40 Cool and Creative Kids’ Room Ideas

Kids and teenagers spend a lot of time in their rooms. When designing such a place, you should think not only about the area but also about several other factors. Indeed, it is important that your child’s interests are taken into account when arranging the premises.

In this article, we will tell you how to plan the space so that young people grow up in a favorable environment.

1. Environmentally Friendly Furniture. To begin with, pay attention to the place where your kid spends most of their leisure time. Precautions should be considered. If the child is unattended and can move around the apartment, it is worth taking care of some details. For example, close the sockets, put special protection on sharp corners, cover slippery surfaces with carpets, block the water, and more.

Also, make sure the furniture is safe. If your baby gets out of bed on their own, it may be a good idea to buy a special ladder. To encourage your kids to wash their hands, you should buy a footrest. If a child is tossing and turning in bed, you should put a damper on it to prevent them from falling out.

2. Special Light Fixture. Many kids are afraid of the dark. This problem can be solved with the proper light. Nowadays, you can buy different types of lamps. Of course, you should not leave the main light on, because it may cause difficulties with falling asleep. Pay attention to the built-in lighting and nightlights.

This illumination is not very bright, so it does not interfere with the child’s sleep, but scares monsters under the bed. You can choose options that run on battery power. There are nightlights with a timer. Therefore, the light does not work until morning but turns off when you decide. Such a choice is best placed next to the bed so that your child has quick access to it.

3. Safe Bedroom. Only you know how your baby sleeps. If your toddler wakes up several times a night, his nap is restless, and he moves a lot, you should consider all these factors while choosing a bed. Remember that you can’t save money on a mattress. It directly affects your child’s back, posture, and health. You may also need to buy pillows to cover the baby on all sides. There is also such a useful thing as a bed damper. It protects your youngster from falling if he is unquiet during the night.

4. Study Area for Kids. The learning area may look different. There are standard options with a table, a chair, and books, but we advise you to pay attention to more interesting ones. Some adults do not deliberately create a studying corner. Therefore, their kids may be reluctant to attend classes. It is more encouraging for young learners if you create a special wall. Children can attach their favorite drawings, letters, and trinkets from the kindergarten or school there. It is like a wall of success.

5. Storage Space. Sometimes teens have more clothes than their parents. There are also toys, books, Legos, and pencils. Where can you store everything? Use a bed as an unexpected space for such a purpose. There are special designs for sofas which allow you to have additional drawers under the mattress. This is an ideal hiding place for seasonal things, toys your child doesn’t play with, and things you don’t need every day.

6. An Integral Part of the Bedroom. We can only envy children’s imagination and fantasies. Don’t hold it back. The design of the kids’ room can be made so that your baby feels like a hero from an adventure book. Make a “treehouse” in the room. The little ones like to build different structures and hide in huts. Don’t hesitate to present this opportunity to them. These days they don’t have to leave the house to have fun. It will be a safe place to play and fool around.

7. Wall Lighting. Modern design gives a lot of interesting variations. One of them is a combination of light and decorations. You can choose any option of wallpaper. There are lots of designs with unicorns, butterflies, astronauts, dinosaurs, etc. The concept is really important. Use a diode to create a pattern and decorate the wall. Thus, you get both a lamp and art.

8. Climbing Wall. What a hit for active children! Sometimes the weather doesn’t let your kids play in the yard. However, your child needs to burn off energy. Make a sports corner – this will be a great contribution to your peace of mind. You can fill it even with a wall for climbing.

This is especially important for youngsters that do sport professionally. The set of needed equipment depends on the kind of activities children are engaged in.

9. Secret Game Room for Fun. Who hasn’t dreamt of their own room? Especially if it is also a secret one! As mysterious and private as possible! Your children will be really delighted. The time in this place can later become a part of the best memories from childhood.

10. Shelves for Toys. Toys are usually placed in baskets or boxes. This is convenient because you can throw everything in one basket and hide it. However, it can cause inconvenience later, when you have to look for the special toys. Shelves are better for this option. Sometimes kids just forget about some of their favorite playthings. You can put all their treasures on the racks!

11. Window Seat. Regardless of the room size, you can create a window seat. If the room is small, it can be a sill. If the area is larger, you can place even a sofa or an extra bed there. Your child will feel comfortable sitting near the source of natural light. They can draw, play, or read there. This design really stands out among baby girl room ideas!

12. Fun Elements. There are no obvious taboos in the kids’ room design. There is a standard set of furniture: beds, wardrobes, tables, and chairs. Someone does not go beyond these limits but, in this case, the room looks quite boring. We suggest adding a permanent element to the game. Children need to play, laugh, and enjoy life. In the kid’s bedroom, you can allocate a space for a slide or swing, for example.

13. Boys’ Room. In general, a room for a boy is basically no different from a room for a girl. We mean the theme of the room. Choose what your child is interested in and, based on that, create the design. The most popular topics among boys are Lego, dinosaurs, space, cars, pirates, cowboys, superheroes, and more. Your son may also love the characters of a particular cartoon. Come up with a theme and follow it to create a special room decor.

14. Minimalist Kids’ Room Ideas. When arranging a room, take care of innovative details. Children love to play on the floor barefoot. Therefore, it is necessary to make a heat-insulated floor or cover it with a carpet. The height of the furniture should be coordinated with the height of your kid. Leave plenty of free space for your little ones to run. Hang maps, alphabets, or educational pictures on the walls. They will always be in view, and this makes it easier to remember the information.

