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lounge chair

Chaise Lounge Chair: Pros and Cons of Models, Recommendations of Specialists

Designers increasingly offer owners to buy a comfortable chaise lounge chair for home, although for many such furniture is more associated with dacha, but they are wrong. Produced such furniture in a variety of design, is appropriate as in a modern office, living room, nursery, and on the loggia, balcony. Decorated in different styles, made by the latest technology chairs look original.

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zero gravity

What Is a Zero Gravity Chair

Very often we get inquiries that are looking for a massage chair, which must necessarily have a function of weightlessness or zero gravity. Now most massage chairs are equipped with this option, although there are other interesting options. Usually when customers visit the showroom and start testing our zero gravity chairs, they invariably ask the consultant “so, what is zero gravity?”

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club chair

What Is a Club Chair

Club chair is a type of chair, usually covered in leather. It was created and manufactured in France . Before it became known by its current name, it was first called fauteuil confortable , “comfortable chair”. The name was given to it to distinguish it from the fauteuil de style, which had straighter lines and was less enveloping.

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Glider chair

Glider Chair: Varieties and Recommendations for Selection

Furniture has long ceased to be an ordinary household item, from it expect a higher level of comfort and maximum functionality. One such product is a glider chair, which provides a high level of comfort and will please you with its practicality. Manufacturers present a variety of models, colors and additional elements: pockets, wide armrests, foot bars and so on. Each piece of furniture is equipped with a lighthouse mechanism that allows you to turn it from an ordinary chair into a movable chair.

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