squeeze between furniture to get through. It’s not convenient, don’t you think? Even a tiny room should have free space. Therefore, thinking about what furniture to choose is crucial.

Table legs take up a lot of space and often get in the way. So give your preference to a floating table instead. Windowsills can also be functional. Make a sink or kitchen surface near the window and use it to the fullest.

5. Dining Area Near Window. You can make a dining table instead of a windowsill. It will be a place for two or one. It will be a pleasant bonus if you have a beautiful view from your window. Imagine having breakfast in the morning and watching what is happening outside. For example, how birds jump from branch to branch or the sun appears on the horizon. Or you can enjoy the big city lights at night.

6. Bare Minimum. The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house. Unfortunately, apartment planning does not always involve a large kitchen area. Of course, a small room is not a sentence. You can properly plan the space and make it as stylish, practical, and cozy as possible.

It is necessary to determine the minimum amount of furniture and household appliances. You can make a list and prioritize it. If you need a dishwasher for 5 points out of 10, you can do without it. But if it is 10 points out of 10 for you, then let it be.

7. Kitchen Storage. Light finish, mirrors in the interior, natural materials, the absence of heavy curtains on the windows, and practicality in the organization of space are what a modern person needs. It is an ideal option for a small kitchen. Thus, you will create a comfortable and open space.

8. Natural Light. Pay attention to light shades of decoration. You should not choose dark and gloomy interior styles for a small room. Pastel colors and floral elements create a feeling of tenderness and lightness, which are so lacking in a tiny space. A large window in the kitchen, through which natural light passes, will be a pleasant addition.

9. Maximize Storage. Minimalism is the best solution for a small kitchen. It combines functionality, practicality, and a minimum number of decor elements. At the same time, the area of the room is used with maximum benefit. Provide storage for all kitchen utensils. In this case, optimum cabinets are what you need.

10. Valuable Storage Space. The right choice of furniture for a small kitchen is an especially thorny question. After all, placing all the most essential items in a tiny area is necessary. We recommend following specific rules for the final result to look as harmonious as possible.

Install high cabinets up to the ceiling. Give up bulky massive furniture and think of custom-made ones that save space.

11. Airy Space In Dining Room. It is best to order furniture according to individual parameters to fit perfectly into the space. Moreover, if the total area of ​​the apartment allows, make the kitchen a place only for cooking. Move the dining table into the living room, for example. Even the storage cabinet can be transferred to another room. In the pantry, you can keep products that are stored without a refrigerator.

12. What About Awkward Corners? No more! Small kitchens have their advantages. One of them is discipline. After all, it is necessary to compactly organize the storage of products and kitchen utensils in a tiny space. Secondly, it is an opportunity to prepare food without tiring movements from one corner to another.

Also, pay attention to the rounded corners if the cabinets are not adjacent to the wall. So that you, your children, or your pets do not get hurt.

13. Save Space with Extra Storage. A variety of hooks on which you can hang not only towels but also all kinds of ladles and spatulas reduce the consumption of square meters.

An alternative option is shelves. However, you cannot place oversized dishes there. But jars with spices look great on them.

Racks will help you to increase the space. You can also evenly distribute the storage space with cabinets that can not only stand on the floor but also hang on the walls.

14. Available Space In Small Kitchen. Do not leave the wall above the dining table empty. Kitchen wall cabinets tend to overload the space. But the shelves are a perfect option for this purpose. Fill them with light details: spices, radio, vases, glasses, etc.

15. Monochromatic Palette. The interior in a modern style implies the use of smooth glossy surfaces. As a rule, metal and stone prevail, as such surfaces reflect light and visually increase the space. Trendy household appliances perfectly fit into such a kitchen. Moreover, they can become a bright accent or even an element of decor.

If you are a big fan of space epics, feel free to create your spaceship within a house. Imagine that you are cooking scrambled eggs in the middle of the universe.

