55 Stylish Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Perfect for Any Kitchen

In this article, you will see all sorts of materials that can be used to cover the wall behind your stove, such as tiles in all shapes and sizes, natural stone and wood, stainless steel, concrete, brick, and others. See the proper use of a backsplash to match your kitchen design and find the right one just for you!

1. Black and white Tiles. Small square or subway tiles are the most common options for a backsplash. They are suitable for light and dark kitchens in minimalist and classic styles. Subway tiles will always be in trend. So, we recommend that you pay attention to such a simple but very cool decoration element.

2. Emerald Rectangular Tiles. Rectangular small format tiles are also perfect for decorating a kitchen backsplash. Colored ones look especially great in combination with cabinets. You can choose deep and vivid colors for your kitchen tiles. Speaking about cabinets, it’s better to make them monochrome for contrast.

3. Light Green Tiles. If you want to add something unusual and extraordinary to your kitchen, we advise you to check out some trendy tile collections. For example, in this picture, you can see the same rectangular colored tiles placed vertically and featuring different textures. It creates an eye-catching effect.

4. Vertical Subway Tiles. A kitchen design is crucial if you are a fan of cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. That is why the interior of the room should inspire you. Check out the combination of light blue cabinets and white backsplash. The tiles also have an unusual texture that adds a touch of style to the interior.

5. Black and White Wavy Pattern. White color is the most practical choice as it makes the room seem cleaner and brighter. But if you want to add an accent, you can use tiles with an eye-catching pattern. For example, you can place a layer of ordinary tiles and add ones with a wavy pattern. It will look great in combination with white cabinets.

6. Hexagonal Tiles. A traditional kitchen backsplash is usually made of rectangular tiles. There is a large selection of different shapes. One of the most popular ideas is hexagonal. This type of tiling will be a good choice for a kitchen if you want to make it more extraordinary.

7. Marble Hexagonal Tiles. Look at these beautiful marble hexagon tiles! They seem to glow from within, don’t you think? There is no doubt that this type of tiling will be a great addition to the kitchen with classic cabinets. Moreover, you can use gold or copper handles and faucets. It will match the backsplash perfectly.

8. Black Design of Kitchen Surfaces. Marble backsplashes are the best options for kitchen wall coverings. The marble looks luxurious and expensive, especially when the backsplash and countertop are made of the same material. You may also add a matching kitchen island to make it more stylish.

9. Interesting Stone Pattern. Designers often use the same material for backsplashes and countertops in modern kitchens. This example is not an exception. The backsplash, countertop, open shelf, and sink are made of the same spotty stone material. It creates a sense of completeness in the kitchen space.

10. Gorgeous Black Stone Kitchen Furniture. The design of the kitchen should be beautiful. You can create a unique space using suitable shapes and materials. Here we can see a good combination of marble and wooden materials. Do not be afraid to experiment with different textures, be free to add marble elements as it always establishes a luxurious atmosphere.

Spacious Kitchen with Black Stone Area

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11. Luxury Marble Backsplash Tiles. Marble fits into any design. You can use different shades and patterns of it. Give preference to a white-based stone and choose other colors to match the design of the rest of the furniture. It can be a warm or cold shade, contrasting or not patterned. A white marble slab with a warm undertone is perfect for the kitchen where various golden or warm wooden elements are used. It will look luxurious.

12. Stainless Steel surfaces. You can find a lot of different kitchen backsplash ideas with tiles. But they are not the only option. Designers also install furniture panels for covering the wall behind stoves instead of tiling. The same material is often used for kitchen cabinets. It is an excellent idea for those who want to stick to a minimalist style. As in the example above, such a design solution looks amazing with stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Design

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13. Extensive Square Kitchen Tiling With Interesting Pattern. An interesting kitchen backsplash idea is to use tiles and get rid of upper cabinets. You can hang open shelves instead of them. Also, it is better to tile the entire wall. Here you can see a simple square tiling. However, it creates an original style along with open shelves.

14. Blue and Pink Color Scheme for Kitchen Cabinetry. Look at this lovely combination of colors! The light pink cabinets complement the blue walls. It is one of the cutest ideas that we have seen today. The vivid colors of the kitchen backsplash, cabinetry, and countertops add visual interest to the space.

15. Microcement for Kitchen Backsplash. Designers use different sorts of materials for backsplashes in modern kitchens. Microcement is one of them. It is waterproof and well-known for mimicking concrete. If you are tired of tiling, consider this material. By the way, microcement is best suited for the minimalist and loft styles.

