22 Breathtaking Bookshelves Ideas You Will Definitely Like

If you want to use brand new shelves, do not limit your imagination. Bookcases come in any shape and color. In addition to comfortable storage, the shelving can also be a feature of decoration or nicely divide the space into different zones. Check out our 22 bookshelf ideas and be ready to find a lot of inspiring things!

1. Modular Ceiling-Hanging Bookcase With Titanium Pillars. Exceptional and original bookshelves are a favorite subject of many world-class designers. They often deviate from standards to create new ones. For example, a modular ceiling-hanging bookcase. It is a great option for a library in the living room.

A modular bookcase perfectly divides the space. For example, you can separate the dining area from the seating area, or the living room from the hallway. Such bookshelves are in different shapes and types: airy and weightless, as in the photo, or closed bookshelves to delimit the area completely.

2. Modern Italian Shelving For Your Home. There are multiple formats of modern shelves for living space. They are not just horizontal ones separated by vertical slats as we are used to seeing. Presently, designers produce diverse and unique shelving ideas. For instance, a bookshelf with no complicated edges. It’s quite simple but looks innovative and will be a flawless addition to your living room.

3. Unusual Flowershaped Shelving. Furniture designers create extremely unique and aesthetic things. Bookshelves are not an exception. We recommend you check out the collections of Italian furniture brands. They are among the best masters at inventing modern pieces of furniture and setting new trends in interior design.

4. A Staircase Is Always A Great Place For Extra Storage. In case you are a book lover and have a large collection of printed works, you’d better use all possible spaces for book storage. Why not place bookshelves in a space under the stairs? It is a perfect spot for it. You can also add small doors to make the stairs look more integrated.

5. Home Library As A Part Of Interior Design. There is also another great living room bookshelf idea for those who want to have a library at home or plan to replenish their collection. Built-in bookshelves would be a great solution for such needs. They also fill empty spots in the living room and add some coziness.

Incredible Home Library with More Than Enough Space

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6. Steel Storage For Your Loft-Style Home. Designers used a truly unique method to create a bookcase in this unusual loft-style project. It is not made of wood but of metal. This is an excellent bookshelf idea for the living room. You can use it if you are ready to make some experiments.

7. Space For Kids And Extra Storage For Your House. This is one of the most amusing bookshelf ideas that we have found for you. The bookcase can be a part of the space for your child to play in the living room. Just look at the happy kid who has her own place for games, a spot for her toys, and a book collection! This idea is perfect for the living room, as in this example, or you can place such a piece of furniture directly in the nursery.

8. Shelving As A Part Of Home Decor. The bookshelf is always a great decorative element for walls that creates visual interest. It can come in different shapes and styles, but the typical horizontal one is also relevant. You can place your book collection or some art pieces there.

9. Shelving Made Of Wooden Rails. In this apartment, the bookcase is a connecting element between the living and dining areas. A large wooden library occupies the entire wall. We also like the way wooden slats are used instead of solid wooden planks. Moreover, the shelving matches well with the wooden table and rattan chairs in the dining area. Everything is on point here.

Spacious Living Room with Wooden Accents

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10. Stairs Are The Perfect Place For Your Home Library. The construction of the stairs always takes extra space at home. It is better to use them functionally: as a storage area or as a small library. This idea is especially relevant for housing with limited space as in this photo. As you can see, stairs lead to the place above, where the bed is located. Such a combination of the staircase and bookshelf is a very smart and stylish solution for your home.

11. Air Shelving System For The Great View. The apartment itself is very bright and stylish. But the first thing that catches one’s eye is the unique design of the bookcase. This shelving is made of wood and glass. And if you think that nothing is out of the ordinary, look at the shelves that stand on a glass-based construction. Because of the glass supports, these book stacks seem to float in the air, allowing light to go through and giving a sensation of extreme weightlessness to the place. This solution looks very modern and elegant. Having a penthouse in a skyscraper is definitely worth it.

