35 Easter Crafts and DIY Easter Decorations

Making Easter crafts is one of the best ways to welcome spring and the joy of the Resurrection! Cute bunnies and Easter egg crafts are not only fun to do, but also make excellent Easter décor bringing all those sweet spring vibes into your home. Check out the 35 most creative Easter craft ideas your family and guests will definitely adore.

1. Super Easy Spring Craft. This easy Easter craft is super easy to do, just use some hot glue and your creativity. Go get some natural material and transfer a bunnie’s silhouette to it. Thus, fill it with sticks, attach a ribbon bow, and use a blossom or a pom pom for a cute tail. Frame your hand-made Easter rabbit picture to make it display-ready.

2. Easter Crafts for Kids. These colorful Easter eggs with adorable woven hats will definitely become the jewel of your Easter decor.And if you want to occupy your kids with a creative Easter DIY while preparing a festive dinner for your family and friends, just let them draw the funny faces and attach printable hats.

3. Willow Branches Bunny Craft. These hand-made bunny ears can be a delightful decoration for your front door. Use some branches and a floral wire or string to craft a beautiful symbol of Easter your neighbors and guests could admire.

4. Easter Bunnies with Pom Pom Tails. Garlands are one of the most popular decorations for Christmas, but why not take it further? Easter is a perfect time for decorating the house with themed crafts, and the garland of cute Easter Bunnies with pom poms is such a fun idea! Your kids will love this cute craft, especially if you make it together!

5. Cardboard Easter Egg. If you want to create easy Easter crafts, take a closer look at these cardboard eggs. This is an excellent alternative for those frustrated with fragile chicken eggs, as woven Easter eggs are easier to create and can be perfectly integrated into any interior.

6. Hanging Easter Egg Wreath. This Easter craft is an excellent idea for decorating your house. Use willow branches and the floral sprigs to make an adorable nest and add blowout or tissue paper eggs dyed in lovely pastel colors. You can hang this beautiful wreath above your dinner table to create a pleasant Easter atmosphere and attract the Easter bunny to your home.

7. Egg Wreath for Home Decor. A wreath is an amazing Easter décor that comes in so many forms and colors. If you prefer whites in your home, consider doing it with dried flowers and DIY Easter eggs. An excellent way to add a festive touch and a spring vibe to your home without introducing any accent colors.

8. Cute DIY Easter Vases. Excited with DIY Easter craft ideas using wire? We can totally understand you, as spinning it into submission is so calming. Steal this idea of adorable vases out of eggshell and wire for your next project.

9. Easter Egg with Pressed Flower Decor. To create such Easter egg decorations, you need dried flowers, food coloring, and a brush. First, dye eggs to give them a smooth color and let them dry completely. Stick with light shades to make the decoration stand out. Then, place a dried flower on each dyed egg and glue it carefully.

10. Hand-Painted Eggs with Folk Illustrations. These folklore-painted eggs look very traditional. Your family would be surprised if you paint Easter eggs this way and put them in a carton as if you’ve just brought them from a store.

11. Bee’s Wax Magic. Creating Easter eggs with bee’s wax helps you create interesting patterns while working in front of a candle turns into real mindfulness training. Blow out the eggs and, starting with the white shell, cover the elements you want to remain white with the bee’s wax. Thus, layer the dyes, covering a new element each time. Step up the game using natural materials to dye the eggs.

12. Beautiful Easter Egg Decor. Have you ever seen such a cute Easter craft wreath? A perfect match for any interior design! Starting with wooden eggs will make the task easier and will make the décor more durable.

13. Easter Bunny Biscuits. Treat your family members to these delicious Easter crafts decorated with glaze and crispy chocolate bunny tales. Such delightful sweet treats will instantly bring your kids’ Easter cheer. Besides, you can cook the biscuits together and turn this into a funny Easter family tradition.

14. Easter Bunny Card. The list of easy Easter crafts can be complemented with this beautiful DIY Easter card.Stock on thematic stamps and layer the colors and textures for a win.

15. Paper Easter Crafts. If you prefer hand-made Easter craft ideas, you can make such cute cards with your children. Use colored cardboard, tissue paper, round cotton pads and other simple details you have at home. Your kid will have a wonderful time enjoying this fun craft.

16. Lovely Happy Easter Card Ideas. What can be cuter than an Easter bunny and hatching chick craft? Create these charming Easter cards and give a unique and memorable present to your family and friends.

17. Adorable Colored Bunnies from the Smallest Ones. A watercolored card is always a good idea. Why not engage your smallest ones in creating a simple hand-made present for the grannies? Cover the foot with paint and turn the print into a lovely bunny silhouette. Decorate each with a pom tail for a cute finish.