16. White Kitchen With Marble Backsplash. Here we can see how perfectly the marble backsplash matches the white kitchen. The marble slab is ideal for white cabinetry. It is also an exquisite idea to replace the top cabinets with open shelves. Besides, wooden surfaces go great with a white kitchen.

Brand New White Kitchen with Marble Backsplash

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17. Stainless Steel Backsplash In Minimalist Kitchen. Do you want to create a kitchen with everything a professional chef needs? First of all, start with stainless steel for the backsplash and countertop. It is a very practical decision that will complement any kitchen. You can use it in minimalist or loft styles to create a unique design. As in the photo, the stainless steel backsplash goes well with the wooden cabinets and stone countertop. White walls are a perfect finishing touch to such a kitchen.

Hidden Kitchen with Stainless Steel Backsplash

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18. Loft Style Kitchen With Backsplash Made of Blocks. Loft-style designers often use open wall surfaces for kitchen backsplashes to create a feeling of some old factory space. It can be raw bricks and blocks or uneven concrete. Here you can see a wonderful combination of modern furniture and almost untouched textures on the walls. There is no kitchen backsplash. The raw concrete blocks are used instead of tiles or glass. This idea looks awesome. But if you cook a lot, we recommend covering the block surface with transparent glass as it is easier to clean.

19. Exposed Brick Walls In The Kitchen. We adore the combination of old and modern design solutions. In this project, exposed brick walls and a concrete structure of the original fireplace contrast beautifully with the white stucco interior finishing. The backsplash in the kitchen is made of raw bricks. This idea goes great with white upper cabinets and a concrete countertop.

20. Marble Black and White Surfaces. A large slab made of a natural stone always looks luxurious in the interior. It is a smart and relevant solution, and the material itself is highly durable. That is why natural stone is perfect for decorating the kitchen backsplash, countertop, and island. The last one is made entirely of natural stone and looks stunning.

21. Terrazzo Backsplash Tiles. There are so many different kitchen backsplash ideas, but let’s get back to tiling. Nowadays, it is very trendy to use terrazzo surfaces in modern interiors. Terrazzo tiles can be placed on the floor in the bathroom as well as on the walls in the kitchen. You are free to choose a classic terrazzo, or you can find a more interesting option.

22. Red Colored Backsplash Tiles. Nowadays, there are lots of different tiles for kitchen backsplash. You can find them on the market. All you have to do is choose colors and textures, and decide on a budget. Then you can look for some inspiration on the Internet or ask for designer help. This project shows how brightly colored tiles are perfectly used on the backsplash. It looks very original and emphasizes the kitchen wall.

23. Mint Cabinetry With Marble Backsplash. This kitchen has a wonderful combination of colors and textures. It is bright and airy. There is also a window next to the sink, which adds even more light to the worktop. The cabinets are mint. They go great with white walls as well as with white marble on the backsplash and terrazzo tiling on the floor. The white marble on the backsplash creates a smooth transition to the countertop. Everything about this kitchen is beautifully done.

24. Simply Tiled Backsplash. In this project, a designer used different textures for the kitchen space. Lining boards, battens, and plywood are industriously combined with stainless steel, ceramic tiling of backsplash, and burnished concrete. As a result, we can see a spacious and easy-to-use kitchen that is perfect for a big family. Backsplash tiles are simple but fit the space perfectly.

25. Blue and Yellow Colors for Kitchen. Look how simple volume defines the whole space and becomes its primary and most privileged feature! The kitchen cabinets are subdivided into three elements: emerald baseboard, mustard yellow doors, and a black terrazzo countertop with Carrara Marble pieces. There are no backsplash tiles on the walls to connect the kitchen space to the living and dining rooms.

26. White Tiles With Black Pattern. Square tiles are always a good kitchen backsplash idea. Here they are combined with a terrazzo stone countertop and sink. Kitchen cabinets are made of wood. The backsplash itself is light and simple, so it complements the kitchen space and creates coziness.

27. Natural Stone Texture In The Kitchen Furniture. This kitchen has many natural stone surfaces. The tiles on the floor, kitchen island, countertop, and a whole wall behind the cabinets are made of this material. Using tiling on the backsplash is a good idea. Firstly, it is easy to clean. Secondly, it creates a feeling of being somewhere out in nature. In general, natural materials have a better look. They are always sleek and trendy.

