30 Amazing Backyard Bar Ideas to Step Up Your Outdoor Space

When the weather is getting warmer, we all seek to spend more time outside. Among the multiple ways of transforming your own backyard into a chill zone, an outdoor bar deserves special attention. It is a perfect way to entertain in style, without leaving the comfort of your home. Stay with us to explore 30 outdoor bar ideas that will definitely get you inspired.

Outdoor Bars That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Your future outside bar has high chances to become your number one place for sipping your morning coffee, having meals, and entertaining your guests. It’s time to take your first step towards your dream outdoor bar. Here are some awesome outdoor bar ideas that are sure to make your heart skip a bit.

1. Two-Color Design. The color scheme of this gorgeous outdoor bar perfectly complements the overall design of the place. Sitting by the pool and enjoying cocktails with friends couldn’t be more stylish.

2. Tile It. This outdoor bar is a perfect place to provide a welcome shade on a sweltering day. Light colors dominating the design and minimalist but meaningful details offer a vibe of a sunny summer somewhere in the south of Europe.


3. Garden Shed Outdoor Bar. Your backyard shed will love to be transformed into a lovely DIY bar. Blue paint looks like an excellent match for the natural texture of reclaimed wood. Steal this cool outdoor bar idea to create a perfect place for outdoor entertaining with family and friends.

4. Summer Paradise. This is a good example of how simple details such as pendants, textures and bar stools help to create that special atmosphere. Who won’t adore having a drink in this awesome outdoor bar?

5. Pool Bar. Among the simplest outdoor bar ideas, this one is undoubtedly the most functional. The corner edge of the pool serves as a bar top, allowing you and your mates to indulge in your favorite drinks both sitting on the chairs and staying in the water. A perfect venue for pool parties, what can we say!

6. Kitchen Window Sill Bar. Upgrade your deck or the outside of your basement kitchen by turning it into an admirable outdoor bar like this. Serve drinks right from your kitchen window and delight with open-air breakfasts whatever the weather.

7. Patio Bar and Chill Zone. Matt Thompson created an ultimate chill zone in his backyard, and he couldn’t be more right, as there’s no place like home. His wooden patio is ideal both for family gatherings and as a backyard pub to relax with friends. One of the best DIY outdoor bar ideas, indeed

8. Garden Party Bar. If you aren’t using your garden shed as a storage space, don’t rush to disassemble it. Instead, consider this awesome DIY bar idea. It’s super easy: the style doesn’t require any extraordinary skills and investments. You can transform your shed beyond recognition by just painting it and adding some wooden chairs and pallet wood furniture.

9. Outside Bar by the Pool. Bars by the pool make up a special category of outdoor spaces, and for a reason, of course. They are intended to multiply the pleasure from chilling out in the pool on a hot summer day. And we love how perfectly this gorgeous all-wood outdoor bar blends with the surrounding landscape.

10. Backyard Tiki Bar. Exotic cocktails are a thousand times more delicious when made and enjoyed in a Polynesian-themed tiki bar. Fun and full of bright details, this awesome backyard bar is likely to drive many visitors to your place, so stock up on cocktail ingredients and don’t forget about a mini fridge for keeping drinks cold.

11. White and Blue Outdoor Bar. The author of this backyard bar design kept it pretty simple, but the color scheme allows it to blend perfectly with the fresh grass and blue skies. The bar has a roof and walls, which means you can enjoy a hot drink wrapped in your favorite throw blanket on a rainy day.

12. Outdoor Bar Cart. The mobile version of the outdoor bar allows you to place it wherever you want, even on the porch. In addition, among the variety of outdoor bar ideas, it’s the greenest choice. First, it’s made of old wooden crates, and secondly, you can always place your bar cart in the garage to make it serve you for a long time.

13. Pub Shed. Welcome to a real man cave. Drinks, snacks, TV, board games, and a slot machine included. Ladies not allowed.

14. Party Patio. This cool bar on the patio is all about elegance and style. Minimum details, sophisticated bar stools, and enthralling lighting arrangement turn this patio into a perfect party venue.

15. Eclectic Deck Bar. Struggling to choose a style for your outdoor bar? Combine several of them! This deck bar features a mind-blowing mixture of styles. Who would expect classic ceramic tiles to go so well with ethnic decorations and a disco ball? Don’t be afraid to experiment!

16. Outdoor Bar with a Roof. This place is ideal for watching sunsets and sipping wine on warm midsummer nights. Although intended for having drinks, outdoor bars are great places for relaxing with a book, so if there’s enough space, consider getting a swing chair.

17. Stone Outdoor Bar. It’s safe to say that wood and stone are all-time classics. If you’re looking for outdoor bar ideas that will never go out of trend, consider this neat and stylish deck bar.

18. Wonderland Backyard Bar. This outdoor bar is destined to win the heart of a romantic person. If it’s about you, grab the idea and rush to bring it to life before the summer rolls in.

19. Paint It Bright. The best way to completely transform an old outdoor bar is to paint it, the more colors the better. Make sure you choose bright, juicy shades for your backyard paradise.

20. Tropical Vibes. This tiki bar looks like a perfect garden getaway you’ll always want to come back to. Thanks to the natural texture of wicker furniture, it nicely fits in the garden.

21. Porch Bar. Outdoor bars don’t necessarily need to be backyard bars. A DIY bar is an excellent way to spruce up your porch, but make sure its design complements the overall vibe of your house.

22. Hawaiian Backyard Bar. Hawaiian-style bars look impressive, but a purple Hawaiian bar is a total knockout! With such a place in your backyard, you’re destined to throw parties every Saturday.

23. Murphy Bar. If you are used to applying the keep-it-small-and-simple principle to every area of your life, this might be the perfect match for you. The Murphy bar doesn’t require much room: it is mounted to a wall and only occupies the vertical space when not in use.

24. Perfect Old-World Pub. If you’re looking for outdoor bar ideas that combine classical design with an original concept, read no further. This stunning project by Tays & Co. Design Studios is sure to get you inspired.

25. Idyllic White. Colonial-style homes are loved by many for being particularly aesthetic and having huge porches. Without any doubt, a clean white bar is a perfect addition to a colonial-style home.

26. Elegant Outdoor Bar. The design of this outdoor bar dazzles with its simple shapes, straight lines, and a mind-blowing combination of textures and colors. This is definitely one of the outdoor bar ideas worth considering.

27. Simplistic Design. Here’s a great example of minimalist design. This outdoor bar is painted in neutral colors and features simple forms that perfectly complement the house.

28. Backyard Bar with Greenery. We can’t take our eyes off this sophisticated outdoor bar design. Contrasting colors, elaborate lighting arrangement, and green spaces on the wall make this bar stunningly attractive.

29. Unfinished Wood Outdoor Bar. Everyone likes having fun with friends and family. Simple and affordable, a wooden outdoor bar has high chances to become your favorite hangout spot.

30. DIY Potting Bench Bar. You can easily turn a potting bench into a stylish and functional outdoor bar. This little DIY bar can become a fun addition to your patio.

Outdoor bars are perfect for creating a stylish and comfy outdoor space in your home. Haven’t these backyard bar design projects left you craving renovation?