50 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Space

As soon as the warm weather sets in, all there is to think about is spending evenings outdoors in good company around a blazing fire. There is sheer indescribable magic in sitting around a fire pit, enjoying each other’s company, and taking in the appetizing smell of barbeque or s’mores. With these creative fire pit ideas, you will turn your backyard into an eye-catching and heart-warming space.

1. Lounge Picnic Area. Create a cozy space to gather in your backyard with a fire pit space. A stone fire pit is ideal for sharing warmth with the people around so they can share theirs. A half-wall that doubles as a garden bench zones the picnic area. Bring in some Adirondack chairs for a finished look.

Backyard with a Pool and a Fire Pit Near a Retaining Wall Bench

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2. Compact Fire Pit. A small fire pit is all you need to add a dose of charm to an outdoor space. A portable outdoor fire pit is also a perfect fit for a patio.

Small Backyard Fire Pit for a Deck

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3. Indoor Propane Fire Pit. This stacked wooden fire ring has a super modern aesthetic, creating a dynamic contrast against the interior. The fire bowl with a gentle flame resting on a stack of wood is bound to make you feel serene and tranquil.

Fire Pit Indoors Idea

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4. Contemporary Table Fire Pit. Combining comfy and contemporary design, this table fire pit offers the perfect entertaining area. To bring softness into an otherwise crisp design, use cushions that support the color scheme of the fire pit area. Enjoy a glass of wine on a warm summer evening to accompany a pleasant conversation.

Loft Backyard Table with a Fire Pit Centerpiece

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5. Brick Fire Pit. If you want to make a fire pit the center of attention at your family gatherings, place it in your garden corner. Stone pavers make a wonderful basis for your fire pit. Use a combination of materials for a striking contrast: bricks, metal, and stone will make your fire pit safe and durable, while wooden benches and slated fencing together with monochrome garden textile will create the feeling of coziness.

Garden Lounge Zone with a Round Brick Fire Pit and Creative Wood Storage Idea

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6. Simple DIY Fire Pit. If you fancy a fire pit that you can assemble yourself on a budget, here is a wonderful idea for you. Use leftover bricks to create a wide enough circle for burning wood. Dispose of the grass around it for fire safety. Pea gravel is a great alternative to even out the area around the fire pit. A few garden chairs or benches and you are all set. Check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

DIY Brick Fire Pit and Decor on a Budget


7. Grand Fire Pit. A fire pit, which is made of simple river rocks, serves as the perfect counterpoint to the delicate greenery of the spruce trees in the background. Wood burning fire pits are great for any season, but they lend a special festive atmosphere to the colder months.

Large Backyard Fire Pit Made of River Rocks and Cement

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8. Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit Ideas. A cozy bar area with a gorgeous octagon gas fire pit provides the perfect place to unwind after enjoying dinner in the adjacent alfresco dining area. This outdoor kitchen looks like the ideal spot to barbeque with a cold drink in hand.

Large Backyard Bar with Gas Fire Pit

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9. A Fireplace and a Fire Pit Combo. Want to bring extra warmth into a chilly night? Why not combine an outdoor fireplace with a stone fire pit? This patio looks amazingly cozy with squishy garden furniture, a warm plaid, and velvety cushions. A perfect fall look!

Outdoor Room with Stone Fireplace and Fire Pit

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10. Modern Fire Pit Bowl. A gorgeous geometric backyard sets the stage for a beautiful concrete fire pit surrounded by modern outdoor chairs. Small plants and string lights lend the area around the fire pit a romantic atmosphere.

Round Fire Bowl for a Yard

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11. Modern Backyard Oasis. The sleek fire bowl on the wooden deck is a subtle standout: nestled in dramatic dark surroundings, it’s an unexpected focal point among towering palm trees and textural plantings. Floating candles and fairy lights frame the space, creating an enviable oasis.

Deck Lounge Zone with Outdoor Furniture and Concrete Circle Fire Pit

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12. Conversation Corner. A crisp white, square fire pit forms a cozy seating area at the edge of this immaculate patio. Its pristine surface contrasts beautifully with the dark gray fluffy rug on the deck. The patio bench looks inviting and promises hours of delightful chatting.

Deck Corner Sofa and Square Fire Pit Idea for a Backyard

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13. Cinder Block Fire Pit. Fireproof cinder blocks are a perfect choice if you aspire to achieve a square shape of the fire pit. They are also excellent building materials for your other backyard features, like an outdoor coffee table or a buffet. In addition, the hollow inside of cinder blocks allows you to use them as flower pots to introduce more plantings into your backyard.

DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit and Table for a Patio

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14. DIY Washer Drum Fire Pit. Create a homemade fire pit with a recycled washing machine drum, which you can pick up at a scrap yard or an appliance repair shop. This DIY project is super easy, can be done just over the weekend, and will add some upcycled style to your backyard. Make the most of what you have!

Recycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit Idea

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15. Backyard DIY Fire Pit. Embrace the magic of the holiday season with this amazing DIY fire pit idea. Dry fit the fire pit kit stones first to make sure you have enough space around it. Landscape fabric will secure your gravel from stray weeds growing through and stones or bricks will help you outline the fire pit area. You are all set for a cup of hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows. Check out project details here.

DIY Circular Stone Patio with Built In Fire Pit Project


16. Fire Bowl Classics. Love a traditional look? Consider a metal design, featuring minimal decorative accents. Graceful metal legs add visual appeal to this round fire pit.

Small Fire Bowl Idea for a Backyard

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17. Stick to the Basics. If you just want a fire pit that feels low-key and inviting, a classic cast iron bowl will do the trick. Classic patio furniture and a minimalist deck allow us to focus on the real stunner: the dancing flames.

Large Solid Steel Fire Bowl with a Stand

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18. Oriental Flair. Create your own fairy tale area with a subtle table top fire pit and a mandala pattern on the fence. A clean and neutral color palette and soft lighting make this dreamy spot tranquil and magical.

Yard Relax Zone with River Rock Landscaping and Small Fire Pit on a Stone Yard

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19. Outdoor Fire Pit with a Bench. This design shows the charming outdoor rural idyll: customized wooden benches, a DIY fire pit, natural materials, and subtle lighting… Everything you need to commune with nature.

Cheap Outdoor Fire Pit and Cinder Bricks Benches You Can DIY

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20. Budget Friendly DIY Fire Pit. Looking for DIY fire pit ideas that are on everyone’s budget? Focus on what you have already got. If you have a garden wall that’s made of stone, consider adjoining a fire pit right up to the wall itself. This allows heat to be reflected from the wall back to the seating area and calls for building less structure.

Corner Fire Pit Using Stones

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21. Fire Bowl. Backyard fire bowls should not necessarily be made of concrete blocks. Opting for a more lightweight metal option, you make it easy to move the fire pit and customize the area as your needs change.

Square Pebble Patio with Chairs Fire Pit Bowl and String Lights

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22. The Moroccan Fire Feature. Exotic and exquisite, this pergola with a fire pit introduces a Moroccan flavor into a simple backyard. With its indigo blue fence and patterned tiles, it’s the perfect place to dine on a summer night, enjoying music and friendly conversations.

Oriental Style Tiled Deck with Blue Fence Stone Bench and Fire Bowl

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23. Fire Centerpiece. Replace the standard coffee table with a fire pit centerpiece and enjoy summer entertaining with a gentle flame. A clever furniture design, integrating a fire pit into an opaque gray outdoor console.

Modern Concrete Bench and Propane Fire Pit Table Landscaping Idea

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24. In Ground Fire Pit. This in ground fire pit design looks gorgeous due to the sunken effect the porch stairs create. The best thing about this design is that there’s minimal ash to clean up and your tiled outdoor area will remain intact.

Wide Wooden Deck Steps and Small In Ground Fire Pit

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25. Veranda Propane Fire Pit. Illuminate your veranda with a cozy fire pit, complete with a rustic wooden frame and striking black fire stones that imitate charcoals. The long, narrow silhouette of the fire pit complements the patio furniture perfectly.

Porch with a Fence DIY Furniture and Lava Rock Fire Pit Table

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26. Tepee Inspired Fire Pit. Made from recycled metals, this wire fire pit presents an eco-friendly art installation, as well as an outdoor fire pit. It creates a modern statement with its structured geometric frame.

Unique Cement Tepee Like Fire Pit

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27. Customized Fire Pit for All Music Fans. It doesn’t have to be Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to celebrate with this guitar fire pit. Welding skills are a must have!

Metal Guitar Shape Fire Pit

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28. Backyard DIY Fire Pit. If stonework is your thing, this round, gray stone fire pit would be a perfect addition to your backyard. It’s basic, functional and, yet, awesome! You can reuse old concrete slabs or stones to build this fire pit. Think of a spot where you can build it and start digging! Click here for a short video tutorial.

Rustic Backyard Fire Ring DIY


29. Fire Pit Table. Continue conversation over the soft glow of this table top fire pit. Modern and multitexture are two prominent design features in this fire pit.

Patio Dining Table with Fire Glass

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30. Patio Fire Pit Table. Do not have enough space for a fire pit? Why not consider fire tables? You can place your food and drinks on them and use them for a fire when it gets freezing. The propane ones are the perfect fire pits for decks or patios. These work great with sofas and chairs if you want to really extend your living space to the outdoors.

Round Navy Blue Fire Pit Table with White Glass Rocks

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31. Fire Pit Ideas for Patios with a Pergola It’s hard to believe but this amazing patio is a DIY project. Made of concrete and wood, it creates a distinctive character. String lights, different shapes of pots for the plantings and tied-back net curtains create an inviting atmosphere in this backyard pergola.

