22 Modern Exteriors that Will Help You Stand Out

The facade is the first thing people see when visiting you or just passing by your house. That is why a spectacular exterior should stand out and reflect the overall style of the building inside. After all, it represents your aesthetics, character, views, and values.

Check out these 22 modern exterior ideas for getting inspired and creating your dream house.

1. Cozy Bit House Exterior. The architectural style of this modern house catches our attention. It appears to have a fairly conventional shape with a traditional gable roof. However, you can see the individuality and volume in each facade. The black and white color scheme, glass front door, large windows, geometric lines, and outdoor lighting made a beautiful ensemble in this two-story house. What a terrific exterior design idea for those who are looking for inspiration!

2. Welcome To More Sky House. The facade of this beautiful contemporary house is made of three materials: thermal wood, plastering, and vinyl cladding. One of the main goals was to fill the interior with sunlight. It was achieved by installing the non-standard large windows with glass that smoothly flows from the walls to the metal roof and provides much-needed natural light. This design impresses with its clean lines and can easily become a source of inspiration. One of the best modern homes, for sure.

3. Metallic-Like Contemporary House. This contemporary home exterior design is different from previous ones. The facade of this two-story house is strict and minimalistic, with clean lines and simple shapes. All these things have become key design elements. The color scheme is red and black, which creates a beautiful contrast. One of the three terraces is visible above the garage door. There are no large panes, but there is such a feature as the space of the roof terrace.

Sleek red Cor-ten panels together with the black plaster are used for the external walls of this dream home. It is one of the most unusual modern house exteriors.

4. Amaze With Shapes. This exceptional modern home design combines high-tech, constructivist and contemporary styles. We can see the wooden, metal, and glass elements that were used to create it.

Hi-tech added minimalism to this house, and constructivism made it possible to make this residence as functional as possible both in the internal and external spaces. Modernism helped combine functionality with its shape’s dynamism and rather classic landscaping. We believe this is one of the most complicated to build modern home exteriors.

5. Fewer Details, More Comfort. What a beautiful and minimalist modern house design we have here!

The outer walls of this house are covered with painted brick. At the same time, they smoothly flow into the roof. Long and narrow windows add interest to the overall look, as well as those outside lights. Simple forms show us that the main details in every house are the people who live there.

6. Transparency In All Its Glory. This contemporary house design is for those who love full-wall windows. Well, not everything is transparent, but most of this house. Windows, walls, and front doors create the same smooth, free-flowing vibe. However, building a house of glass may be pretty complicated. It is one of the bravest modern home exteriors. And interiors, in fact.

7. Dream Cottage. Modern houses can be easily built from a wide variety of wood materials. And with a lot of mid-century cottage vibes, of course. The exterior of this contemporary home features a beautiful mix of gray paneling, classic wood planks, and geometric windows. Modern homes can definitely be simple and gorgeous at the same time.

8. How About Swimming Pool. A swimming pool is always great, especially if it’s next to your modern home. Making your pool a visually integral part of your contemporary exterior is splendid, but you have to be prepared for a challenging process. In any case, the game is worth the candle.

9. Loft Exterior Design. Even though modern home exteriors can be very diverse nowadays, loft design is often used. It is strongly associated with the 20th and 21st centuries. Someday it will definitely take its place in the history books, for example, next to the Edwardian and Cape Cod houses.

Take a look at this modern house design idea. It is grand but minimalist. And when we say grand, we mean there is a lot of free space inside for a comfortable living. That is what modern homes are basically about. By the way, the garage door made of wood looks simply fantastic.

10. 8th Wonder Of The World. This house design is one of our favorite modern home exterior ideas. This extraordinary home can amaze visitors with its remarkable combination of simple form and clean lines, lots of smooth glass, and green plants. This house looks like its design was inspired by the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

11. All You Need Is First Step. And then you simply cannot stop until your dream residence is ready for a comfortable stay. The modern home’s architectural style literally has no limits in shapes, colors, and sizes.

Surrounded by palm trees, this exceptional contemporary house has such an extraordinary character. A solid geometric style accentuated by stunning illumination looks gorgeous when it comes to modern dwellings.

