How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Furniture

In the apartments of persistent smokers, who do not want to go out with a cigarette on the balcony or outside, the smell of tobacco is usually felt from the very threshold. It is so strongly penetrated into the surface of furniture and walls that it seems impossible to get it out. Meanwhile, there are several ways to help if not completely eliminate, then at least minimize the unpleasant smell in the room of the smoker. And most of them can be attributed to a fairly simple and budgetary.

We resort to fragrance remedies

These are quite common today air fresheners, available in different forms.

  • Special scent mixtures should be spread in the room, making sure to place them on furniture, including upholstered furniture. They can be bought or prepared independently, using, for example, coffee beans, mandarin or orange peel, aromatic oils, etc. and selecting components based on personal preferences.
  • Of the aerosols, it is desirable to choose those that have an automatic atomization system. It is enough to set the atomization mode and the room will always smell nice.
  • Other options are scented candles and lamps, but they must be lit when someone is present in the room.

The disadvantage of scented products is that they only temporarily mask the smell, but do not eliminate it completely.

Preparing a shampoo for furniture

This method is relevant if the room is upholstered furniture. To treat it is very simple. Here are step by step instructions:

  1. In warm water, dilute some ordinary shampoo or carpet cleaner (powder, gel – it does not matter).
  2. Whip the solution into a foam.
  3. Dip a sponge into the resulting foam, and work it into the covering of upholstered furniture.
  4. Wait for the upholstery to dry, then vacuum the furniture.
  5. For greater efficiency, you can add a little salt to the resulting shampoo.

Using Vinegar

Another tool for treating tobacco-soaked upholstery on furniture is apple cider vinegar.

It is enough to prepare a solution of 0.5 cup of apple cider vinegar, one cup of water and any foaming carpet cleaner to get rid of the problem with the unpleasant smell. The solution can also treat upholstered furniture, closet shelves, and a table…

If you do not risk wiping the furniture with a wet rag, simply place small bowls of vinegar next to it and cover them with towels, pre-moistened in the vinegar solution.

The only drawback is that the apartment will need to be well ventilated afterwards.

Using a damp towel

This method will appeal to those who are against the above methods. A damp terry towel is known to absorb tobacco smoke and odor well. Well, just spread the wet towels around the room. You may have to change them several times as they dry, which is quite a hassle. Then send the towels to the washing machine.

Lonizing the air

Quick, easy, convenient – that’s how you can describe this kind of method of getting rid of tobacco smoke. The only problem is that you need to buy an ionizer first. If there is a heavy smoker living in the apartment, this might be necessary. Although, to be fair, it should be noted: the household air ionizer perfectly copes with any unpleasant odors. This means that its purchase will pay off: by setting the necessary mode, you will always feel the freshness in the room.

What else can I do?

A few more simple but effective ways to get rid of tobacco smell in a room can be suggested:

  • timely (i.e. immediately after smoking) to ventilate the room and humidify the air – this will prevent the absorption of tobacco odor, from which you will need to get rid of later;
  • put old newspapers in the furniture – they will constantly absorb the smoke, partially solving the problem;
  • Get an ozone generator – it, like the ionizer, effectively eliminates odors, fights fungi and bacteria;
  • Use charcoal – this natural absorbent should be wrapped in a thin “breathing” cloth and placed indoors.

True, the methods with newspapers and charcoal cannot be called fast, because it will take more than one day to eliminate the stench with their help.

The best way to get rid of the problem is to eliminate its causes

And in general, in connection with the topic under discussion, the saying comes to mind: “Clean is not where you clean, but where you don’t litter. It’s the same with smoking – if you don’t want to have a strong smell of tobacco in the room, don’t smoke in it. Although situations, of course, are different: it’s one thing to be lazy, not wanting to go outside, and another to be forced to lie down. In any case, you can give a few more tips:

  • If you can not go outdoors or on the balcony, smoke next to the hood in the kitchen – so most of the smoke will be pulled from the room;
  • do not keep an ashtray full of cigarette butts and ash in the room, because it is an additional source of unpleasant odor.

By the way, our advice will be relevant not only for the owners of residential premises, but also for the owners of cafes, offices, etc. – Yes, among them there are some where smoking is not forbidden.