20 Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas You Will Love More Than Tile

What types of wallpaper are most suitable for the kitchen, and how to choose the right one for your home? Currently, a variety of designs are available, including geometric, abstract, and floral ones. They can also imitate natural stone, brick, and tile or feature a high-resolution image. With such diversity, it is possible to brighten up a monochrome kitchen interior, emphasize the style or highlight certain zones.

Kitchen wallpaper is not a novelty, of course. It is another classic that remains on-trend. If you can not decide on a print, opt for a low-key version, as simplicity will allow you to keep the interior design up-to-date for a long time. Below you’ll find what’s trendy in wallpaper design these days.

1. Add Warmth With Lemon Print Wallpaper. Nowadays, it is very popular to use wallpapers with tasty prints. The most common themes include images of food, drinks, and fruits, especially lemon motifs.


This mouthwatering design makes everyone feel hungry. Such patterns add character to your room and say a lot about your personality. Choose bright colors for the kitchen wallpaper. After all, it is the place to get inspired for new culinary masterpieces.

2. Unobtrusive Wallpaper Design for Small Space. If the room is miniature and there is not enough sunlight, it is better to use warm, light colors: gold, soft beige, peach, and pink. By the way, the kitchen design in pink can turn out quite harmonious if you choose the right shade and competently combine it with other colors.

It is especially advantageous to have a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild. Kitchen cabinets will look best in the same color. Don’t forget the little green corner. It is sure to breathe life into your room.

3. Colorful Floral Wallpaper To Enliven Kitchen Walls. Compared to tiles, fancy wallpaper is much more affordable. And the use of the latest technology has helped manufacturers to make the coating material as easy to care for as possible.

Wallpaper with a floral pattern is a real modern twist: your breakfast nook will look inviting and beckon you to enjoy a cup of invigorating coffee every time you enter the room. Enjoy cooking, meeting guests, and holding festive brunches here!

4. Vinyl Wallpaper for a Trendy Look. Vinyl wallpaper perfectly combines high quality and affordable price. Moreover, special manufacturing technology makes it ideal for finishing the kitchen. Typically, coverage consists of several layers.

The most current shades of neutral vinyl wallpapers in 2023 are crisp white, gray, milk, ivory, and vanilla. But experts also do not prohibit making eye-catching accents. As you can see, the minimalist painting on the wall and furniture made of natural materials give chic to the space.

5. Gothic Touch With Dark Floral Wallpaper. Why not add a bold color, like black? It can transform your room into a stylish and sumptuous space. Moreover, there are many variations of designs for all tastes: you can even find a photo wallpaper that will expand the kitchen.

Choose a dark-themed floral pattern for the single wall covering. This idea is great for separating the dining area from the kitchen, giving it originality.

6. Best Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas With Plants. Wallpaper with a floral pattern is an interweaving of stems, beautiful branches, grass, green foliage, and flowers. Such wallpapers do not overload the space and go well with home decor and furniture.

In any case, classic motifs look great in the kitchen: checkered and ornamental patterns, as well as diagonal and horizontal stripes. And even a simple single-color wallpaper will look great in any interior style if it has a hint of pattern.

7. Light Eastern Motifs To Bring Chic. Landscape wallpaper will beautifully decorate your cooking space. It gives the room coziness and, at the same time, makes it more spectacular and fashionable, adding an element of chic to it.

The interior design looks neat and natural, especially in combination with marble countertops. And, of course, such an antique vase is the perfect complement, turning this place into a real home museum!

8. Little Birds Resting On Delicate Branches. Recently, interior designers are increasingly using wallpaper with birds to decorate kitchen walls. And for a good reason, since birds are a symbol of freedom and lightness.

This cute wallpaper design by Little Greene fills an entire room with airiness and gives it a special charm. Even a compact, comfy bench has found its place in this harmonious kitchen. The cabinet doors are white and complement the soft blue accents perfectly.

9. Golden Kitchen Wallpaper That Spell Luxury. Your kitchen will feel like a royal palace with golden wallpaper. However, to avoid flatness, it is better to balance this luxurious color with flecks of greenery.

Together with the potted plants, these golden elements give the room a sense of abundance. This interior is specifically designed for those who are not afraid to experiment: neither with colors nor with decor.

10. Say Hello To Happy Color And Patterns. To bring joy to your cooking space, feel free to use colorful and playful designs. Despite the rather dark background, this vivid wallpaper mesmerizes with its hypnotizing print. What a bold pattern!