16. Add More Counter Space. Pay attention to functional furniture. A kitchen island can be an interesting way to separate the cooking space from the living room. Feel free to use folding tables and follow various original ways of storing utensils. A kitchen island on wheels can become multifunctional furniture for different rooms as it is easy to move around the apartment.

17. Kitchen Appliances For Tighter Spaces. When designing small kitchens, pay attention to the shape of the room. For comfortable cooking, you need to think about the optimal location of the stove, sink, and refrigerator in relation to each other.

Usually, it is not recommended to put all the equipment next to each other. At least a minimum number of partitions is required. So the work of one gadget does not harm the work of another, and they are not overheated.

18. Small Kitchen In Cramped Space. A corner kitchen is an ideal option that provides a sufficient number of work surfaces. It does not take up much space and allows to hide dishes and other kitchen utensils from prying eyes.

It increases the total area due to the demolition of walls but requires clever zoning techniques. Bar counters and kitchen cabinets can become good space delimiters and make them functional and comfortable, as in this photo. Thus, any, even the smallest kitchen, does not seem closed and depressing.

19. Accent Wall In Narrow Format. A corner kitchen is an ideal option that provides a sufficient number of work surfaces. It does not take up much space and allows to hide dishes and other kitchen utensils from prying eyes.

In small kitchens, the decoration should perform an aesthetic and practical function. Abandoning paintings, posters, photo frames, and figurines is better. Get rid of everything that clutters up the space. If you still want to add a picture, choose a small one and let it be the main accent of the wall. Such a solution looks best in a narrow kitchen.

20. Entire Wall In Living Space. A corner kitchen is an ideal option that provides a sufficient number of work surfaces. It does not take up much space and allows to hide dishes and other kitchen utensils from prying eyes.

Using a linear or parallel layout in a small and elongated kitchen is best. As the name implies, all the necessary kitchen equipment should be located along one wall. All the rest may be placed along the longest wall of the room. With parallel planning, it is better to place the stove and sink next to each other and put the refrigerator opposite them.

21. Separated Cooking Area. The example photo shows that you can separate the kitchen area with curtains in studio apartments. However, it is not an option for those who often fry aromatic dishes and do not have an extractor hood. Also, pay attention to the special bottle rack. Doesn’t it look good?

22. Bar Stools. Bar stools and a counter significantly save space. By the way, you can choose the mobile ones and keep them near the wall when no one is in the kitchen. Although they do not optimize the space as well as folding furniture, the room still looks much airier with their help.

23. Attic Kitchen. You can also create a kitchen in the attic. The only important rule: work surfaces should be located away from the sloping roof so that you can comfortably stand at full height. The dining table can be placed near a low wall, as the ceiling height is quite comfy for sitting.

24. Custom Design. Only you know what number of items is optimal for you. For example, if you prefer to eat out, you may only have a few plates, cups, and forks. Maybe you do not even need a microwave. In this case, do not look at ordinary kitchens, but make your own. Even upper cabinets can be abandoned as they are usually intended for storing things.

25. More Space For Cutting Boards. Look at the photo. Do you see the extra surface on the side of the locker? It is a great example of how you can increase the kitchen’s functionality without wasting space.

26. Add Mirrors. As you know, mirrors help visually increase the space. If everything around is in bright colors, the effect is doubled. It makes no sense to put a mirror between the lockers. Thus, it is better to hang it on a bare wall.

27. More Light And Blank Wall. Everything should be in moderation. That is why the best solution for a small space is the aesthetics of minimalism.

Straight lines, restraint, good lighting, and some interesting accents, such as original tiles on the floor and walls, look better than anything else.

28. Special Seating Area. Seating on low cabinets is an option that solves several tasks at once. Firstly, you don’t need chairs, but you have somewhere to sit. Secondly, it is a perfect place for storing stuff. Depending on your needs and the number of items, it can be both main and additional.

