Modern Chair Decor with Your Own Hands

Furniture is not eternal. Over time, even things of excellent quality, fall into disrepair. The first to suffer a blow, of course, chairs. And these elements of furniture only the upholstery suffers, while the framework retains almost all its functional qualities.

If we take into account that a set of dining set includes at least six chairs, then to part with them at once and it’s a pity, and expensive. Yes, and is there a need for this? After all, the decor of chairs can bring them back to life, making them even more attractive.

If you have even the most rudimentary skills of a furniture maker, with the help of a simple set of tools and simple materials you can create a real miracle. By the way, the chair can be an excellent training ground. Having mastered the technique of its decoration, you can try to solve even more complicated tasks: upholstering armchairs and reupholstering sofas.

Home chair decor

You can return old chairs to their youthfulness in several ways:

  • With the help of fabric.
  • The technique of decoupage.
  • Using jute rope.

Decor with fabrics

It happens that after the repair and change of the background of the walls, the chairs no longer match the environment. Change comfortable accessories do not want to change at all, therefore, it will be necessary to simply retie them.

The main difficulty of the event will be to find a durable and reliable fabric, which by its coloring would meet the interior requirements. Look for suitable solutions among:

  • Microfiber.
  • Jacquard.
  • Furniture silk.
  • Tapestry.

The last option is the most optimal for chair decoration, since tapestry is characterized by high wear resistance, provided by the presence of artificial fibers in the composition.

When cutting the material, make sure that the pattern or ornament on the fabric is centered on the back or seat. This will help to do the preliminary marking of the fabric. So plan first – then cut.

If you are not ready for global work on retouching, sew just covers on the chairs or use capes. It will turn out no less beautiful. In addition, several sets of covers will help you to update the atmosphere of the interior. They can be changed seasonally, or used as a festive chair decoration.

Decoupage decoration

Modern designers consider decoupage the most successful way of decorating furniture items. With the help of this technique extend the life of chairs without upholstery, made of plywood and wood.

Everything is done quite simply. Initially, the surface is prepared by scraping with sandpaper and puttying. After that, the chair is covered with paint. In principle, any paint will do, but ideally, it is necessary to use white, and on a water basis. Not her background decoupage looks especially charming. After the preparatory work, decorative elements, cut out of a special type of napkin, are glued to the surface. The finishing touch will be the final painting and covering the finished chair with a protective layer of acrylic varnish.

Decorating with jute rope

With all its simplicity, jute brings to the home atmosphere a special coziness and warmth. In addition, the material can become an accent line, favorably emphasizing the style of the interior. Decorating chairs with jute is not difficult. Even children can be involved in the work.

To begin with, the old upholstery is removed, and then, the structure of the chair is completely wrapped with sisal or jute rope. To give the chair a more harmonious look is possible in this way: remove the soft insertion from its back and perform a rope weaving in the resulting window. If you do not know the technique of macrame, weave a regular large or fine mesh mesh. Do not forget to change the upholstery of the seat.

Holiday chair decor

Chairs in the festive interior play not the last role, so you should not forget about them. Especially since to perform their decor with the modern assortment of materials and ideas is not difficult at all. Very attractive look fabric decors.

chair decor

Chair decor with fabric and flowers

For them use:

  • Covers, which you can make yourself or rent for the event.
  • Wide strips of fabric that are simply wrapped around the chair.
  • Lush bows.
  • Gorgeous fabric flowers.

The main advantage of fabric decorations is the possibility to choose the decoration in such a color and such a texture, which will match the stylistics of the event.

The fabric chair can be additionally decorated with figures, beads, emblems, plaques and other elements appropriate to the subject of the event.

A garland of triangular cloth flags makes an unusual impression. On each of these elements you can write letters and then, when assembled, it will symbolize the name of the hero of the day or any wish. The latter is relevant for corporate events.

Wedding chair decor

“You can also use stuffed animals in your wedding chair decor.

I wonder what you will think of when it comes to wedding decor? Most likely visions of garlands, floral arches and arrangements, a decorated table will come to mind. About the chairs you will not even remember, and after all their traditional appearance can spoil all the impression of the situation. So how can we decorate the chairs to make them a full part of the wedding reception and fully reflect the style and theme of the event?

Garlands and fresh flowers. These elements become an addition to the fabric trim of the chair. You can use one large flower, making it the center of the composition or several small ones. Other gifts of nature, like wildflowers, decorative greenery, tree branches, spikelets will also be suitable. The main thing is that the theme of the event allows it.

Fabric applications. They can be made in any form: gorgeous flowers or funny faces. The latter, settled on the backs of chairs, will bring a special mood to the decor of the banquet hall. In comparison with traditional chair covers, this festive chair decoration looks very unconventional.

Decorative cushions. Their presence will be appropriate at a wedding organized in the country style. Funny pillows in bright colored pillowcases fulfill fulfill two functions at once:

  • Decorate the chair.
  • Allow you to sit comfortably on it.

Plaques and letters. These elements are quite common in wedding decorations. Usually they are used for designation of seating places. Beautifully carved monograms initials of guests are attached to the backs of chairs. It turns out too original and practical.

Sacks. Two bags are attached to each chair with colorful ribbons. One hides a symbolic souvenir for the guest. Subsequently, it will be a nice reminder of the pleasant event. The second one is made as an alternative to the guest book. In it they put a note with a request to leave a wish to the young people and attach a sheet and a pen.

