28 Green Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

The kitchen is the place where culinary masterpieces are created. As you know, to make some, any master needs an appropriate atmosphere. Nothing creates this atmosphere better than the green color. It is the color of life, warm days, and the symbol of ecology, harmony, and balance. Green shades help us to tune positively into a new day at breakfast and relax after work at supper, even if the weather is cloudy outside and you are out of the mood.

Look at these green kitchen ideas that will inspire you to start a renovation!

1. White And Muted Green Kitchen Design. The green color in interior design is a symbol of balance. And if you want to stay on this life balance, you’d better use lighter shades of green, as in the photo. See how white kitchen walls harmonize with light green cabinets. Don’t forget to dilute the atmosphere with flowers. These sage green kitchen cabinets inspire you with new cooking ideas.

2. Green And Wooden Ceiling. The union of “wooden” and dark green in the interior is the most winning combination. Perhaps all because this tandem is often found in nature: brown tree trunks and green foliage. Though you can try to make beige, muted blue, and even brown inclusions to further diversify your green kitchen design. Forest green tiles will complete the picture.

3. Miniature Green Kitchen. If you are an owner of a small kitchen, don’t despair. The green color will fit perfectly in a small kitchen! Please notice how gorgeous this large window looks in the interior. It gives the room volume, extra air, and a feeling of a light atmosphere. Such a warm place! Imagine how nice it will be to drink morning coffee or tea here.

4. Eclectic Kitchen With Vibrant Green Colors. You can introduce green into the interior using bright, even neon shades. This tint reflects very favorably in stainless steel kitchen appliances. Such a warm, life-affirming interior fills with summer mood, airy space, and the desire to create cooking masterpieces!

5. Soft Sage Green Idea. If you are tired of classic black, white, and gray colors, pay attention to one of the most fashionable shades of the year: we are talking about sage green. This shade is a real finding of the Pantone Color Institute, which is still relevant.

Despite its restraint, sage green in the interior will never look boring.

6. Tidy Forest Green Kitchen With Gray Sofa. Green kitchens are most often complemented by noble gray: the colors of wet asphalt or Coventry gray. There are no bright green notes and vivid details. It is a nice color for a pleasant atmosphere, so it’s optimal for a kitchen that often hosts guests. Besides, forest green and dark gray cushions play together very well.

7. Perfect Green Space. You’d be surprised how many green shades there are. Lime, chartreuse, granny apple, and shamrock are all green. Yellow elements add some puppetry to this design. It will be nice to cook and spend cozy evenings with your loved ones here.

8. Juicy Colors Mixed With Green Kitchen. You can combine green with different colors. Yellow is peppy, rich, and active. It also whets an appetite. So be sure: in the kitchen of such sage green shades, you will enjoy both the design’s aesthetics and delicious food.

9. Floral Print In The Green Interior. Wallpaper in kitchen is an unusual but great idea. It is especially true if the kitchen has a very modest size. And what could be better combined with beautiful pink flowers on the wall than the green color of the fittings?

10. Sage Green Kitchen Ideas With Honeycombs. These magical and mysterious emerald colors will surely draw attention to themselves and give the kitchen a rich look. According to psychologists, the dark green color is beneficial, positively affecting the state of mind and relieving stress and fatigue.

This forest green honeycomb tile fits perfectly into the interior.

11. Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets. What do you associate mint with? Of course, with freshness. The mint-colored kitchen looks unusual, attracts attention, and deserves to be a highlight in the house. An excellent option for such cabinets is monochrome.

Cooking in such a kitchen is a simple pleasure: this green kitchen will win you over!

12. Stunning Green And Natural Element Kitchen. A stylish kitchen in shades of dark sage green is not just another tribute to fashion. It’s a great way to spice up your own home. And what if we combine a green kitchen with natural materials?

A great addition would be a marble or granite countertop like this. And, of course, it’s impossible not to notice this wooden ceiling.

13. Different Shades Of Green. If you like mint, forest, and sage green all at once, it’s not a big deal. No one said that you couldn’t use multiple shades of it. Choose a neutral base background, such as white as in the photo, and let’s experiment! All the differences in colors will be barely noticeable.

14. Cozy Country Style. It’s the style of simple village life. Tones in such a room should match the colors of natural materials, so green will come in handy here. Also, the country style provides many handmade decorative elements: paintings, pillows, curtains, original dishes, and lamps.

The main rule here is not to create chaos and overload the space.

15. Celadon Kitchen Design Or You Can Call It “Sea Green”. Light and discreet pale green shades of turquoise are often used in the kitchen arrangement. This color evokes calmness and confidence. An interior like this combines the simplicity of lines, carelessness of processing, and sophistication of the chosen palette.

