30 Copper Kitchen Decor Ideas for a Touch of Warmth and Style

Shine up your kitchen design with a warm touch of copper: from pots and handles to countertops and backsplashes, copper has so much to offer to your kitchen. Play around with polished and textured finishes, decorate on a budget or seek investment pieces, create an all-out copper design or introduce delicate copper accents. Browse this roundup of copper kitchen decor ideas to turn your dream cooking space into a reality.

1. Copper Pots. Both functional and decorative, copper cookware immediately adds warmth and charm to your kitchen design. Hang copper pots on a pot rack above the kitchen island or behind the stove. It’s a simple and affordable way to introduce copper to your cooking space.

2. DIY Pot Rack. Being quite costly, copper can be quite an expense. Fortunately, copper is also a pliant material for DIY projects. Draw inspiration from this clean and elegant copper pot rack design for your next project.

3. Copper Collection. Thrifting is another way to acquire interesting copper pieces on the cheap. Vintage shops and flea markets make perfect hunting grounds. Look for unique shapes and textures to add to your collection.

4. Copper Utensils. Make your white kitchen shine with a warm gleam of kitchen utensils all around. Don’t limit yourself to pots. Other kitchenware, like spatulas, ladles, or strainers look wonderful in copper. Or else, try using your copper pots as fruit bowls or flower vases to give your kitchen an unforgettable look.

5. Copper Backsplash. Make a statement with a copper leaf glass tile backsplash! It’s a perfect fit for a kitchen with dominant white color. A white and copper kitchen blends a fresh and uncomplicated vibe with a high-end finish.

6. Play on Contrasts. Glazed shiny finish or rough textured look? Why not fuse them in one stunning kitchen interior design? Notice how the glistening and polished copper hood and copper hardware stand out on the minimized brick wall backdrop and coarse rustic skillets.

7. Copper and Gray Kitchen. This smooth glossy countertop and tinted textured backsplash dramatically brighten up the blue gray kitchen design. Smaller accents, like copper handles or mirror frames, tie the design together.

8. Copper Light Fixtures. Inject even more light and warmth with statement lighting. Dangle the light fixtures low over a worktop or a kitchen island to give your kitchen desired ambiance and style.

9. Copper Accents. Swapping regular hardware for the copper one creates an impact without drastic structural changes. Display copper coffee mugs and cocktail shakers in a see-through cabinet for an even stronger effect.

10. Crown with Copper. Not only does this kitchen design have lacquered copper hood and backsplashes, but it also features copper cabinet trimming and artisan lighting. Keep a neutral palette for the most part of your kitchen design to make the copper accents really stand out.

11. Copper Updates. Give your kitchen an update with copper pulls and knobs. You can find copper hardware that suits a modern as well as a farmhouse-style kitchen. These small refurbishings bring a bounty of richness to a black and copper kitchen.

12. Farmhouse Kitchen with Copper Accents. Being a flexible material, copper can be used in so many different applications. Incorporate copper mugs and canisters, salt and pepper shakers, or even copper mixers into your farmhouse-style kitchen design to instantly create a warm homely vibe.

13. Open Shelves with Copper Decor. You can dedicate a vacant corner of your kitchen to the rack or floating shelves with copper decor. Go for hammered metal and rustic finishes to introduce shape and texture to your scheme. Look out for interesting and unusual pieces, like a copper watering can to add unique pieces to your display.

14. Copper Hood. You can set your kitchen apart by choosing a copper range hood. They come in a variety of types and styles. Choose between freestanding, flush mount, or island hoods, matching the style of the hood ‒ classic riveted, uber shine contemporary, or vintage rustic ones ‒ to the overall design of your kitchen.

15. Antique Copper. Deep hazy tones serve as the backdrop to a gorgeous antique copper hood. With its cozy and inviting blend of earthy greens of the backsplash, crisp white of the kitchen cabinets, and grainy copper, this kitchen fuses traditional cottage style with clean, modern lines.