Balloons. Although they add to the atmosphere of the mood, however in the decoration of the chairs they are used infrequently. The reason for that is the low durability of balloons, which literally burst by themselves. For this reason they are mainly “settled” on the main table.

Wreaths. This is one of the varieties of plant decorations. They can be woven from whatever you want. In combinations, you can use everything: and flexible twigs, and spikelets, and leaves. It is a great solution for the exit ceremonies, weddings in the spirit of country, eco-style. Such elements wonderfully emphasize the unity of a person with nature.

An excellent budget option for decorating chairs can also be cones. They can be wonderfully combined with lace.

Paper. This material makes great appliques and garlands. Preparing for a wedding – it’s time to master the technique of quilling. Openwork lace, elegant swans and other wedding symbols will look very worthy in such a performance.

Toys. In the wedding decoration of chairs can be involved and soft toys. For winter weddings, Christmas tree balls will do. All this wealth is attached to the chairs with beautiful ribbons.

Handkerchiefs. The accessory seems to be unchirable, however, we can say that it is universal. It is possible to decorate chairs in such a way at weddings in the spirit of chebby-chic, Provence, country. It turns out very nice.

Gifts of the sea. Their use is justified in a celebration organized in the maritime style. Sprigs of coral, starfish, palm leaves, shells, bags filled with pebbles – everything is suitable in this theme.

Stenciling, decoupage and other original techniques. If the celebration is organized at home or at the cottage, it is possible to solve the problem of ugly chairs with any of these techniques. Chairs with stencil painting and original drawings will produce a real sensation.

Chair decoration for newlyweds

The festive decor of chairs for newlyweds should be allocated to a separate topic. It should be eye-catching and incredibly elegant. Contrasting fabrics will do an excellent job. One chair is draped in a white cloth, imitating the bride’s attire, and the other is “dressed” in a black tuxedo. You can choose as symbolic elements a textured hairpin that will clearly indicate that the chair is for the bride, and a bow tie, appropriately highlighting the groom’s seat.

An interesting solution would be to decorate the chairs with drawings, cartoons or photos. This is sure to appeal to lovers of unconventional approaches.

In a classic wedding, the backs of the newlyweds’ chairs are usually covered with floral garlands. They give them a luxurious and expensive look.

As a design option, you can also consider anagram signs, with the inscription “groom”, “bride” or use the standard symbols in the form of doves, rings, hearts.

If the chair has a decent look and is quite consistent with the stylistics of the wedding, it is possible to hide only its back behind the drapery. The finishing touch of such festive chair decor will be a long bow, a bud of a living flower or drapery of a contrasting shade.

Chair decor with drapery of contrasting colors

If you do not want to hide the beauty of the chairs under the layers of drapery, you can do with decorating them with colored ribbons. This solution is especially good for take-out ceremonies, where guests are offered folding chairs. Bright ribbons perfectly replace bulky covers and, fluttering in the wind, will cause a lot of positive emotions with their colorful appearance.

New Year’s Eve chair decorations

The approach of New Year’s Eve celebrations develops a lot of activity in us. This is probably the only holiday, for which they begin to prepare long before it arrives. For us it is very important not just to set the table, but to emphasize the importance of the event. The finishing touch to the New Year’s Eve decorations will be the decorative decorations that have appeared on the backs of chairs.

New Year’s chair decorations.

It can be:

  • Simple compositions of tinsel, balls, garlands and bouquets.
  • Elegant covers.
  • Elegant drapery.

New Year covers.

It is worth thinking about them in advance in any case: whether you are going to rent them or make them yourself. In the latter case, there is no need for long capes. For the festive decoration of chairs, a cap sewn according to the shape of the back is quite enough. The main time is better spent on its unusual decoration. What can it be? Themed embroidery or applique depicting a snowman, a dressed up Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a bell, a cobbler, etc.

Very popular are covers made of red fabric with a white trim. They really resemble a Santa Claus hat. By the way, such variants of covers can also be knitted. Sitting on a chair with such “warm” decoration will be incredibly comfortable. To complement the impression will help to make a fluffy bubon made of white yarn. It will fit both kinds of “hats”.

In the absence of covers, the decor of the chairs can be done with drapery. To make it beautiful, you need to use one and a half meter sections of fabric in the work. This is quite enough to decorate a standard model of chair. If your chairs have too high backs, then you will need, of course, more fabric. Do not miscalculate with the proportions of the flap will help “trying on”, organized with the help of a sheet.

The rest is easy. A piece of fabric is randomly thrown over the chair, adjusted to its shape and on the back is tied with colored ribbons and decorated with sprigs, Christmas balls, cones.

New Year’s compositions and other ways to decorate chairs

If you do not want to work with fabric, you can decorate chairs in a simpler way, using a variety of Christmas compositions. They can be purchased and have the form of pine wreaths, garlands and bells. You can try to make such elements of decor yourself. The Internet is just a treasure trove of ideas in this matter.

Another way to quickly decorate a chair in the desired style is to tie a luxurious bow of organza or satin on it.

Got an artistic gift? Use it! Paint your old chairs with themed designs. The effect will be stunning.

Whatever you did the decor of the chairs, the main thing is that it should be in harmony with the theme of the holiday and the surroundings. The classics will always find its admirers, but this does not mean that the unconventional solutions developed by you are mauvais ton. Do not be afraid to experiment, let the atmosphere of the celebration acquire individuality.