Such wallpaper can become the focal point of your kitchen. Install open shelving and shaker cabinetry for total convenience.

11. Farmhouse Getaway At Your Own Home. Dark brown is a warm, soothing color that pairs well with wooden furniture. Muted colors, subtle patterns, and pastel shades of brown, black, or gray are typical of Provence kitchens.

Such a wallpaper pattern, as shown in the photo, will beautify and refresh your dining nook. Thus, you can spend time with your family and enjoy the view of your small yet cozy kitchen.

12. Hand-Painted Massingberd Blossom Wallpaper. Wallpaper in the chinoiserie style, first of all, is chosen to beautify walls. The color scheme should be in harmony with the entire kitchen interior. You can use a variety of designs and shades: from warm light, even pink, to cold and dark tones.

The wallpaper choice can be the room’s focal point, but do not disturb the balance with excessive detail! Try to put your whole soul into the work during the kitchen remodel to get what you want.

13. Marble Effect Wallpaper for Kitchen Backsplash. The cost of real marble can be quite high. But don’t let your desire go unfulfilled! There is an affordable solution. Pay attention to faux marble wallpaper, which looks just as stunning as the actual one.

Such wallpaper ideas are great for small spaces. The breakfast nook looks noble and elegant with a marble backsplash and delicate yellow floral pattern in lighter shades.

14. Geometric Wallpaper for Modern Kitchen. The use of wallpaper with a geometric pattern in interior design has not lost its relevance for many years. It hides minor imperfections, protrusions, or irregularities, and the wide range allows you to choose the perfect pattern.

This option is especially appropriate for modern designs. See how the minimalist light fixtures repeat the pattern of the wallpaper geometry. Simply stunning!

15. Adding Pattern To Enjoyable Dining Nook. Do not hesitate to experiment with patterns. They are trendy and perfectly complement interiors in classic and farmhouse styles. In addition, it will be a kind of clever trick: by adding a pattern, you give warmth and comfort to your home.

You can easily avoid the off-white look in the kitchen by choosing the right wallpaper. It doesn’t always have to be minimalist.

16. Gray But Not Boring Kitchen Wallpaper. The kitchen space with gray wallpaper looks low-key and luxurious simultaneously. It is a sophisticated color that can be unique and convey different feelings depending on the choice of shade.

Gray wallpaper ideas are often combined with bright details in a modern, high-tech, and even urban style. Combined with colorful towels, flowers, and curtains, they create a striking effect. However, in pure classics, gray looks just as gorgeous.

17. Abstract Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas. Many people are attracted to wallpaper with unusual patterns. Unconventional lines and a variety of decorative elements add originality and are perfectly suited to the modern kitchen.

The best option for the plain white walls is vinyl. It can be safely rubbed with a brush, washed, and scratched without fear for the integrity of the coating. Besides, such a wall covering goes perfectly with a monochrome white interior.

18. Consider Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper. If you are a fan of constant remodeling, pay attention to peel-and-stick wallpapers. They are easy to both hang and remove. However, if you are looking for good quality, it is better to choose traditional wallpaper. But keep in mind that getting rid of it can be a real pain in the neck.

When choosing kitchen wallpapers, make sure they are pleasing to the eye and do not irritate you. Choose a light-colored option with a delicate pattern that cheers you up every time you enter the room. It is particularly well suited to country kitchens.

19. Kitchen Wallpaper Combined With Tile Backsplash. Are you looking for a covering for the surrounding walls? Why not combine wallpaper and tile? It is highly relevant in kitchens where people cook regularly since glossy surfaces are easier to clean.

With an open shelf where you can safely keep all the required utensils, the feature wall will be both attractive and functional. Such thoughtful spaces are ideal for both rural and urban areas.

20. Pretty Wallpaper To Make Small Spaces Feel Cozy. A beautiful pattern can draw attention and emphasize protrusions, niches, and arches. With the help of an accent wall, you can highlight the seating zone or visually separate the dining area from the kitchen.

Have you noticed how these little hummingbirds look exquisite and go perfectly with ivory ceramics? Such a combination gives visual interest not only to the feature wall but also to the whole space.

As you can see, wallpaper for kitchen walls is a sensible, cost-effective, and visually appealing option. These lovely 20 choices will go with any style and complement it perfectly. As strange as it may sound, the simplicity of shapes and colors is a defining element of the ideal kitchen wallpaper design.