29. Domestic Appliances And Cooking Utensils. As for the coffee machine, stand mixer, and other household appliances, think carefully about what you really need. Perhaps it is better to exclude something in favor of saving kitchen space. Or you can just store them away from the work surfaces. Keep only the most necessary utensils, such as pots and pans. The rest of them should be hidden.

30. Perfect Dining Space. Proper room organization is the key to functional interaction with household appliances. Installing a dining corner saves space in the kitchen. It often consists of two connected banquettes in the shape of the letter L, a dining table, and several small stools. It is a very convenient place that does not take up much space.

31. Floor Space In Long And Narrow Format. You can separate the kitchen from the rest of the space in a studio apartment with different floor covers. Then neither walls nor screens are needed.

The owners of very high ceilings are lucky as they can make a second level of housing. It is always an option to create a small bedroom there. You can also arrange a rest zone or reading area with soft poufs and carpets.

32. Kitchen Sink In Basement. Why not create a kitchen nook in the basement? The rooms’ organization often depends on the pipes’ location. If you have access to water only in the basement and do not want to rebuild everything, you can interestingly organize the kitchen there.

Separate the cooking and storage areas. A sink is needed for washing dishes, cleaning products, and getting water. Install a sink in another room if you do not use running water for food preparation.

33. Prep Station. The prep surface can be completely separate. Feel free to place a chair so you do not get tired of standing. In addition, the most necessary kitchen utensils can be hung on the wall or hooks for convenience.

34. Sociable Space. You can zone the kitchen itself. For example, the color of the walls and furniture can highlight the dining area. Another option is to separate the dining area from the rest of the kitchen with panels or pendant lights.

If the kitchen and living room are not connected, there is an option to abandon the door. This technique increases the area that can be used for placing furniture. The open spaces can be decorated with moldings and stucco or turned into an arch.

35. Wall Storage Space. Reducing the wall by a few centimeters does not affect the kitchen’s overall appearance. Moreover, it adds a lot of storage space. What do we mean? Look at the photo example. The floor-to-ceiling shelves fit into the nook perfectly and do not clutter the room. Do you see how many items can be stored there? How convenient!

36. Prep Space As Dining Table. The kitchen surface can be used as a dining table and vice versa. Feel free to cook at the dining table when no one is sitting in the room. Try to keep it as simple as possible. Keep only the most essential utensils there.

37. Maximize Space. Modern storage systems provide smart and efficient designs that can accommodate as many things as possible with easy access to them. Such an irreplaceable solution for small kitchens! Of course, you have to pay extra for it, but it’s worth it.

38. Window To Living Room. The window to the living room is a wonderful idea. It is both a bar counter and a partition between rooms. While cooking in the kitchen, you can watch TV in another room if it hangs at a right angle.

39. Natural Materials. Natural materials have many advantages, including endurance, durability, and quality. Of course, the price may be a bit high. But it will serve you many years, so do not save on materials. Besides, the difference in cost is not so significant for small kitchens.

40. Galley Style Kitchen. The kitchen’s planning depends on many factors, such as the walls’ length, the windows’ location, communication systems, and plumbing fixtures.

It means that you have a limited number of moves. Thus, if the sink is located in one place, install other plumbing products away from it.

41. Kitchen Counters Under Stairs. The space under the stairs is often left empty in vain. If you regularly clean the house and do not walk around in dirty shoes, you should not be afraid of using it. In addition, the cooking area can be moved to the other side of the stairs easily.

42. Secret Cupboard Space. Several life hacks will help you visually increase the space of a small kitchen. Choose foldable and sliding furniture: tables, chairs, storage cabinets, and even doors. This solution optimizes a small kitchen area and allows placing more appliances and items.

The photo example shows how functional it is. When you do not need a table, you just fold it into a regular cabinet.

43. Cabinet Space For Dirty Dishes. It is better to add a special place for drying dishes in kitchens without a dishwasher and with a small sink. To avoid cluttering the surface, you can use one of the lockers.

