35 Magnificent Basement Bar Ideas for Every Budget

If you love delicious craft cocktails, appreciate good alcohol, or love to entertain guests, consider installing a bar in your basement. By the way, in terms of practicality and comfort, the cellar is the best place to organize a lounge. There is a pleasant climate for storing bottles, enough space for furniture, and you can take your time with cleaning.

We have selected the most inspiring basement bar ideas, but beware! After browsing through our chic yet affordable collection, you’re bound to want to redecorate.

1. Coolest Basement Bar Idea. You have finished your basement. What’s next? A home bar is one of the best basement ideas and it’s not hard to accomplish. For this, it is possible to use an old, abandoned, and forgotten basement. Check out this awesome reincarnation idea: marble bar counter, all in white, and an impressive collection of booze. There is enough space for a big company.

The best cellar design ideas start with planning: decide how big your bar should be and what style it will be. With a clear plan, you will be on top.

2. Small Man Cave. Dark wood style, stone wall, old cabinet: all this creates a unique atmosphere of a real man’s hut. Just imagine sitting here with a friend or alone after a hard day at work. Such a place will help you relax with a glass of good wine. See how an ordinary niche can be turned into a bar: just place a couple of wine shelves inside.

3. Floating Shelves. Elegant shelves can be an alternative to a bar showcase. The accent wall will mark this area. And if ordinary shelves seem like a commonplace option, choose a serpentine shape, on the underside of which it is convenient to store glasses.

You can also use shelves in the closet. There is always a free space that can be equipped as a home bar with your own hands. Just highlight this area with a contrasting color and lighting.

4. Game On. Just imagine how cool it is to have a real game room at home. Not only kids will love it. Here you can spend time alone or with family and friends. The interior of a private rec room, along with a bar counter, is often even more original than commercial options.

In our opinion, this is what a human cave should look like. You can relax, have fun and enjoy the evenings here.

5. Total Black Bar Under Stairs. The design of the basement bar should reflect your mood and state of mind. After all, this is a place of solitude, interesting thoughts, and plans. Here is an option for the correct distribution of space under the stairs.

In order to assemble a home bar, a list of seven to eight positions will be enough for you. This is primarily vodka, gin, and whiskey. It is also good to have white and red wine, cognac, tequila, and rum at home. And if you have Coca-Cola and a set of juices in your refrigerator, this alcohol list will definitely be enough for you to mix the most basic and popular cocktails.

6. Basement Bar In Semicircle. Using a mini or midi room bar in your home is not only an original design move. Such ideas guarantee you a pleasant pastime. Arrange your home bar in a semicircle.

When planning, choose the right materials and interesting, non-standard design concepts. Give preference to natural elements that will harmonize with the entire house.

7. Pool Table. Not only children need a place to play. Adults also want to have fun from time to time. If the area allows, you can equip a game room at home with card or billiard tables and a bar counter. What are adult games without a glass of whiskey?

An exposed brick wall would be especially appropriate. Allow yourself to feel like you are in a real bar: drink exclusive drinks, relax and have fun until the morning.

Spacious Rec Room with Pool Table

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8. Brick Walls. To organize a home wet bar, you have to purchase everything essential: from a bottle opener to several types of glasses.

Equipping a basement, as well as living quarters, is much more difficult. Pipes running under the ceiling or along the wall and the cable laid over the plaster must be covered. Feel free to use brick to make it possible. Brickwork can also be unaesthetic, carelessly rubbed with mortar, in places with peeling paint. It adds a loft-style feel.

9. Quiet Place. If you need some privacy, this design idea is for you. It has a cool vibe thanks to dark-colored furniture and subdued lighting. A bar counter with stools, pendant lighting, and decor on floating shelves — everything emphasizes the original atmosphere of a real barroom.

You can always invite neighbors to such a place. And if they don’t drink alcohol, it does not matter. You can always play board games, poker, or chess.

10. Built-In Basement Bar. What could be better than soulful evenings with a guitar? And if the basement contributes to this mood, you are lucky! Such bar ideas always win.

Let’s look at everything in detail. In any empty opening or an unused niche, you can place a bar counter. A neat wooden one will complement the interior nicely. As you see, it looks great against the white walls. The ceiling is also decorated in classic white.

11. Mini Fridge. Look how elegant this basement bar is. Here you can find not only alcoholic drinks. A light tonic from this bar will perfectly refresh you on a hot summer day.

You can create a full-fledged bar in an empty corner with the help of appropriate paraphernalia: a refrigerator for drinks, wine shelves, and, of course, a sign. Now no one can just walk past this bar!

