30 Creative and Unique Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Do you want to make some stylish accents in the interior of your home? We recommend starting with cabinets as people tend to spend a lot of time in the cooking area. Depending on the wide range of kitchen styles, you can choose the best match for your lovely place.

1. Chic Shades Of Pink And Blue. The fashionable combination of blue and pink kitchen cabinets beautifully complements this simple white apartment. Its surface is glossy and adorned with black handles. Looks charming, doesn’t it?

2. Kitchen Island Surrounded By Colorful Cabinets. Here you can see a great kitchen cabinet project. The monotonous gloomy background of the concrete ceiling and walls is complemented by bright and playful splashes. A zigzag black patch and emerald MDF furniture match perfectly with the yellow kitchen island.

3. Stunning Yet Simple White. This kitchen has simple and frameless cabinets, all in white lacquer, right behind white Corian countertops. It brings points of light and elegance to the overall look of the space.

4. Hidden Wood Cabinets. In this project, the wood floor transitions seamlessly from the storage wall to the kitchen island. The hardware is built into the continuing line of the floor. It integrates with the back wall, hiding cabinets and making it one solid composition.

5. Rough Metal And Glass Cabinets. This apartment has some loft features, such as rough-textured concrete walls and dark kitchen cabinets. You may also notice metal elements that fit perfectly into the overall look. The lower cupboards are dark gray, while the wall cabinets have a metal frame with glass doors. It adds interest to the place.

6. Warm Wood Cabinets. This is a dream kitchen for those who plan to hide all cabinet hardware. As you see, all the furniture is made of natural wood with minimal detailing. The subdued color palette is just right for a place like this.

7. Authentic Interior With Modern Kitchen Cabinets. It is an outstanding combination of authentic rough wood and modern storage options. The ceiling and cabinets make a perfect match. Also, a wonderful idea for a kitchen island is to use stainless steel for the cooktop and sink area.

8. Yellow Kitchen Cabinets. Lines of frameless cabinets complement the mustard-colored kitchen perfectly. The yellow paint on the drawers, contrasting with the black elements, brightens up the space and becomes its focal point. How lively!

9. Juicy Burgundy Colored Cabinetry. The burgundy kitchen cabinets can serve as a closet as well as a cupboard. But, as you see, the design of the last one is a bit different. It has frames on the panels, which gives the cabinets a more attractive look.

10. Colorful Dream Space. A truly bewitching combination of colors and textures is used for this interior design. The blue surfaces are complemented by a gleaming yellow kitchen island. In addition, cabinets and open shelving make this room even more functional as it has plenty of storage space.

11. Industrial Metal Cabinets For Home Chef. Industrial stainless steel cabinets are highly functional and easy to clean, so this is an obvious choice for a chef’s kitchen. There are also no cabinet boards. Thus, the utensils are always at hand and ready for use at any time.

12. Interesting Door Design For Cabinetry. There are various brilliant ideas used in creating custom cabinets. In our example, some doors are made of a flat panel, while others have a hole instead of a handle. It makes the room look unique, like a work of art. This space definitely has Japanese interior features.

13. Creative Splashes For Classic Apartment. This apartment is tiny and simple but filled with modern and unique furnishings. Household appliances are hidden in double-blue cabinets. Thus, the space is free from unnecessary details, and nothing steals your attention from the contemplation of its works of art.

14. Custom Cabinets With Unusual Design. This cave-like apartment is airy and has plenty of natural light because of floor-to-ceiling windows. Cabinetry and the island create a functional and useful area, as there is enough space for food preparation. Also, pay attention to the unusual surface of the cupboards. They add interest to the overall look.

15. Metal Surfaces For Kitchen Furniture. Custom cabinets with metal surfaces are an excellent solution for this dark apartment. Some of them have standard sizes and shapes, while others just float in the air. Thus, they create different layers of furniture.

16. Pink Inspiration For Adorable Look. In this combined area of ​​the kitchen-living room, cupboards represent a pink monolithic box that adds a color accent to the calm interior of the apartment. Looks cute and charming, just perfect for a bachelorette.

17. Cube Kitchen Cabinetry. This cooking zone is located near the entrance, so the designer decided to hide all the hardware. The kitchen cabinet is completely closed: there are no frames and handles. But we can spot some interesting surfaces in marble, concrete, and mirrors.

18. Open-Concept Kitchen-Living Room. These cupboards are the simplest, classic combination. The wall cabinets are plain and white, while the rest are made of natural wood. They match perfectly with the chairs in the dining area and create a complete look.

19. Jungle Vibe In Concrete Apartment. This spacious loft apartment brings some tropical and jungle vibes. It is furnished with unusual elements, some of which are made of rattan. The highlight of this place is the potted plants gathered by the windows, which offer a breathtaking view of the greenery. It creates the feeling of a tropical forest.

20. Levitating Kitchen Cabinet. The interior of this apartment is quite simple, light, and minimalistic. To complete the space, the designer decided to make an unusual levitating cabinet for the kitchen island and hide all hardware inside of it. We can also see an accent wall that, at the same time, serves as a window.

21. Painted Cupboards. Some interior designers make simple rooms inviting by adding juicy color as an accent. The light blue framed cabinets are perfect for a white kitchen. You can also place some potted plants in the room to make it more lively.

22. Wood Partition With Drawer. As you can see in the photo, the dining area is not completely separated from the rest of the rooms. It has a glass partition wall that allows light to fill the space. On the other side, it has a wooden divider with a drawer where you can store some things. How handy!

23. Classic Framed Cabinetry. Sometimes mixing various styles in the same room is the perfect solution. In the photo example, we see a fusion of classic and minimalistic features. There are also different materials: wood, stainless steel, marble, and textiles. Such an exceptional interior!

24. Old Apartment Can Be Stylish. The cabinets of this room are free of some doors and drawers. The interior designer decided to install only a few worktops and shelves. Instead of a flat panel, there is a lovely curtain.

25. White Painted Cabinets With Golden Handles. The combination of white cabinets with golden handles is always in trend. It suits any interior design, even if it has a harsh exposed brick element in the loft style.

26. Plywood Cabinets. Moisture-resistant cabinet boards are the perfect idea for your home. It looks so natural and warm. You can also add some color, like the dark emerald in the picture. It goes well with the wood paneling and becomes the room’s focal point.

27. Solid Wood Boards For Cabinets. Solid wood cabinets blend well with the floor and ceiling of this apartment. It looks natural and warm. At the same time, the interior is stylish and minimalist.

28. Arches In Kitchen Interior. We love the mix of styles in this apartment. Notice how beautifully textured concrete floors and walls can be paired with light pink cabinets. The arched elements also look extraordinary and fresh.

29. Colorful Cabinets In Interior Design. It is challenging to combine several different colors in one interior. But this room looks astonishing because the whole range of shades is in perfect harmony. In addition, the creator added some attractive frames to the furniture, making it look like abstract art.

30. Golden Boards For Cabinets. We have already shown you some stainless steel cabinets. They are easy to clean, so it is perfect for the kitchen. But if you want your home to look more inspiring and luxurious, you can always opt for other metallic materials, such as gold ones.

We hope you have found the best cabinet design for your kitchen. Check out the other articles to see more mesmerizing and unique design hacks for modern interiors.