The Papasan Chair: Possible Options of Products and Their Application

Original and quite unusual for our compatriots the word combination papasan chair implies a comfortable piece of furniture, which has a number of advantages. Let’s talk about how useful, comfortable and attractive in appearance can be such an accessory for the home.

What is papasan furniture

The rotating papasan rocking chair was developed half a century ago. It is an original design, which is actively used today for the decor of living spaces. The main qualities that are inherent in such home accessories are high comfort, practicality and conciseness of design.

The design has the form of a bowl and consists of two parts:

  • A rigid frame of rounded shape, made of natural rattan or artificial materials similar to it in its performance qualities. This hemisphere is mounted on a base with a spring block;
  • Soft seating surface made in the form of a cushion, which is placed on the vertical frame. The papasan chair cushion is often very soft and comfortable to use. It can be made of textiles of different texture, color and pattern, which allows you to pick the actual option under the finish of the room.

Due to the absence of sharp corners, such a piece of furniture is relevant in the room of any purpose: bedroom, living room, children’s room. If you remove the soft cushion from the chair and fix the structure on the ropes to the crossbar, you can get a real swing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Papasan chairs are incredibly popular, which has not subsided since the manufacture of the first unit of such furniture. And all because the design has a number of significant advantages that have come to the liking of tens of thousands of buyers around the world. Among them it is worth noting:

  • a high level of comfort – the chair promotes relaxation, allows you to lie down in it, curled up with a cuddle, fenced off from the outside world for reading your favorite book;
  • The possibility of using it to rock the baby. Through the presence of a spring block, the chair can rock;
  • the originality of design allows you to use this furniture as a stylistic accent of the whole interior. Hard rattan frame looks incredibly sophisticated and stylish, and the soft cushion may have thousands of shades, original texture and unusual print. Such an armchair is able to fill a room with home warmth, comfort and love;
  • a wide variation of sizes – you can pick up a papasan chair mini, standard, maxi, depending on the size of the room for which it is intended;
  • Long life of such furniture is provided by using high-quality materials in its creation: rattan, wicker, textile, leatherette and so on.
  • Design simplicity allows a person to create such an element of the interior with their own hands.

Of the disadvantages of such furniture voiced some bulky, specific design, the risk of creaks in prolonged use.

papasan chair

Types of papasan chairs

If you are only acquainted with the papasan chair from rattan and want to pick up a model in your home, then you should know what types of such furniture exist today in the sale.


In round chairs of this plan, the frame, woven from rattan, has a shape of a hemisphere. It is comfortable to sit down and enjoy your rest. Hemisphere fixed to stationary legs mounted on the floor. Stability of the design is enormous, so do not be afraid to roll over, sitting in such an object of interior.

You can hang such accessories in the garden at the country cottage or in a big game room at the country cottage. Every child, and maybe even many adults, will definitely want to enjoy riding the papasan, because it is fun, safe and entertaining.


In addition to the standard papasan designs, there are models that can rotate around their axis. They are relevant in children’s rooms, where kids love to indulge in games. And the rotation on a soft cushion in a comfortable chair will definitely be to their liking. Although, if desired, this armchair can be put in the living room, because the rotating element will bring a lot of fun and adults. The main thing is that the chair was as high quality, durable and practical.

Rocking chair

You can pick up papasan rocking chairs, in which the legs are made in a non-standard way. It is easy to rock on such furniture, feeding a baby, enjoying reading a book or watching your favorite movie. Due to the fact that the manufacturers provide this furniture plan high security, the risk of roll over on a rocking chair papasan practically zero.