Lovely Bar Nook with Compact Fridge

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12. Proper Finishing. Let’s talk about finishing. A subway tile backsplash is a win-win design option for any corner of your home. The combination of a brick wall, a white corner counter, and high leather chairs will not leave anyone indifferent.

This interior is fully equipped with everything that should be in a real bar. There are counter stools, hanging brass lamps, and a remarkable collection of booze.

13. Perfect Basement Space. If you are the lucky owner of a spacious basement, think carefully about how to organize it. One of the brilliant ideas is a man cave. The pool table takes center stage in this home bar. It is a great option for spending time in a male company with a bottle of beer and pizza.

Using built-in wardrobes and other furniture, you can allocate an entire space for the bar counter if the area allows. Instead of cabinets, you can use a more modest option: bookshelves.

14. Straight Bar Counter. Simple open shelves are an effortless option for creating a basement bar. Hang some boards on the wall to have splendid storage space.

There is a wine zone, which creates a special climate for alcohol bottles, as well as a comfortable table for tasting. A drink rack can be part of an ensemble: a bar counter and sink, as in this apartment.

15. Small Home Basement Bar Ideas. Small space is not a sentence. It can easily be turned into a perfect basement area. Open shelves, brick walls, interesting paintings, and original bottles create the proper atmosphere.

Another important issue is the storage of alcohol. Keep strong drinks in a vertical position and wines in a horizontal position — you can store them in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. If desired, vodka can be stored in the freezer.

16. Place For Football Fan. Basement bars are often combined with a game room. So spending time in such a place is interesting for the whole family.

This traditional and majestic corner bar with a marble counter is reminiscent of an old English pub. An ornate tin ceiling and splashback add visual interest, while leather chairs and dark furniture exude cozy elegance.

17. Elegant Wet Bar. We see an ideal place that will easily fit into the interior of any house. Classic bar stools, milky white walls, and a bit of decor: this interior is a pleasure to look at.

Here you can enjoy drinks and have a good time. Chairs will help to accommodate a large company. The room has a wine cooler and a small bar. Wooden cabinets are the most suitable here: they look expensive in combination with a wooden floor and exposed brick. The lighting is as elegant as the whole design.

18. Soulful Evenings With Guitar. To make repairs in your own basement, it is not enough to choose noble reclaimed wood for cabinets and beautifully decorate the bar counter. You also need to think about tools.

The basic implements needed for a home bar are a shaker, mixing glass, bar spoon, bottle opener, sieve, citrus juicer, and measuring utensils (jiggers). If you have all this, you are ready to invite your friends for craft cocktails. Don’t forget about the atmosphere. Guitar music will come in handy.

19. Dart Board. See how the exquisite brown floor matches the clean lines of this room. The basement is divided into several zones: cocktail, bar, and games. You can spice up the last one with entertainment.

Darts is one of the most accessible and popular games for home parties. Everyone plays it: children, teenagers, men, and women. It is a great way to spend family leisure time for sure.

Spacious Home Bar with Dartboard

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20. Little Details. No wonder it is believed that in the interior everything depends on the details. Such small elements as well-chosen dishes, a picture, or a shelf create a unique atmosphere. But what is important for a bar? Drinks, of course.

How to put together a full bar? The easiest and most budgetary way is to start with one drink. Also, give preference to quality alcohol and never refuse a bottle of whiskey or scotch given to you by friends.

21. Show Your Wine Collection. An open bottle rack resembling a showcase is a great basement bar idea. The entire wine collection is visible here: from the famous Cabernet Sauvignon to the no less popular Chardonnay. Wine bottles are arranged in such a way that they play beautifully in the sun or under artificial neon lighting. Wine glasses can be organized at the bottom so that everything is easily accessible.

22. Neon In Basement Bar Interior. How to dilute the atmosphere of a home bar beautifully, easily, and inexpensively? Of course, with a bewitching and bright neon sign, picture or inscription.

What would you like to drink today? The choice of alcoholic beverages in this basement bar is quite impressive. Gin, cognac, and liquor bottles fit perfectly on the shelves and are beautifully illuminated with pink neon lighting. Let’s party!

23. DIY Project. Did you know you can bring your craziest ideas to life in a basement bar? For example, create original or elegant visual interest with wall lettering.

Everyone can equip their own mini-bar. For this, you do not need millions and a huge kitchen. Though, you still need to find a place to store alcohol. One of the great bar ideas would be hidden storage, as you can see here.

24. Stylish Home Basement Bar. Having a cocktail bar is a great luxury, and there are many options when it comes to setting one up. The design of the bar will create a whole new space for sitting, entertaining, and preparing drinks.