Gorgeous City Apartment Decorated with Air Bookshelves

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12. Stylish Shelving You Can Make In Any Shape. We are in love with Italian furniture design. They can make ordinary things look like a piece of art. Instead of choosing typical horizontal shelves, you can follow their idea to make it in the form of a snake or a tree on your wall. Free from any structural restrictions, this hanging shelving can be brought into play as compositions that adapt naturally to their surroundings. Here you can use your imagination to the fullest and create something truly unique.

Gorgeous City Apartment Decorated with Air Bookshelves

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13. Bamboo Shelving For House In Japanese Style. Bamboo shelving? Yes, please! Such an original idea for storage can be a great addition to the interior in Japanese style. By the way, you can make it yourself. The only question is where to find some bamboo sticks. A DIY bookshelf will be a cool decoration for your room. It will also inspire you to meditate, relax, and think about important things in your life.

14. Built-In Book Storage For Your Home Library. If you have a large library, don’t hesitate to use all walls to install shelving. We would recommend you paint them the color of the room so they do not overload the space. This photo shows how bookcases can fill almost all free walls, leaving a place only for a TV, cabinets, and a fireplace in the corner.

15. Shelving As A Separating Element For The Space In Your Home. Most people use shelving for a home library. But you can use it as a decorative or structural element. For example, here we can see how shelves segregate the rooms: the dining area with a table is separated from the living room. The shelving is also originally made of wooden slats and has lots of lighting. It is a great way of decorating a blank wall.

16. Light Green Home Library. A library is a very important element in this house, as it combines the area of two floors. It is also a very good idea to paint the bookracks with such a nice green color that is different from the color of the walls. White and green are definitely a good match. The chairs around the wooden table are the same green color as the bookshelf to correspond to the style of the room.

17. Simple Shelving To Decorate Your Home. The shelf can be used not only as a part of the home library but as a decorative element as well. In this picture, we can see light and airy shelves above the cabinets to accommodate a variety of decor items so that the wall does not look empty. They are dark and match well with the black metal parts of the chairs and chandelier. We especially like the way the designer combines natural wooden surfaces with those dark elements.

18. Wooden Bookcases For Your Home Office. If you prefer to work from home, you can create a workplace with a desk and bookrack within your house. The solid wooden bookcase, as in the photo, is not only a handy place to store books but also a great interior accent that will attract visitors’ attention. These huge built-in bookshelves with a natural shade of light wood cover the entire wall and accommodate a special selection of decorative accessories and other items. The desk and chairs are highlighted because their color is different. Also, the larger parts of the bookrack are creating eye-pleasing asymmetry.

19. Shelving With A Place For Cat. Here you can see a wonderful and original approach to storage. Bookstacks are built into the wall that separates rooms. Moreover, the composition itself is asymmetric which makes the room look more complex and captivating. There is also a place for cats under the ceiling where they can observe everything from a high vantage point. Although the designer mixed different decorating styles, it does not look overloaded. Remember, everything is good in moderation.

20. How To Make A Home Library In Small Apartment. Small spaces can also be multifunctional. Modern technologies allow creating furniture that transforms to your needs. We like the idea of distinguishing a reading zone in the bedroom. Look how the opening of the bookshelf creates a passage to approach the shelf from the office! No need to pass through the bedroom.

When the door is opened, it divides the room into the bedroom and study. It also has the effect of changing the space into a library. In the evening, you can turn your home library into a spacious bedroom by closing the doors and hiding the books.

21. Wooden Bookcases With TV And Fireplace. The living room usually includes a fireplace and TV set, some bookcases, and a cozy sofa unit. The symmetrical composition of bookshelves and a fireplace is always relevant. Here we can see the modern execution of such a combination. It looks great, but instead of a fireplace with firewood, the bio fireplace is used for safety reasons.

22. Shelving Around The Window Frame. One of the best ideas for storing books is to place them around the window. The wall with the window is usually little used. People just hang curtains and that is all. But the arrangement of book stacks on the shelves around the window is not only a stylish but also very functional way to decorate the wall. It can be transformed into an entire library.

If you have enough space, you can make a place for reading under the window. Install a bench instead of the windowsill and decorate it with some pillows to make the sitting spot more comfortable.