30 Banquette Seating to Enhance Your Interior

When talking about a banquette, people usually mean an oblong bench with a soft seat that doesn’t have a back. Among the modern models, there are slightly different options: with or without legs, with or without a back, rectangular or not, etc. Such furniture can become both a functional addition and a bright central element of the interior. Check out the best banquette ideas you’ll want to copy!

1. Custom Banquette. This photo shows that banquette seating has many design options. You can even create your own style! As we see, this one has an upholstered solid seat and side panels that fold away. In addition, it can be extended if necessary.

2. Stylish Banquette Seating. For connoisseurs of unusual shapes and luxurious furniture, an individual banquet design is suitable. It is not just an interior decoration but a real work of art! Make banquette seating the focal point of the room to which all eyes will be drawn. In addition, its functional purpose is undoubted.

3. Sofa With Pillows. When creating an interior design for the living room, feel free to choose paired furniture. For example, make banquette seating that looks like a sofa. In this case, choose the same fabric and pillows. And don’t let the general shape differ much!

4. Extra Storage Space. Any flat surface with a seat on top can be banquette seating. It means that you don’t have to look for a unique bench but show a little creativity. For example, your room has a low shelf or locker. All you need is to add soft cushions. And voilà!

5. Cushions Covered In Fabrics. A non-obvious advantage of banquette seating is that you can change the design anytime. It’s all about the fabric. Most often, the mattress and seat cushion are not attached to the banquettes in any way but simply lie on the bench. You can take advantage of it and re-stitch them periodically.

6. Breakfast Nook With Windows. The ideal place for a banquet is near the window in the kitchen. Some would say that this is typical. And they will be wrong because this is a classic!

It is a great option for you to have breakfast in comfort. The same applies to guests who visit you. Banquet seating can accommodate more people than chairs, which are usually always in short supply.

7. Corner Seating Ideas. Compared to other furniture, you can easily experiment with banquette seating. Do you want a triangular one? Go for it! It is a profitable way to save free space and fill a useless corner. In addition, the space under the seat can be filled with lockers for storing shoes.

8. Cozy Decor For Banquettes. For artists and those who care about interior decoration, banquette seating can become a kind of canvas. By itself, there is nothing special about it. But if you put unique fabric on top of the frame, unusual elements, feathers or ribbons, contrasting pillows, and maybe a back, the banquette will appear in new colors.

9. Banquette Bench In Dining Area. Banquettes are not new in the interior of the dining room or kitchen. However, they are time-tested. Of course, it is worth focusing on them and not on specific seats from the last century. Banquette seating can be located near the wall so the table can be moved almost to the stop.

10. Built-In Seating. Skilled craftsmen can place your banquette seating so that it visually continues the wall and creates a roomy space. Close to the window, as if it is some kind of window sill. Under the wall, so it can be its back.

11. Wooden Banquettes In Interior Design. If you care about cleanliness and are afraid of stains, we recommend choosing a wooden bench. Pillows or soft seats, in this case, will be replaceable and removable. When they get dirty, they can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

12. Ideas For Interior Designer. Whether you’re just starting renovating or building your own home, there are many options for you to pursue. For example, you can wall up a special pedestal, step, or niche, which will later be used as a bench.

13. Fabric In Dining Nook. Always pay attention to the fabric: not only to its color but also to its style. Notice how this fabric sparkles in the sun, how it feels to the touch, and what it will be like in everyday use. Color is also important because it will either make the bench invisible or become a bright accent.

14. Turn Awkward Niche Into Built In Banquette. Banquette seating not only visually complements the interior. Such furniture is created for your convenience. The area near the stairs or the space under a sloping roof is not very suitable for a wardrobe or a mirror. But it is easy and simple to fit a bench there.

It is not necessary to choose a long narrow one. It can also be a step or niche with pillows that becomes a seat.

