20 Ways to Use Open Shelves in a Laundry Room for Style and Storage

Are you looking for a way to add some storage and organization to your laundry room? Consider installing open shelves!

Not only are open shelves a budget-friendly option, but they also add a touch of modern style to the space. Plus, with easy access to your laundry essentials, doing laundry will become even easier. See how open shelving in laundry room can be a functional and stylish addition to your home.

1. Floating Shelves. Install shelves to decorate an empty wall above the laundry room counter. If you have enough storage space, do not hurry to fill the shelves with laundry supplies. Instead, use it for nice glass storage jars, photo frames and decor. This will make the laundry day so much more pleasurable.

2. Open Cabinets. Did you know you may have open laundry room cabinets too? This is a sturdier option compared to sleek shelves and will help you separate and categorize your staff. The idea of a counter for folding with stools underneath is worth a million bucks.

3. White Walls and Wood Laundry Room Shelving. Having open storage allows for easy and efficient inventory management. Wooden laundry room shelves bring warmth into pristine white rooms and are good for the storage of heavier items like stain remover and laundry detergent. If you have some leftover space beside the washer and dryer, don’t hesitate to fit adjustable shelves too, these will be great for folding and tucking laundry baskets.

4. Wall Mounted Wooden Shelves with Metal Brackets. Add a few matching wire baskets lined with burlap to make black metal brackets stand out and keep the open shelving clean and organized. String lights and seasonal decor can take the room from functional to fabulous.

5. Open Shelf above the Washer and Dryer. If you have a top-load washer and dryer, it doesn’t mean you have to refuse from the comfort of a counter. Hang a narrow open shelf right above the machines to make essentials easily accessible. Decorate with plants and woven baskets for a stylish look.

6. Niche Shelves. When looking for laundry room shelving ideas, be sure to consider the peculiarities of your room. If the wall has or allows for a niche, it will work great for open shelving. The one here resembles a window and complements gray laundry room tile and whimsy decor in a lovely way.

7. Open and Closed Storage. Sleek shelves, hooks and drying racks give extra storage without overwhelming a small laundry space. Rustic elements and laundry room wall decor is all in for 2024.

8. Closed Cabinets and Open Shelving Units. The black and white color scheme of the laundry room is elevated with the addition of a wooden floating shelf and wicker baskets. Built-in open shelving keeps the wall of cabinetry from feeling too heavy and imposing.

9. Custom Gray Cabinets and Shelves. A spacious laundry room with closed cabinetry provides ample storage options. Adding one or two matching shelves on the unused wall space will help tie the design together and let you store all the lovely decor away from the counter used for folding laundry.

10. Corner Shelves. Despite having just a few square inches and a sloped ceiling, this laundry room is charming and cozy. It utilizes all available space with open cabinets under the counter, storage bins, and even corner shelves that are used for decorative pieces display.

11. White Storage Wall. A generous built-in wall of storage opposite the stacked washer and dryer provides ample storage for laundry, cleaning, and bathroom supplies. The crisp white makes the small galley style laundry room look clean and bright, while wicker baskets make it more welcoming.

12. Open Pull Out Drawers. Incorporating open pull out drawers in lower cabinets or beside a stacked washer and dryer can help keep the space organized and functional. Compared to other open laundry room shelving ideas, this solution guarantees that you can easily access both the items placed toward the front of the shelf and those at the back.

13. Industrial Style Iron Pipe Shelving. These shelves are made with durable iron pipes and can be easily assembled and customized to fit any space. Not only do they offer a trendy aesthetic, but they are also strong and sturdy enough to hold heavy items, which makes them a perfect option for laundry room shelving.

14. Floating Shelf with a Hanging Bar Underneath. Do not let towels and delicates take up valuable space in the dryer or on the counter. Here is how function meets style in a laundry room design! This laundry room shelving setup allows you to easily store all of the laundry supplies in built-in cabinets, hang freshly washed and dried clothes, and also display cute items like baskets and glass jars.

15. Chunky Floating Shelves. Accent wall with contrasting chunky floating shelves, matching stylish laundry baskets, a cute rack with hooks for hanging knick knacks… This low-budget-high-impact laundry room design is full of ideas to borrow. A great proof you don’t have to be an interior designer or spend a small fortune for a winning laundry room renovation.

16. White on White Floating Shelves. In cramped spaces, don’t take up valuable floor space; instead, get additional storage with wall-mounted floating shelves that ensure an airy feel. Painting both the shelves and the walls white and decorating with some woven baskets is one of our favorite small laundry room shelving ideas.

17. Open Built In Shelves. Open shelving is the best bet for a small laundry room, as closed storage can make it feel cramped. Consider built-ins to make the best use of the available space.

18. Shelves for Laundry Baskets. Even if you like to keep the space open, it is not the best idea to put dirty closing on display. Installing open shelves closer to the ground can provide a space to keep them out of sight and still in close proximity to the washer and dryer. This closet laundry room creatively uses stacked painted tables as a shelving space.

19. Simple Wire Shelving. You are definitely not going to spend much time in a closet space that is generous enough to fit your washer and dryer, so why not go with a simple and budget-friendly wire shelf unit? Just enough to keep frequently used items like stain removers, lint rollers, dryer sheets, and other supplies.

20. Reclaimed Wood Shelving. Most laundry rooms are small or share square footage with a mudroom. Maximize the storage space by hanging open cabinets right above the ceiling. The ones below were made from old pallets, but look fabulous with an assortment of matching baskets.

How to Mount Open Shelving in a Laundry Room?

One option for mounting shelves in a laundry room is to use wall-mounted brackets. Measure the weight of the shelves and choose brackets that can support that weight. Mark the desired shelf placement on the wall, then use a drill to securely attach the brackets. Finally, slide the shelves onto the brackets and make any necessary adjustments for stability.

Another option is to install sturdy wooden pegs or hooks on the wall and hang the shelves from those. This method gives the shelves a more minimalist look, as there are no bulky brackets protruding from the wall. However, it’s important to note that pegs or hooks may not support the weight as well as traditional bracket shelving. It’s best to use this method with laundry room shelving that will be used only for lighter items and decorations.

Whether utilizing the space above the washer and dryer, the blank wall, or the space under the counter, there are open shelving ideas that will work for any size or style of a laundry room. Whichever storage options you choose, adding open shelves to a laundry room can help keep the space smart, organized and functional. Think of all the time that we actually spend in our laundry rooms, and you’ll a good reason to make the space beautiful and comfortable.