28. Warm Undertone In The Kitchen Furniture. There are various solutions for the kitchen backsplash. Some of them don’t cover the entire wall but offer only one row to protect the wall against grease and spoilage during cooking. Also, mostly they are made of the same materials as the kitchen countertop. In this picture, you can see a backsplash and a tabletop made of natural warm stone in combination with wooden cabinets.

29. Large Tiling of Kitchen Backsplash. It is another great example of backsplash ideas. This kitchen design features large format tiles that cover the entire wall. This concrete-textured tiling is perfectly complemented by stainless steel cabinetry and household appliances. Tiles on the floor have a concrete texture as well. It adds an industrial atmosphere to the space.

30. Wooden Texture Of Tiles. For fans of original and extraordinary design, we have found a stunning kitchen backsplash idea. This gorgeous tiling is from the collection of a Spanish manufacturer. It is in the form of a wooden bar and will be a great addition to the kitchen in a modern farmhouse style or a thrilling element in a minimalistic dark interior.

31. Low Kitchen Backsplash Idea. Here is another example of a low kitchen backsplash. It is made in a low style on purpose because the main thing in this interior is colored tiles on the floor. It is better to make a backsplash simple and textureless in this case. Especially if the walls are white.

32. Pink Kitchen nook for tiny house. We are in love with this vibrant small kitchen! It looks like an island in this apartment. In the shared space of the kitchen-living room, the kitchen designates a monolithic volume in a dusty pink color, adding a color accent to the calm interior. The white backsplash goes well with the rest of the space of the apartment and makes it stunning.

33. Blue Color Kitchen Cabinetry With Subway Tiles. The blue color of the kitchen cabinetry makes this space truly unique. White square tiles, also known as subway tiles, are perfectly used on the wall behind the worktop. Also, a white cylindrical hood is added to the subway tiles to match the tone.

34. Traditional White Kitchen. This photo shows a traditional type of kitchen with white cabinetry, a wooden worktop, and open shelves instead of upper cabinets. The tiles are in the form of white bricks and cover all walls in the room. White cabinetry and matching backsplash tiling will always be in trend. It is cozy and bright.

35. Warm Marble Backsplash With Colored Cabinetry. Very fresh and vivid colors of cabinetry and walls are used in this kitchen. The blue-green goes very well with the peach shade, contrasting with the white walls. A marble backsplash in a warm pink tone complements the composition of the room. The same marble is also used on the floor, making the kitchen space even more eye-catching.

36. Open Concrete With stainless Steel. Stainless steel surfaces are an especially good idea for interiors with open concrete. It is a popular element in a loft-style interior as it creates an industrial atmosphere. Stainless steel is an ideal solution for a room with rough and open wall textures. The backsplash is also very functional and easy to clean, and the kitchen looks like the one a chef would like to own.

37. Simple Gray Backsplash Idea. The surfaces of kitchen cabinetry are made in a concrete texture, while the backsplash and countertops have different textures but the same gray color. It makes the kitchen look harmonious and interesting. There is also an unusual element. It’s mirrored upper cabinets that reflect the color of the walls in the living room.

38. Brick Wall With White Backsplash. An open brick wall is not a good idea for a backsplash because its surface is hard to clean. But we have a great solution if you want to leave it not closed. Check out this kitchen idea. The designer managed to keep the open brick wall as a decorative element and made the space more functional by simply using the same material as for the worktop and kitchen island.

39. Deep Pink Scheme for The Kitchen. A designer of this project managed to add some warmth to a genuinely industrial space. The peach color of the cabinets and backsplash creates a cozy feeling. The tiling features deep pink burgundy triangles that form a geometric pattern. The top cabinets are also pink and match the backsplash perfectly. The other furniture is white to create a contrast and to make the room look more complex.

40. Warm Grey Subway Tile Backsplash. Subway tiles are among the most popular tiles types. They can be used in different colors and textures to create different compositions. This interior has warm gray subway tiling on the apron and flooring in contrast to the black kitchen cabinets, tables, and chairs. It is a perfect combination for minimalist interior designs.

41. Monochromatic Tones for Kitchen Cabinetry and Backsplash. The color palette of this kitchen is composed predominantly of monochromatic tones. Gray tints in combination with faded oak shades deliver a subtle perception of a good mood. The black kitchen makes a significant input into the color scheme. As you can see, the designer used the same color for the kitchen cabinetry, backsplash, and countertops.