Covered Fire Pit Area with Curtain and Wall Decor

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32. Quick and Cheap Fire Pit Ideas. It doesn’t take a lot of time and budget to create your very own fire pit area. Take a look at this simple, yet functional zone with cinder block benches and stumps that can be used for sitting or decor. Ideal for DIY fire pits areas.

Ideas for Landscaping Fire Pit on a Budget

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33. Fire Pit for a Contained Space. Anchoring tones of fresh lime and diamond pattern unite the features on this thoughtfully styled patio, where caramel toned bricks contrast subtly with dark garden wall and the fence. A flower writhed swinging chair introduces a relaxed romantic atmosphere.

Patio with Rectangular Wood Fire Pit

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34. Sheltered Concrete Fire Pit Create a snug nook with a sheltered backyard fire pit. Arrange a living wall at one side of your pergola to lush up your lounge zone while keeping it away from prying eyes.

Covered Pergola with High Round Gas Fire Pit

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35. Rustic Fire Pit with a Chimney. This fire pit is simple, but it gets the job done. It adds a nice rustic touch to this modern sitting area.

Unique Wood Fire Pit Design

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36. Backyard Fire Pit on a Budget. This fire pit area can be created as a weekend project with some river rock landscaping and a metal fire ring. Add eclectic sitting to complete the look and you’re ready for a fire!

DIY Fire Pit Landscaping with Stumps Black Fence and Raised Flower Beds

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37. Lattice Look. A cut-out lattice pattern makes this outdoor fire pit a must-have. Thanks to this laser-cut design, more flames will be on display (and generate air flow).

Unique Forged Fire Pit Idea

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38. Smooth Backyard Fire Pit. You don’t need to have a large space to create an epic fire pit retreat. Carve out a corner of your backyard to create a mini oasis. Fire bowls mesh perfectly with the beautiful plant life in the yard.

Interesting Backyard Landscaping with Rock Path Matching Planters and Fire Pit

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39. Outdoor Cinema. Turn your backyard into a romantic cinema for two with custom made fire pit. Enjoy some tasty treats while watching a film on the outdoor projector.

Yard Cinema and Fire Pit

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40. Countryside Charm. Embedded in the ground and encircled comfy benches, this cheery gathering spot is the perfect place to watch the last rays of the sun disappear from view. Ground fire pits is a great idea when it comes to creating countryside vibe.

Garden with Bench and Chairs Around In Ground Fire Pit

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41. Teardrop-Shaped Fire Pit Area. Round and square fire pits are a bit too obvious and trivial. Try a teardrop-shaped backyard fire pit filled with lava rocks or fire glass to make your customized metal fire pit stand out.

Metal Fire Bowl with Forged Elements

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42. Serene Spot. This is the perfect spot to hang out and place your food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful fire. If done right, your patio can feel like a second living room and really extend your living space.

Portch Deck with Upholstered Furniture and Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Table

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43. Mediterranean Vibe. This is the perfect snug spot to enjoy the fire and some drinks. If you add comfy sofas, your fire pit area will be the place that you never want to leave.

Outdoor Space with Corner Sofa and Square Gas Fire Pit

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44. Compact Circular Fire Pit. Chosing a convenient size of your fire pit and placing it close to your house will ensure it is not neglected. Although small, this fenced backyard gives just enough space for staying outdoors and enjoying tub privacy.

Small Backyard with Small Cement Gas Fire Pit Area

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45. Cosy Courtyard Fire Pit. An urban courtyard made more fanciful by a circular concrete fire pit filled with lava pebbles. Use gel fuel to avoid cinder and extra cleaning.

Small Yard with Lava Rocks Fire Pit Stepping Stone Path and Raised Garden beds

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46. Porch Fire Pit. Extend your living space by adding a DIY fire pit table to your porch sitting area. Make sure your home decor coordinates with it well.

Porch with Fire Pit Table

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47. Just Above the Ground DIY Fire Pit. Sometimes, simple ideas are the best ones. Reclaimed materials make your DIY project unique, personal, and eco-friendly.

Simple Backyard Fire Pit Project

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48. Simple Ideas for a Cozy Nook Escape. Polish a tossed-away washing machine drum to make it glamorously shining. A shining DIY fire pit in all senses.

Backyard Nook with a Watching Machine Drum Fire Pit

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49. Laidback Vibe. Wondering what to use your stone patio deck for? Give the roaring fire a chance! The surrounding Adirondack chairs introduce a laidback vibe, which is further accentuated by the tall palm trees in the background.

Stone Deck with Adirondack Chairs Around a Fire Pit

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50. Secluded Fire Pit Area. The sloped backyard is a perfect spot to enjoy a secluded time next to a warm fire. The boulders, which also serve as a low retaining wall, grant the outdoor fire pit a charming look almost like an outdoor fireplace.

Sloped Backyard Fire Ring with Retaining Wall Idea

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Enjoy every day of the summer and take every chance to spend evenings with a family and friends by the fire pit in your garden.