16. Bright Details. Embrace copper elements in small doses by placing copper canisters on the countertop or hanging gleaming copper pots over the stove. Hiding them in plain sight is the best way of storing copper cookware. Looking beautiful, they are also perfect for cooking since copper distributes heat evenly, making your dishes taste better.

17. Rustic Look. Go for an old-world pastoral look with patina-covered cooking vessels. This type of cookware was used for centuries in many cultures and for a good reason too: copper cookware is made to last! Introducing aged copper details into your scheme is a tribute to family traditions and values.

18. Kitchen with Copper Accents. Discover cookware beyond all those astonishing copper kitchen accents that can be displayed on countertops, cabinet shelves, and kitchen islands. You will be surprised at the plethora of options that bring this everlasting design trend to your kitchen — roasting pans, pitchers, colanders, beating bowls, champagne ice buckets, teapots, and hand-engraved decorative platters.

19. Cooper Countertops. Copper countertops are a fabulous focal point that will convert any kitchen into an interior design inspo. However, bear in mind that copper is quite a delicate metal, so it can be prone to scratches and dents. Don’t forget to protect the surface with a cutting board.

20. One and Only. Sometimes one distinctive copper element is enough to transform the feel of your kitchen. This vintage cookie jar looks fabulous and adds a fall farmhouse vibe.

21. Kitchen Island Copper Decor. A great way to add copper to your kitchen is by creating a chandelier-like design over your kitchen island. These gorgeous lustrous baking pans in an abundance of shapes and sizes establish a cozy feel-good flair in your kitchen.

22. Copper Faucet. It’s all in the details. If you want to add just a touch of copper to your kitchen, opt for a copper faucet. Rust resistant and having antibacterial properties, copper faucets make both practical and aesthetic addition to your kitchen.

23. Copper Window Treatment. Maximize golden sunshine in your kitchen with shining window treatments in all shades of copper. Choose a coordinating color palette to make your display pop even more. Ivory and cream perfectly complement the warm undertones of copper, while deep burgundy creates a pleasant backdrop.

24. Copper Sink. Copper sinks are a great addition to your kitchen: they are long-lasting, antimicrobial, and versatile. Enjoy a multitude of shades and finishes to complement any kitchen from ultra-modern industrial designs to modern-day farmhouse interiors.

25. Material Coordinating with Copper. From kitchen textiles to cabinets and cookware, there are a few materials that work particularly well with copper. Burlap and natural colored linens create a cozy rustic atmosphere. Terracotta cookware and planters are another way to introduce interesting texture into your kitchen interior.

26. Fuse Styles. Add a touch of farmhouse aesthetics to your classic interior by installing copper fixtures. This combination of white glossy worktops and matte wooden cabinets brings out the best in this honey-pink copper faucet, giving it a luxe feel.

27. Shiny Finish. Amp up a traditional look with shiny copper elements to add a bright touch to your kitchen. Classical kitchens can benefit from warm metallic tones as they enrich the color palette and boost light in an otherwise simple scheme.

28. Copper Pendant Lighting. Choosing copper pendant lighting can make your kitchen come to life. Cylindrical or conical polished lampshades create a sleek elegant look, while dome-shaped pendant lights are a perfect fit for a modern industrial look. A full-blown kitchen island set up and a single dinner table dangle will look equally good.

29. Corner Copper Decor. This design inspired by Claude Monet’s kitchen would be a strong statement for an art lover. With a concoction of ultramarine, baby blue, and shiny brassy undertones, this blue and copper kitchen is a masterpiece of its own.

30. Copper Hardware. If an all-out copper design is a too much bling for you, bring a smaller dose of copper by using copper pulls and knobs. They sit brightly against deep shades of blue, brown, or gray. These subtle additions can add much style to your kitchen.

Add the charm of gleaming copper to your cooking space decor. With a multitude of undertones, finishes, and applications, it is sure to complement any interior style.