15. Floor Space. Wigwams, huts, and tents are the dreams of most children. This is an extra private space in the kids` bedroom. Add a lot of pillows inside, and the games will turn into real adventures.

16. Wall Decal. The more interesting details, the better. Walls, floors, and ceilings can be a solid space. Add light bulbs to the ceiling. They look like stars. The bed can be a spaceship that will transport your kids to the world of dreams.

17. Creative Decorating. Do you remember yourself measuring your height as a child? It’s always exciting to wait until you grow up a little bit more. Now you can buy or make a special board where you mark the height.

18. Study Area. It’s always a great idea to play some interactive educational games. Put a board in the kids` room where your children can draw or write whenever they want. The alphabet can be learned with the help of plastic letters or pictures.

19. Neutral Canvas. You can not neglect the design of the kid’s room. Make neutral cosmetic repairs, choose natural materials, and add light textiles, wall hangings, and bedding. Then, let your child decorate the room, arrange toys, and hang pictures.

20. Extra Storage Space. Parents need to store a lot of toys somewhere. Take care of your storage systems, so you can walk around freely. The example in the photo suggests highlighting the special area where all the toys will be stored.

21. Personal Touch. Kids grow up fast, and it’s not a secret. Faster than many parents can imagine. Nobody wants to redo the repairs every year. Therefore, this must be taken into account. Look at the table in the photo. This furniture is designed so that it can be changed while the child is growing. There are also chairs and beds in the plan.

22. Bunk Beds. Bunk beds are needed for two kids that share a room. Even in this situation, you can choose the options that give a sense of personal space.

23. Pendant Light. Light. More light. The nursery should be bright. It’s perfect if there’s a large window and high-quality lamps. Pendant lights can be a part of the design. You can find them in the shape of butterflies, flowers, clouds, and more.

24. Game Space. Sports activities are good for your children. They can even play on monkey bars. Also, a little ball will not disturb anyone in the kids` room.

25. Overall Design. For teens, it is better to choose design styles that look close to the adult ones. Anyone who has read Pollyanna can remember that the main character dreamt of her own room with beautiful curtains and paintings on the walls.

26. Safe Bunk Bed. Bunk beds often look unreliable and dangerous, especially when it comes to the upper tier. If this worries you, just choose a quality bunk bed with soft dampers and sides.

27. Wall Artwork. Drawings on the walls can be not only made by your child. Invite an artist to paint a picture there. If you do not plan to repaint the wall soon, then just choose a more neutral theme.

28. Spacious Room. For those who care about the aesthetics and general appearance of the room, we advise choosing natural materials for toys and decor. This way there are more chances that they will fit together. That’s how you can make the whole picture look visually harmonious.

29. Creative Space for a Playful Child. If your room area is large, go ahead and organize a real game paradise. For example, you can create a car park in the middle of the room, or set a children’s kitchen with a toy fridge, tea table, and food.

30. Bunk Bed with Stairs. Families with many kids always need to solve the problem with the number of beds. Note the example in the photo. There are four beds for children. You can adjust this idea to your needs. Built-in sleeping niches, combined with comfortable stairs, do not take up much space.

31. Sleeping Area. The kids` room does not have to be a playroom. You can make it just a sleeping space. Add a soft rug, a wardrobe, shelves for trinkets, and that’s it. The infant can play in the living room.

32. Chalkboard for Creative Kids. Be ahead! If you already know that your children will draw on the walls, give them this opportunity. Of course, not to your own detriment. You can paint the wall with special paint that mimics the surface of a school board.

33. Oversized Headboard. The most pleasant word for each person is their name. This is even more important for a child. A toddler often names things around saying whom they belong to. Mark it so that everyone knows whose room it is. The kid’s name can be on the wall, on the pillow, on the door, on the headboard, and so on.

34. Kids’ Fun Style. An empty pool with small balls is one of the most popular activities for children. It can usually be seen in shopping malls or special children’s entertainment facilities. However, you can buy a small version for home.

35. Small Space in Kids’ Room. Sometimes you want to fit everything in small rooms but it does not work. First of all, remember that the table should be near the window to get natural light. You can choose a sofa instead of a bed. Storage space and shelves can be within one cabinet.

36. Kids’ Room Ideas. Divide the nursery into zones. Use the bed exclusively for sleeping. A separate play area can be in a secret room, where it is allowed to make a mess. Also, why not arrange a comfortable place for reading near the window?

37. Book Space in Kids’ Rooms. Reading a book to a child often becomes your favorite leisure time. Some kids can’t fall asleep at night without a fairy tale. Some books are worth reading during troubled times, and others are for fun. Make books a part of the interior design, and save a special place for them.

38. Play and Study. Everything that surrounds your children affects them. Choose a wallpaper with a map of the world or different animals, and your kid will learn it unobtrusively. This solution is very bright and will easily fit into the design of a nursery.

39. Create Focal Point in Kids’ Bedroom. In order not to visually overload the design of the kids` room, use only one wall, which will be a bright accent of the room. It is best to choose a wall near the bed so that the kid can look at it.

40. Floor Pillow. While playing around, kids develop their creativity and learning abilities. Babies often use ordinary things for games. Toys take a back seat when you can play with mom’s clothes or dad’s tools.

Furniture manufacturers have created frameless sofas that consist of pillows. Interestingly enough, you can construct anything with such things. Your kids will be delighted!

Nursery design ideas surprised us with their ingenuity. We have offered you different options for boys, girls, twins, toddlers, school children, and more. Now you can make your choice and create a cool room for your kid!