Putting together a home bar is not an easy task. It can be stretched over time by collecting one item from each paycheck. Also, feel free to ask guests to grab a bottle. It will be a modest payment for your hospitality.

25. Unusual Basement Bar Ideas. It is not necessary to overload the room with massive cabinets, shelves, or bottle coolers to equip a comfortable basement space with a bar counter. Check out this rack. It has many advantages: large capacity, good visibility, and comfortable bottle cages. And most importantly, this bar shelf can become your DIY project.

A corner is unique in itself — it is a combination of a brutal alcohol rack and a sophisticated design of white walls, bright accents, and cleanliness.

26. Aristocratic Home Bar. What does it take to bring a little aristocracy to your home? The classic design ideas will help you: a combination of calm grays, whites, and blacks, clean lines, a classic brick backsplash, quality furniture, and, of course, a small basement bar.

Don’t forget the ice! Lots of ice. It is used for cooling and diluting cocktails. It is most convenient to prepare ice cubes in advance in silicone molds. You will also need citrus fruits: primarily lemons and limes.

27. Secret Closet. At first glance, you might think this is just an old grandmother’s closet with junk. But you will be surprised to find… A pretty good secret bar! Such a stylish cabinet can be placed anywhere, including the basement bar.

We cannot call this bar counter small for sure. It is deep enough and can accommodate not only bottles but also glasses.

28. Large Chilling Area. A bar is not necessarily a large cupboard designed to store various alcoholic beverages. It can be a small cabinet, cupboard, sideboard, or open shelf. For many, a bar is not a whim but a necessity and an opportunity to please their guests.

In this cellar, you immediately feel the personal touch of its owners. Pictures with history, an originalround table, and a clear space organization hint at this.

29. Classic Basement Bar Ideas. An open rack can hardly be called a bar counter. However, this model is very roomy and combines space for storing utensils and drinks, which is certainly very practical for ample rooms. It easily holds everything you need, from your favorite spirits to wines and glasses you want to show off.

This basement bar design offers a great place to have a drink or sit and sample great cocktails. You can also get distracted by playing billiards.

30. Mix, Stir, And Shake. The muted blue color of bar cabinets is not the most prevailing idea. But don’t let that scare you. Add some classic elements, and everything will fall into place.

Even if you have a custom-designed bar, you can always have all the accessories at hand: a shaker, ice bucket, and glasses. A bar is not a place, but an atmosphere that can be created even in an ordinary kitchen or basement.

31. All In Wood. Wood is the best option for decorating and finishing a home bar. It is relatively inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and produces a wow effect on visitors. The wood textures blend perfectly into the interior, referring us to the origins of nature itself. Taking advantage of this great advice, you can create the perfect bar in your basement.

By the way, the horns as the wall decor will be an excellent reason to plunge into the style of a country hunting lodge. Let yourself feel closer to nature!

32. Small But Smart. If your house is miniature and you cannot fit a large bar or make a wine cellar, then the minibar option is just right for you! How to set it up?

Just build it into one of the cabinets in your basement, dining room, kitchen, or even your living room. The owners of this unpretentious wet bar solved the problem by dividing the niches diagonally into several sections: this way more alcohol fit in the bar.

33. Gray Basement Bar. If you like classics in everything, including home decoration, then with almost 100% probability you will love the noble gray color. According to psychologists, calm and balanced personalities tend to choose this shade, for whom inner peace and tranquility are essential.

This modern bar with a gray wall, smart lighting, metal chairs, and a long shelf full of various drinks looks very bold. The wood floor in the same shade also helps keep the style understated.

34. Girls Paradise. Not only men feel the need for their secluded corner, where they can pass a glass or another. Girls want to relax too!

What does the perfect women’s basement bar look like? Of course, there should be pink shades, soft chairs with fluffy seats, and bright decor. Cute wall sconces are also appropriate here. Wine corks serve as an interesting and budget element of decor. Not a single girl can resist such a cozy place: how can one not enjoy the Blue Lagoon here?

35. Drink, Play And Watch. Let’s return to the man cave theme. This home bar leaves no chance for the street one. The counter, the area for watching sports matches, and the games zone with a large pool table occupied almost the entire basement. Here you will find not only draft beer but also more serious alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, vodka, and rum.

This place is for a big and noisy company. It is good that everything happens in the basement, and you do not really interfere with the neighbors.

Such a detail for a modern house as a basemant bar is a kind of analogue of a wine cellar, because it can take up much less space. A minibar or a full-fledged wine cabinet it all depends on your desire. But remember, there are always many exciting design ideas!