44. Make It Cozy. Open shelves are convenient simply because they can be hung anywhere and do not take up much space. They are not wide, so it does not feel like you are entering a tunnel, as in the case of cabinets.

45. Extra Storage For Books. The remaining space near the cabinets or corners that is unsuitable for dishes can be used for storing books as an option. Cookbooks and culinary notebooks should be kept in the kitchen so that they are always at hand.

46. Dining Room In Small Space. A table for 12 guests is utterly useless if you have never had so many people in your house simultaneously. Setting a dining table is also unreasonable if you rarely eat at home. In case your maximum is coffee in the morning, make yourself a small place where you can enjoy this drink. A coffee table may be an option.

47. Windowsill Seating Area. Clever use of the windowsill helps to expand the functional space without cluttering it. It is also a trendy and stylish design solution.

The windowsill can be converted into a table. The tabletop is convenient to use as a cooking surface, thanks to natural lighting. You can place kitchen cabinets and appliances under it to make the room airier.

A fantastic but not obvious solution is to turn the windowsill into a place to sit. You can organize a full-fledged dining area if you buy a folding table.

48. Corner Kitchen Cabinets. It is best to choose a U-shaped or L-shaped layout in small closed kitchens. A linear type of planning is most suitable for a studio apartment. If the kitchen is a walk-through, use a linear or parallel layout.

These are just standard tips. Feel free to create the space that works best for you. For example, the photo shows a U-shaped kitchen in a studio apartment. One side has an extended surface that is used as a table.

49. Small Kitchen With Window Bench. Who does not like original interior design ideas? Here you can see the solution for a place with windows lower than the standard ones. The kitchen is L-shaped and well-furnished with wood cabinets. Some of them are used as a seat under the window and, at the same time, as a place to store things. They are also lower than the rest of the cabinets, making the space more functional and less cluttered.

50. Space For Sitting Built Into Kitchen Storage. We have some cool ideas for your space if you want a custom-storage kitchen. In addition, you can create a wonderful seating area, as the designer of this project did. A sofa built into a niche in the wall unit and a pull-out ottoman underneath add flexibility, comfort, and extra storage.

51. Kitchen With Home Office. This apartment kitchen space is shared with a tiny home office. It is fully equipped with an induction hob, a medium-sized kitchen sink, a hidden dishwasher, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. At the same time, this place has a functional workplace. How convenient!

52. Purple And Burgundy Kitchen. In this apartment, the kitchen is located immediately to the right of the entrance and opposite the dining space. It looks simple, yet cabinets make a colorful accent to the room. Isn’t it a perfect solution for those who are tired of blank white walls?

53. Plywood Kitchen Cabinets. Look at these fantastic plywood cabinets combined with the clay plasters that naturally patinas over time! Together with lino flooring, they radiate warmth under the influence of the plentiful natural light. The dining table is placed right in the middle and becomes its focal point.

54. Small Kitchen With Mirrored Backsplash. A mirrored backsplash is an excellent option for a tiny kitchen. It reflects light and makes the space look brighter and more spacious. As you can see, the sockets are built into the mirror, so they can be easily used for different kitchen utensils. In addition, the glass surface is easy to clean.

55. Metallic Surfaces. This small kitchen is stark and metallic. It has doors at both ends: one leads to another room and the other to the balcony. Although this space has a long and narrow format, it is very functional and full of natural light.

56. Natural Materials. A cute and bright small kitchen is always a good idea to make the home cozier. Cabinets made of natural wood are perfectly combined with white walls and backsplash tiles, which is the main rule for creating a natural and homey interior.

57. Downstairs Small Kitchen. If you have a high ceiling in your apartment, you definitely have to try this idea. The apartment space is divided into two levels: the cooking area on the first floor and the bedroom on the second one. The kitchen has been moved downstairs and integrated with a piece of furniture that serves as a custom cabinet, pantry, and refrigerator. The cabinet doors are perfectly cut to fit the shape of the stairs, ensuring there is no wasted space.