The white-azure duet turns out to be quite cold, although, in its severity, it doesn’t lose its mystery.

16. Green Subway Tile In Duet With Green Kitchen. If you design your kitchen in green tones, choose calm shades of green. This emerald color of backsplash tile goes well with a light floor and ceiling. But there is no need to stop at bricks: you can use mosaics, large tiles, marble, etc.

Look how the room is illuminated: this effect can be achieved by adding additional lighting.

17. Gold, Marble, And Greenery. It is a timeless classic: dark sage green color, golden elements, and marble. Such a kitchen set will be harmonious in a home where everything speaks about status and chic. When you enter such a kitchen, you immediately understand: a person, who lives here, adheres to the ideal style.

18. Light Green Kitchen Ideas. There is a lovely alternative to deep green or gray. This olive color emphasizes the restraint of your character. It also plays a unique role in this room: it reduces appetite and is associated with cleanliness and environmental friendliness. How to embellish this interior?

For example, completing a white-olive kitchen with a white countertop and apron is appropriate. Or make white walls and put a wooden tabletop.

19. Bohemian Green Kitchen. A bohemian-style (or Boho Chic) kitchen isn’t a mess as it might seem at first. Such a space is bright and colorful, with simple materials and whimsical motifs. Don’t forget to use wild plants to bring a trace of nature into your green kitchen! Every detail is thoughtful and appropriate here.

20. A Bit Of Lime. Do you want to plunge into bright colors, create a summer mood and enjoy the original design of your kitchen? We have an idea: lime! Lime is an excellent range for decoration and furniture in the kitchen room.

Even if you’re not a fan of something sour in food, this green citrus tone will not leave anyone indifferent.

21. Khaki Style Kitchen. Khaki style, military interior, dark green kitchen: you can call it whatever you want. This sage green kitchen will delight you aesthetically in the morning and calm you down in the evening after a long working day.

A room like this is small but cozy, and the ceiling window gives a unique charm.

22. Mint Green And Black. Look at one of the best green kitchen ideas. It is the most daring combination that is relevant for modern minimalist design. A lovely pair of mint green with black cabinets or molding is one way that leaves a vivid impression.

Mint energy will always be popular, so don’t worry about your mint green furniture going out of style!

23. Pistachio Motifs. For a spacious kitchen, any options of green are suitable, but for a small room, give preference only to light colors. This sage green will create a beautiful and original interior without overloading your eye.

White-pistachio kitchen is light and fresh and will be a salvation for a dark northern room. The versatility and neutral tone of pastel green make it applicable to any style.

24. Green Kitchen And Fireplace. A fireplace in the kitchen is an entirely understandable solution because we spend most of the time here. But does it go well with green? The designer’s answer is an absolute “yes”. Use shades of this color that are close to forest green.

Nature, fireplace, and soulful pastime: that’s what we associate this room with.

25. Brick Wall And Dark Green Kitchen Ideas. If it’s time to update the kitchen, you should pay attention to the deep green color. Especially the sage green option. Such a kitchen with a classic brick apron will look incredible! By the way, a brick kitchen apron is a trendy design solution. However, natural brick is a rather bulky material, so its imitation is used more often.

26. Strict Minimalism In Green. We can offer another perfect shade of sage green. You may choose green cabinets, and then the walls should shade them. In this case, the surfaces are best done in pastel colors, like milky color, because the green walls against the backdrop of a kitchen with green facades will look uncomfortable.

By the way, furniture in classic and strict colors looks beautiful in a green interior: for example, something like these black chairs.

27. To Combine Incompatible: Red And Green Kitchen. Unfortunately, red and green are not considered too popular colors for mixing in the interior. And many designers don’t particularly like to work with them. On the one hand, it may seem that green and red don’t harmonize. But on the other hand, this combination looks luxurious.

You can boldly use red household appliances: refrigerator, stove, oven, or microwave. No doubt: your red-green kitchen will be remembered by your guests.

28. Pink And Sage Green Kitchen. Use maximum imagination and fresh ideas! The delicate pink color will help you with it. Experts strongly recommend: that if you like such a sage green design, don’t litter the kitchen with unnecessary furniture, and be strict and consistent, so you get more living space.

No matter what you choose: delicate green, pistachio, or sage green for your room, this is a perfect color for decorating the kitchen. A green kitchen will cheer you up and promote communication between family members. Indeed, in most families, it is not only a place for cooking but also a place to have a good time. So, we hope these ideas won’t leave you indifferent!