42. Mustard Cabinets and Black Backsplash. The kitchen is complemented by cabinets in mustard color as well as by the wooden wall. While the mustard color gives temper to the set, the honey-colored wood with its natural texture delimits the entrance area and ensures warmth by counteracting smooth and metallic surfaces. The backsplash is made of black concrete to create a contrast to the mustard cabinets.

43. Wooden Surfaces. Wooden surfaces are also great in a white kitchen. You can choose wood in different shades and textures, darker or lighter, smoother or rougher. This kitchen has a wooden texture on the top cabinets, backsplash, and worktop. Thus, it creates an unusual and interesting composition.

44. Kitchen in Hygge Style. The Danish concept of hygge has become an inspiration for many designers because of its coziness and simplicity. To achieve such a style you can use flooring with a stone texture, neutral colors, and warm wood materials as in the photo. The center of attention can be a sophisticated pattern of the backsplash. It will make the room look more attractive.

45. Los Angeles Kitchen In White Color Scheme. This Los Angeles kitchen project has white surfaces and black accents for chairs and kitchen supplies. White tiles are used for the backsplash. The kitchen island is decorated with white marble with gray elements, which perfectly complements the rest of the room space.

46. Monochromic Kitchen With Glass Backsplash. The color palette of this kitchen is entirely monochrome. Flooring, walls, and furniture are in black, white, and gray colors. The cabinets are white and minimalistic. The backsplash is made of glass instead of tiling. It is black, which creates a contrast to the white and gray elements. The glass not only looks good but it’s also easy to clean.

Fabulous Gray Kitchen with Black Glossy Backsplash

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47. Backsplash with the outside view. One of our favorite ideas is using a window instead of a kitchen backsplash. Especially if you have a beautiful outside view, we recommend installing it. Just imagine yourself cooking and enjoying the busy city or beautiful nature scenery. Breathtaking!

Stylish Kitchen with Stunning Outside View

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48. Marble and Wooden Kitchen Furniture. This kitchen has a classic combination of wooden and marble textures. White marble covers the backsplash, countertops, and kitchen island. Two windows make this room bright. The window over the backsplash is a great idea as you can cook or wash dishes and enjoy the view.

49. Backsplash Tile for Minimalist Kitchen. The designer used a lot of wood on the floor and walls, while the rest of the room is white. The dining table with chairs and the backsplash in the kitchen are the highlights of this minimalist interior. The tiling on the backsplash has a classic pattern that is often seen in old buildings somewhere in Spain.

50. Traditional Backsplash Idea. This kitchen looks quite simple with its white walls and wooden flooring. There is no kitchen cabinetry, only a countertop, kitchen appliances, and a backsplash to protect the white walls from greasy stains. The backsplash tiling is very authentic, square, and clay-colored to emphasize the kitchen.

51. Natural Stone and Wood for Kitchen Furniture. You can see a very beautiful and calm color palette of kitchen furniture. It is quite restrained and simple. The backsplash and countertop are made of the same gray stone with a slight texture. This backsplash is very handy and easy to clean.

52. Ocean View In Your Kitchen. The ocean view is the best thing you can see in this kitchen. But you should also pay attention to the furniture design. The kitchen cabinetry is white and simple with nothing extra. The backsplash is made of microcement to create a uniform coverage on the wall without any seams.

53. Plywood Cabinetry With Subway Tile Backsplash. There is a lot of plywood in this beautiful interior. Plywood surfaces cover the walls and ceiling as well as kitchen furniture. The rest of the walls and backsplash are white. White backsplash tiling is great for this kitchen. It matches the walls perfectly. The kitchen cabinets also have green accents which go well with the white walls and plywood surfaces.

54. Classic Tiles of Kitchen backsplash. Authentic tiles are often seen on the walls in old European houses. Such a classic patterned tiling is widely used in the Mediterranean region, where the weather is hot. Here you can see a great example of traditional tiles with a blue pattern, which is perfect for a light interior of the kitchen.

55. Stone Backsplash Ideas. This kitchen is spectacular. It looks simple and bright, but there are a lot of interesting details.  The backsplash is made of gray tiles as well as the floor and the lower half of the walls. Even the stairs are tiled partly. This kitchen has a classic white and gray combination of colors that is always in trend.

We have presented many different examples of using tiles and other materials on the kitchen backsplash. Have you found a perfect idea for your home? Let us know! Cook the most delicious dishes for your family and friends!