58. Built-In Book Storage Space. It is a perfect idea for book lovers. If you have a lot of culinary notebooks but do not have enough space for a cupboard, you can make open shelving in the upper part of the kitchen cabinets. In this small space, the interior designer used an entire wall and created storage for kitchen utensils and books.

59. Small Corner Kitchen. It is best to use maximum space for small kitchens. Look how this place is being used to its fullest! There are cabinets built into the wall in which kitchen utensils are placed. It is located right in the corner by a huge window, so there is enough light for cooking.

60. Shared Space. We want to show you another great example of a small kitchen. This 55m2 apartment has been designed for open plan living. The kitchen is located against the side wall, which allows for flexible furniture arrangement and the smart design of a small workspace behind the bedroom. The use of space increases the number of kitchen cabinets and makes the home office bigger.

61. Kitchen Under Stairs. Compact kitchen ideas may differ, but we love when the architect or interior designer uses the small space above the stairs or the second-floor area to place a tiny kitchen. This project’s white walls and furniture make the room airy and minimalist. It also saves a lot of space.

62. Make Every Square Footage Functional. The space of this tiny house is used to the maximum. It is small but very functional and shares space with the dining table under the second flooring. Besides, we like how the color of the wooden surfaces matches the black paint. It makes the area look outstanding.

63. Key Layout Consideration For Small Spaces. In this house, the architect combined different small living spaces in one room: a kitchen with a table, a bed with some armchairs, and a bath right in the corner. The cabinetry is narrow and long, and the table continues to the kitchen’s counter space.

64. Key Layout Consideration For Small Spaces. In this house, the architect combined different small living spaces in one room: a kitchen with a table, a bed with some armchairs, and a bath right in the corner. The cabinetry is narrow and long, and the table continues to the kitchen’s counter space.

65. Precious Counter Space. The classic layout of a small kitchen is when it is placed near the front door. The kitchenette makes the most of the available space in this apartment. It is also lovely to use white color for kitchen cabinets and walls. It makes the area look more extensive.

66. Maximize Storage Of Apartment. The kitchen and storage space are placed next to each other to save space in the apartment. Although the room is shared, it has everything a person needs for cooking and storing various things. Also, look at how the sofa separates the cooking area from the living space. How smart!

67. Hardwood Flooring. Wooden materials always look good and natural in any space. This small plywood kitchen with a dining table is hidden between different apartment areas. It seems like there were some hall areas before, so it is nice to reuse this space for the kitchen.

68. Minimalist Furniture. We like the way the architect uses the space of the living room in this apartment. Limited by its heritage status, he approached the project with a light touch, favoring freestanding furniture over built-in storage, elevating the kitchen, and expanding its fixtures to custom-made cabinets in the apartment’s hallway.

69. Adorable Pink Kitchen Nook. You must have seen this beautiful pink kitchen in our previous article. We just genuinely like the way it looks. Its color separates the kitchenette and dining table from the rest of the space. An excellent idea for those who want to set accents in the apartment while maintaining minimalism.

70. Ocean Blue Kitchen Corner. This kitchenette has blue cabinets and open shelving hidden in the corner of the room. To make it look bigger, the interior designer uses one trick. There is a mirror on the entire wall that makes the space double-sized. Also, there is a mirror door to the secret bathroom.

71. Hidden Kitchen Nook. The combination of light blue color and natural plywood surfaces looks really great in any interior. Moreover, you can see a beneficial idea of hiding the kitchen nook by simply using the curtain. Although this space is tiny, there is everything a person needs to cook a quick meal.

72. Space For Home Parties. The most popular idea is to combine the kitchen with the living room. Do not separate these areas if you like to cook a lot for your guests. Make this shared space suitable for home parties. In this apartment, we can see a lot of cabinets, a huge fridge, and a kitchen island with a sink. The kitchen island performs double duty. It serves as a counter and dining table.