18. Shelf with Easter Decor. Complement the matching pictures of a little Easter bunny and Easter eggs with a freshly cut flower or a branch of cherry blossom. A good way to decorate a floating shelf in your dining room or dinette and invite the Easter spirit to your house.

19. Shelf for Easter Decor. Lovely shelves with hooks work great for nursery rooms and entry halls and make an excellent spot for displaying your Easter crafts. Just look at these cute tiny floral bunny ears on the wall art and DIY spring wreath!

20. Funny DIY Easter Wall Decor. See how nice this cute bunny picture looks. It may brighten up your room during Easter and give a sign for Easter rabbits to come by your house and bring some treats. You can draw or print such a beautiful Easter card and place it in a frame.

21. Easter Craft Painting. Do you enjoy painting? Here is a lovely idea that will help your family feel special this Easter. You can use acrylic paint or watercolors, depending on what surface or material you choose for drawing.

22. Wooden Easter Poster. This hand-made sign made of wood is an example of an eye-catching Easter craft you can make without many supplies. All you need is a wooden board, acrylic paint, and an inspiration image like the one below.

23. Basket with Easter Goodies. The Easter basket seems to be a relatively simple decoration; however, if you fill it with the lovely Easter stuff, it will turn into a real masterpiece. Add decorations like carrots made of pipe cleaner or craft paper, jute twine bunnies, or cute tiny Easter cards to make this basket truly one-of-a-kind.

24. Super Cute Easter Basket. Just look at this cute bunny basket! Having one of these Easter crafts at your house will surely tempt Easter Bunny to stop by to visit his buddy and drop off some treats.

25. Easter Basket Full of Blossoms. Add spring motifs to your basic basket and fill it with fresh or wooden eggs to create a statement-making piece for your home decoration. Decorating with acrylic paint is so satisfying, so this elegant spring DIY will definitely pay off.

26. Basket with Felt Easter Eggs. Looking for spring decor inspiration ideas?How about adorable personalized felt bunnies? Create these cute soft rabbits to resemble your family members or just give them funny names together with your kids.

27. Creative Easter Candleholders. If you’re a fan of candles, you would love these Easter egg candle holders made of real eggshells. Place leftover dyed eggs into an egg carton and pour them with melted wax and fuses. Add some flowers and quail eggs to create a beautiful mess for your festive dinner table decoration.

28. Easter Egg Hunt. How about starting a real Easter egg hunt with a funny twist? Fill mason jars with themed lids with candies, jelly beans, chocolate, or coins. It will be easier than making fillable eggs using the paper mâché technique. Thus, create cute nests to show where the treasures are hidden. Both of the ideas can later be used for Easter table decoration.

29. Jute Twine Easter Rabbit. The Internet is full of stunning Easter craft ideas, and many feature a jute twine bunny. This one is really easy to make and makes an amazing dining decor. A vase with beautiful blossoms, an elegant candle decorated with artificial green will be good additions.

30. Napkin Bunny. Easter decorations can be subtle and elegant, just like this bunny made of a colored egg and a napkin. Here are the simple instructions: fold a napkin in half, corner to corner, then roll it up and fold it in half again; put an egg inside and secure the napkin with a bow to imitate napkin rings.

31. Easter Bunny and Daffodils for Table Decoration. If you lack Easter craft ideas for table decoration, use this delightful picture as an inspiration for your own dining decor. A beautiful festive table set in blue and white colors pairs exceptionally well with yellow flowers and doesn’t need further decoration. Just put an Easter rabbit in the center to underline the charming spring mood.

32. Easter Table Decoration DIY Ideas. A special place setting doesn’t have to be complicated to draw attention. Simple yet elegant napkin Easter bunny ears would be enough, especially if you also place a few small colored eggs into a soup bowl.

33. Amazing Easter Table Idea. Searching for more Easter crafts for your dining decor? This adorable, tiny nest will come in handy for those who wish to impress the guests with a creative Easter egg presentation. If your dinner table is decorated in neutrals, these subtle green and pale lavender shades will add tender spring shades, making the overall home atmosphere warmer and more welcoming.

34. Stunning Decor for Easter Table. This table decor looks like the celebration of love to Easter. As you might see, you don’t have to create complicated Easter crafts to impress your family or friends with your preparation for this holiday. Get your festive table set, make up Easter bunny ears out of napkins and add some flower decor to bring the spring vibes.

35. Easter Decor for Spring Season. Don’t hesitate to bring several branches of cherry blossoms into your home to fill it with spring odors. Put the blossoms into a cute farmhouse vase or a decorative pitcher and place a charming Easter bunny next to it to attract the spirit of Easter to your house!

Invite your kids and family members to join you in making some pretty DIY Easter crafts, like painted Easter egg designs, pom pom chicks, hand-made cards, flowers from origami paper, etc. Let it become your family Easter tradition!