How to Arrange Living Room Furniture with Fireplace and TV

In every room there are meaningful centers of composition. In the kitchen it is a set or a dining group, in the bedroom – a bed, and in the study – a desk. In the living room with a fireplace and a television, there are two such centers. Therefore, it is easy to get confused when decorating the interior. Let’s figure out how to place furniture in such cases.

Types of fireplaces

Planning the design of the living room with a fireplace and a TV, it is worth deciding which model is right for you. The layout of the entire room depends on this. All models differ in two main parameters: the method of placement and the fuel you need to work. Let’s consider each group.

According to the method of placement

  • Built-in. This is a classic that requires a chimney. Just to make it in the apartment will not work, the designs are designed at the stage of construction of the house. In city houses and new buildings almost never provide for a chimney, so this option is suitable for a cottage or a private country house. But in the apartment you can install an electric or bio-fireplace in this way, and complement the wall with a construction made of plasterboard.
  • Wall-mounted. Another classic option, this is the model of the American and English type with a U-shaped portal. 
  • Island. Can be placed in any part of the room, and even in the center. It can be suspended and floor-mounted.
  • Corner, as the name suggests, is located in the corner. It can be both built-in and wall-mounted, and even island.

According to the type of fuel

Another important parameter, on which depends not only the functioning of the device, but also its design.

  • Biofire is one of the novelties, works on alcohol fuel. It requires neither a chimney, nor a hood, nor communications. And you can place it almost everywhere: in the photo interiors of the living room TV over such a fireplace looks very effective.
  • Wood-burning – a classic with a chimney and a place for the logs. This is not an option for the apartment, you can make a real stove of this type only in a country house.
  • Electric. Safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. In fact, this is a heater, which imitates the flame. And today you can find models with remote control and the sound of crackling wood.
  • Gas. Another model that is designed for the private home. It runs on natural gas, the fuel supply can be regulated. You will need approval from the gas service for the arrangement.

Options for the placement of the TV screen and stove

Fireplace under the TV in the living room

Most design projects offer exactly this arrangement of the two elements. It is especially relevant for built-in and wall-mounted stoves. For the composition to be balanced, consider the following points.

The most harmonious in terms of design is when the diagonal of the TV and the portal of the stove are approximately equal. In this case, no element will visually clash and weight down the picture.

  • Pay attention to the design photos: the fireplace under the TV in the living room is the center of the composition, and the sides are symmetrical. In some designs, two windows create symmetry. But if the wall is blank, you can create it with the same cabinets, pictures or other furniture.
  • Another technique to create symmetry in such projects: a sofa and armchairs that stand on either side of it. Thus, even if the wall is not symmetrical, they balance it out.
  • A long biofireplace, located under the TV, also looks very organic. And it can occupy almost the entire wall. There are no special rules for decoration, so you can not only decorate the wall, but also add dynamics to it. This is a great technique for interiors in a modern style.

TV on the side

When there is no possibility to place the TV above the portal, you can hang or put it next to it. But this is a solution for the brave, because you have to determine how you will balance the composition.

If you have a TV hanging on one side, you can put a cabinet, table or hang a painting about the same size as the plasma on the other.

Placement on different walls

It is good if the fireplace and TV in the interior of the living room are on adjacent walls. In the center you can put a coffee table, and next to it – a sofa and chairs. You will get a circular composition with a central unifying element.

The TV and the stove are rarely placed on parallel walls. In small rooms it is uncomfortable: the light from the fire can interfere with watching TV. And in large rooms it is not very practical. Both elements require the equipment of places to rest, so that in the end you get a room with two zones and very limited functionality.

living room

The subtleties of placing a corner stove model

If the stove is corner, there are not many layout options. The most thoughtful solution is a TV on the adjacent wall. If there is a window, try to hang the panel against the sunlight. Otherwise, the glare will interfere with watching the programs in the daytime.

Modern models of biofires, which are built into the corner of the partition also look interesting. Such a design can also be used to divide a large space into zones. And not only in the house, but also in a city apartment.

Location of the island stove

In addition to the classic location by the wall and in the partition, with the help of an island stove you can zone the space. This is exactly what the owner of the apartment in the photo below did. The dining room and living room are divided not only with the help of color, but also with a small cute island stove.