73. Renovate Old Apartment Wisely. Arranging a place for cooking in an old apartment is always problematic due to the poor layout. Even though a ceiling construction limits the space for storage in the kitchen, the architect of this project did his best to provide a small kitchen with everything a person might need. Moreover, he also created some room for a home office.

74. Never Too Small To Be Functional. The area of this place isn’t very spacious, but at the same time, it is pretty functional. There is enough storage space for cooking utensils and kitchen appliances. The room is opposite the window, so there is enough natural lighting. It also visually enlarges the kitchen.

75. Valuable Storage Space. Ample storage isn’t an option for this type of kitchenette. Thus, you can see a compact kitchen without a hob, only with a sink and storage space for cooking utensils and a refrigerator. This idea is perfect for apartments for rent or apart-hotels.

76. Hidden Kitchen Under Stairs. Besides the small size, this apartment has everything a person needs for living, including a fully equipped bathroom and a compact kitchen. The space under the stairs is always great to use for storage. But if it’s big enough, feel free to place kitchen furniture there.

77. Built-In Dining Area. This kitchen has a lot of storage space, a large work surface, and everything necessary for cooking. But at the same time, it is used as a dining area. There is a wooden table that can be easily transformed from kitchen cabinets. It is an excellent idea to save space in a small apartment.

78. Custom Design. This apartment looks unique, especially those black stairs. There is also an interesting element. We are talking about a large sink made of stainless steel. It is very functional as it is easy to clean and looks good in combination with wooden surfaces. Also, the juicy red fridge is a great focal point of the room.

79. Kitchen Next To Front Door. The interior designer made this tiny area very functional with custom-made furniture. The kitchen is not very big. It has an unusual shape, but there is enough space for storage and cooking. Each piece of furniture can store things, even the stairs to the second level of the apartment.

80. Glass Partition. Using a glass partition is a good idea if you want to separate the kitchen space from the living room and, at the same time, make it full of natural light. Moreover, this white metal and glass structure is an interesting piece of furniture that is easy to clean from the kitchen side.

81. Juicy Red Accents. A white apartment might seem boring to someone. So, if you feel the same way, you can add some vibrant colors to your home. This small kitchen is simple, but the red accents make it more interesting. Also, the lively backsplash and the countertop complement the room nicely.

82. Black Is Always In Trend. This flat has two levels, cleverly divided by colors. The first level is painted in black, and the second level is white. On the apartment’s first level, there is a lot of storage space and kitchen furniture. However, they are difficult to spot due to the same black color.

The kitchen is small but functional. There is a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, and enough space to store cooking utensils. The cabinets, countertop, and backsplash are the same black color. It creates some illusion and hides the cabinet hardware.

Sophisticated Kitchen with Black Cabinetry

via @ca-so

83. White Is Always Classy. The architect of this compact apartment managed to place a kitchen island, dining table, and couch within one room. The walls, ceiling, and cabinets are painted white to make the small space look spacious and bright. The cooktop is placed on the kitchen island and oriented towards the table for better communication with family members or guests.

84. Make It Unique. As you can see, the kitchen and dining space are right next to the apartment’s entrance. The bench is in the middle between the entrance and the cooking area. It separates the room brilliantly. However, measuring the distance between kitchen cabinets, a bench, or a kitchen island is necessary before doing this. It is important to have enough space to open the doors of the cabinets.

Custom-Made Kitchen with Dining Area

via @Vão

85. Staircase As Focal Point. This photo shows a great example of organizing a small space. The kitchen under the stairs has enough room for storage and, at the same time, it is not overloaded with extra furniture. The overall look is bright and minimalistic. As you can see, the staircase becomes its focal point.

86. Wooden Accents. The white walls and wooden furniture are a perfect combination, indeed. It looks so natural and warm. Wooden columns go very well with kitchen surfaces and chairs. Although the room is small, it has a lot of space for storage.