12. Into The Forest. Let’s change the geographical zone and move from palm trees to the classic European green forest. Have a look at this beautiful modern home. According to the architects, each of them has a different attitude to the natural environment. While the lower level connects the dwelling with the forest floor and ground-level plants, the main level opens onto a stream, trees, and a landscaped yard. Finally, the top level provides the closest connection to the feeling of nesting in the branches of trees.

13. Make It Open. In order to become modern, every house always needs a little restoration. This 1940s two-story residence made of wood is an excellent example of it.

Bringing some trendy elements to an already historical architecture can be challenging but well worth it. You need to complement and redo your dwelling to create a feeling of smoothness between the interior and exterior. Consider using plenty of glass that opens up the space despite the building’s modest size. The large windows are a great solution that allows natural light to illuminate the interiors.

14. Hidden Gem. This design idea is for you if you are the proud owner of a home hidden behind mountains and hills. These days, modern dwellings inspire people from all over the world to slow down, relax and connect with nature.

As our location is a beautiful green valley surrounded by rocks, the best home design would be minimalist and nature-friendly. Now have a look at the photo. This Colorado cottage is energy efficient and sustainable in every aspect of the process. The hydronic heating system and passive solar technologies, including a sand bed for heat storage, provide more than 80% of the energy. Isn’t it amazing?

15. Build It Higher. The clustered forms of this contemporary residence express the owner’s young and dynamic family, the desire to lead a simple lifestyle, create a comfortable place for living, and have little impact on the mountain environment.

The orientation allows the building to be a passive solar structure with precisely timed roof overhangs. During the hot months, they reduce the sun’s intensity, keeping the inner space cooler. While in the cold months, the sun is able to penetrate inside and warm the home.

16. Fairytale Home. This contemporary residence was built into the highest point of a bluff. Designed as an extension of the landscape, the style of the home emphasizes simplicity and fluidity.

A series of thin interior and exterior walls separate the house and create a breathtaking window view. Inspired by fantasy, this Hobbit house is an exceptional combination of wood, stone, glass, and the latest architectural trends. As you see, modern homes can be extremely varied in design, style, form, and atmosphere.

17. More Stone. A quick look at this contemporary home design shows how beautifully modern shapes and clean lines can be combined with materials such as concrete, stone, etc.

Adding plenty of different plants and hidden light features for steps gives this place a stylish look. Modern design does not require a variety of materials, but it is necessary to adhere to a certain style.

18. Mountainside Modern Mansion. Some peaceful modern homes are anchored to a mountainside overlooking beautiful valleys. The structure of this residence presents a low profile by hiding among the hills. A lot of glass is involved here, as nothing should interfere with the beautiful mountain landscape. Throughout the design and construction process, specific techniques were used to maximize the energy efficiency of this home and minimize its environmental impact.

19. How About Urban Open Living. Look at this contemporary home in the middle of the town. Working on the style and form of the building, the owners decided to make it as open as possible in a highly social environment.

Covered in vinyl cladding, this three-story residence fits nicely between these brick homes. A significant amount of glass materials for windows, doors, and balconies makes it possible to receive a lot of daylight. It creates a delightful atmosphere both inside and outside the building.

20. Be Bold With Color Scheme. Modern design can and should be provocative, just like contemporary art in general. If you are ready to take full advantage of the modern era, try to make your home completely plain. The minimalist style and all-white color palette are presented below to show a great example of contemporary architecture. It is also ideal for warm or even hot countries.

21. Brick Is Still Gorgeous. Keep in mind that contemporary style is all about diversity itself. You can combine brick walls with metal and achieve an extraordinary modern look. Take notice of how beautifully trendy windows blend with the old-fashioned Victorian glass above.

22. Merging With Nature. The owner’s vision was to build a house that would organically fit into the environment. This modern residence features plank and batten siding in earthy tones, painted metal roof accents, and wall-to-wall glass that effortlessly integrate with Mother Nature.⁠⁠⁠

Finally, let us give you some key modern design tips. Always focus on functionality. Everything should have its place and purpose. Keep lines clean and simple. Feel free to use natural elements, do not forget about the contrast.

It’s great that practicality is on trend in modern home exteriors. People are rethinking how they use their outdoor spaces to be able to work and spend more time in the fresh air. Who knows, maybe we are on the edge of a new world!