15. Back Cushions. Place a sofa in the hallway so that it is more convenient to put on shoes or sit down after a journey. Choose a design with a drawer for storing all kinds of small things, for example, shoe polish. It is better to choose upholstery made of durable material. Banquette seating with a back is a good option for waiting areas.

16. Shabby Chic Banquette Seating Ideas. The banquette looks great in any room, where it can stand at the foot of the bed or serve as a table. You can use it beautifully and effectively in the interior of your home. Do not make it boring, but make it part of the decor.

17. Pull-Out Drawers. The banquettes in the dining room are a few additional comfortable seats. As a rule, a rectangular and slightly higher bench is chosen for the kitchen. Also, pay attention to the material so that it is moisture-resistant and easy to wash. A drawer under the seat can serve as an extra storage space.

18. Dining Space Near Garden. Various types of banquettes will help make your room cozier. But only one bench can create a perfect place for relaxation. For example, you can enjoy a garden view through panoramic doors. For additional convenience, install a suspended backrest. As you can see, these are rollers that are simply attached to the wall.

19. Dining Room For More People. Instead of a corner bench, you can choose two banquettes located opposite each other. If you are going to use them daily, it is better to choose a covering made of durable materials. Choose a design to your taste. After all, banquettes can differ in the presence of legs, general shape, etc. Also, calculate its length according to the usual number of people at the table.

20. Create Seating With Linen Pillows. If the banquette is without a back, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add it. The example photo shows how soft pillows are attached to the wall for comfortable seating. It has no negative impact on convenience.

21. Window Space For Extra Storage. When used correctly, banquette seating saves space. If you place it near a wall with windows, you will have a functional area of other walls free. Also, the kitchen layout with a small bench turns a comfortless corner into a pleasant place for morning coffee.

22. Dining Table With Banquettes Around. A successful kitchen layout, as in the photo example, involves the presence of a soft banquette in the middle of the room. The back part is the countertop surface. So it’s a great place to sit and chat while cooking.

23. Pendant Lighting Near Banquette Seating. Now you can create a banquette by taking into account the features of your interior. The limited area of some apartments does not allow placing a big sofa in the kitchen. And if there is not enough space for the whole family or guests, banquette seating will be the ideal option.

By the way, do not forget about lighting. Not everyone can have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light. Thus, a pendant light will come at hand.

24. Dining Area With Rustic Fabric. Combine the pattern of the banquet fabric with other textiles. For example, slipcovers, curtains, napkins, etc. You can even match it with wallpaper.

25. Upholstered Furniture. Replace traditional chairs with banquette seating. It is best for the kitchen to choose an option with a back. After all, feasts will be more comfortable. In general, if you like to gather guests at your home, make sure that the banquette is not only soft but also long enough.

26. Coziness And Warmth. The interior designer of this project decided to hide the central heating battery with a bench near the window. How smart! It also doesn’t prevent air exchange. In addition, with such natural lighting, it is easier to do various things that require attention and eye strain.

27. Open Shelves Banquette Seating. The banquettes are pretty solid. They can withstand the games of restless children for sure. In addition, jumping off them is quite safe. Try to install such a soft and tucked bench in the game room, as shown in the picture, and place it near the table for convenience.

28. Paired Furniture. If you decide to make banquette seating, this is a good opportunity to use a little more wood. To add stylishness to the space, you can assemble a table and chairs from the same material.

29. Additional Place To Sleep. Even if you don’t expect it, banquette seating can become an additional place to sleep. Of course, if it is wide enough. Add a comfortable mattress for sweet dreams. Thus, you create a multifunctional space and an additional place for overnight guests.

30. Niche With Banquette Seating. If the banquette seems too narrow for your needs and there is no way to push it forward, there is one option — push it back! Place it in a niche that is recessed into the wall.

Now your residence will become cozier because you know all the best options for banquette seating. Your guests will be delighted that you chose not stools but a soft and comfortable seat. Let your sweet home be as comfortable as possible!