87. Multifunctional Kitchen With Bare Minimum. The design of this tiny apartment is simple but very functional. There is a multifunctional construction that separates the space. The apartment’s entrance serves as a closet and bench to put on shoes. It also performs as a hanging cupboard, where dishes are stored. In addition, the sitting area next to the window turns into a shelf for keeping stuff. A kitchen island with a sink also makes the cooking process more convenient.

88. Light Blue Cabinets For Small Kitchen. This apartment has unique custom-made furniture. The cabinets with rounded corners are painted in gorgeous light blue color. You can also notice the same furniture unit of kitchen cabinetry and hidden bed. It is a great way to maximize the open concept of an apartment to the fullest while making it stylish.

89. Oddly Shaped Bar. The kitchen of this apartment is tiny, but it is still manageable to store different drinks there. There is space on the upper cabinets, and you can also see a special fridge for wine and other bottled beverages. This apartment’s lighting and interior design definitely have a nightclub vibe, and we like it.

90. Old Apartment Custom-Made Cabinetry. It’s always nice to leave the walls and ceiling in an old apartment the way they are and add some new furniture. It is an ideal way to create a modern design in an authentic space. The kitchen in this photo is a part of a shared space. The cabinets are minimalistic and blend well with other furniture sets.

91. Bright Yellow Accent Wall. This kitchenette has a unique design with custom-made furniture that covers the entire wall area. The owner does not need all the space for kitchen appliances. Thus, the interior designer created a seating area with extra storage on the same wall as the cabinetry. Also, we adore the color accents. The yellow wall and kitchen island bring the space to life beautifully.

92. Small Kitchen Corner With Original Design. This kitchenette has a unique design with custom-made furniture that covers the entire wall area. The owner does not need all the space for kitchen appliances. Thus, the interior designer created a seating area with extra storage on the same wall as the cabinetry. Also, we adore the color accents. The yellow wall and kitchen island bring the space to life beautifully.

93. Compact Space. It is a classic version of the small kitchen. Basically, you need three cabinets: one for a sink, the second for a cooktop and oven, and the third for some valuable space to store things. It works for every kitchen. Feel free to add more cabinets for storage if you have some extra space. By the way, the choice of color palette, as in the photo, is beautiful.

94. Mirrored Backsplash For Small Kitchen. Kitchen appliances are usually placed on the side opposite the windows. Therefore, it can be quite dark in the corner. Luckily, there is a great solution to this problem. You can use a mirrored backsplash to provide more light for your cooking and visually increase the room’s space. In addition, the glass surface is much easier to clean.

95. Separated Cooking Area. This project combines a great combination of subway tiles, wooden surfaces, and a blank wall. Tiles separate the small kitchen in front of the window. Cabinets are simple and made of plywood. The cooking area is tiny, but there is enough space for preparing food and storage. Large cabinets occupy the wall next to the kitchenette for storage and wardrobe. The cabinetry on the opposite side of the prep space is made of glass and white tiles.

96. White Space With Subway Tiles. There is another excellent example of a small kitchen with an airy space. Its open shelves perform the double duty of storing books and hiding the hood. The kitchen island is decorated with white subway tiles that are easy to clean. In addition, it perfectly complements the room’s space and makes it stylish.

97. Small Kitchen In Authentic Apartment. Don’t authentic interiors with old open brick walls and ceilings look stunning? In this case, combined with modern white furniture, it beautifully complements the space and makes it brighter. This kitchen is simple and standard but perfect for such an interior.

98. Concrete Construction. The kitchen in this apartment looks unique because of the concrete accents. We can spot it on the floor, counter space, and upper cabinets. It doesn’t look like part of the structure of the building. Most likely, concrete is explicitly used for custom-made furniture. It looks stunning, especially for fans of loft-style apartments.

You have viewed around 100 examples of repairs in small kitchens, with and without dining tables or cabinets, shelves, and kitchen islands, in studio apartments, houses, vans, and so on. We hope you get inspired and one step closer to the cooking space of your dreams. So be ready to create your remarkable tiny kitchen!