58 Awesome Pergola Design Ideas to Add Style to Your Backyard

Versatile and stylish, a pergola can be a game changer for your patio or backyard. Whether you need a quiet reading nook, privacy by the pool, a retreat for a tired gardener, or simply an elegant structure to maximize the architectural appeal of your house, a pergola can be an answer to all your requests. Check these stunning pergola ideas for inspiration and find the one that matches your needs.

1. Creative Lighting. Adding interesting details and statement pieces to your pergola is always a good idea. These paper lanterns will supply the needed illumination and the shabby chic seating arrangement will add attraction to your garden or patio. The cocoon chair with a fluffy throw and accent color cushion gives a unique character to this pergola.

2. Zoning Backyard with a Pergola. Enhance the functionality of your backyard by using a pergola to divide the space into various activity zones. Depending on your preferences, there might be spaces dedicated to numerous activities from relaxing and dining to areas for play and work.

3. Pastel Palette. Soft creamy colors lend this wooden pergola the aura of calm and serenity. The peachy-colored pergola’s roof makes it drenched in sunlight while actually protecting from the hot summer sun. Potted plants add much-desired greenery to this cozy corner.

4. Well-Balanced Minimalism. To create a sheltered outdoor living area, build a pergola against an external wall. The distinct pearly gray wall combined with the quality finish of the black pergola design hints at the industrial look of this patio.

5. Deck Decor. For a stylish finish on the deck, consider investing in a solid natural wood pergola that stretches the length of your entire decked area. Support the style of the construction with your outdoor furniture and you will have one really sophisticated and functional backyard space.

6. Covered Summer Kitchen. Even though the idea of cooking outdoors on sunny days is tempting, it is much more practical and enjoyable to use pergola ideas and include some garden shade in an outdoor kitchen space. For more consistent shade, sail-type screens can be attached to the underside of the pergola roof.

7. Mediterranean Appeal. Extend your interior into your porch using pergola ideas that continue your interior style outdoors. Eye-catching patterned tiles on the patio floor, cushions that mirror the pattern, and citrusy fresh potted plants nod to the depth of the Mediterranean hidden behind the entrance door.

8. Al Fresco Dining. When creating a pergola area for dining, consider building it out from an exterior wall or a fence to make the space feel confined from the sides. Wrap the beams with string lights to turn the patio space into a cozy night-time feature. Make the outdoor dining table a focal point with a patterned outdoor rug and brightly-colored plants.

9. Hammock for a Backyard Nap. Create privacy and shade for your afternoon backyard nap with a sturdy structure of a pergola that supports a hammock. Hang the pots on the beam for a creative vertical garden and add some milk canister planters or watering cans to achieve a dreamy rustic design.

10. White Lattice. This classic pergola design features charming white side lattices, eclectic seating arrangements, an elegantly ethereal coffee table, and exquisite white river rock landscaping. Perfect for relaxing outdoors on warm afternoons.

11. Poolside Pergola. Incorporate a pergola into your poolside design to create the perfect place for lounging after making a splash. This pergola features an outdoor fireplace to make the picnic experience absolutely unique. The natural look of the patio furniture and flooring of the picnic area and the deck chairs by the small pool also ties the spaces together.

12. Wisteria Frenzy. Climbing vines and pergolas come together like two pieces of a puzzle. A steel pergola support vines while wisteria shrubs add color, graceful flowers, and dazzling scent to your outdoor room.

13. Hot Tub and Pergola Combo. Placing your hot tub underneath your pergola makes a great sheltering idea. Maximize your outdoor living room furthermore with trendy cushions, rugs, bathing items, and soft lighting which are all key to really getting the look.

14. Cooking Experience with a Difference. This pergola extends your kitchen into the realm of fresh air and a unique cooking experience. The slatted walls on this pergola create relaxing shade from the sun during the daytime and the solid roof protects from the elements on a rainier day. Enjoy cooking outdoors all year round!

15. Bring In the Fire. Get toasty on a cold day with this stunning fire pit. For safety reasons, ensure the clearance between the flames and the roof. A warm coral shade of the outdoor textile softens up the palette while the patterned rug grants framework to the overall design.

16. Wicker Attraction. This basic wooden pergola becomes interesting with its slatted walls and overhead lighting. Adding wicker furniture and white pillows gives it a chic and adorable natural feel.

17. Steel and Glass Pergola. If you are concerned about debris and weather damage, shelter your outdoor dining area with glass panels. This outdoor structure is also perfect for windy areas and would make an amazing maritime design companion.

18. Terrace Extension Pergola. Extend your home’s exterior with this amazing addition. Not only does it provide extra shade over the seating area, but also maximizes the frontage appeal of the house. Try retractable canvas shade for even more shade.

19. Plain as a Day. Play clean with a simple minimalistic pergola made of wood. Pergola designs like this one don’t offer much protection from the sun, but rather help to zone out your outdoor space.

20. Combine Materials for the Best Results. Can’t decide what is better: a thatched roof for a tropical feel or a plastic roof to protect your pergola from a tropical shower? Try combining them both for the maximum result. Aqua-hued textile brings back memories of seaside trips.

21. Blooming Pergola. This dreamy blooming pergola can be a perfect reading nook and will fit even the smallest yard. Is there a tree occupying the area? Do not cut it down! Instead, let it be part of your pergola structure. Add a snug seating to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

22. Relaxing Retreat. What can be more comfortable than a day bed in your backyard? A day on the lounge bed! Treat yourself to a well-deserved retreat and enjoy the time on your own or with your family. Dress your pergola up with ornate pillows, flowy curtains, and potted palms for some tropical vibe.

23. Neutral Color Scheme. Blend in with nature by employing natural wood in soft natural shades. This patio pergola makes room for hanging baskets, vases, and potted plants to introduce more greenery into this outdoor living space.

24. Wide Open Space. A pergola that steals into nature without ever leaving the house. A sturdy deck made of wood creates a perfect backdrop for an outdoor dining experience. Gauzy curtains, rustic seating, and subdued lighting, transform your ordinary deck into something spectacular!

25. Play on Contrasts. Steer away from the usual slats and opt for the more imaginative reed screens. They stand out against the dark wood of the pergola and, together with quaint furniture and plantings, create a perfect holiday vibe.

26. On the Bright Side. Colors can immediately turn a small and modest pergola into an enchanting backyard feature. Throw in some cushions, quilts, and a floor mat in lively colors and you have an inviting spot.

27. Swing by Our Pergola. Swings are one of the most popular pergola ideas. Instead of sofas or Adirondack chairs, offer your guests a couple of swings! With added plantings and lights, it’s easier than ever to entertain outdoors.

28. Slanted Pergola Roof. This elegant white pergola instantly catches your eye with this exceptional design. Playing to the strength of the back door on the one side, it is slightly raised on the opposite side to invite more space and light inside. The installed fire pit is a great addition to this cozy patio pergola.

29. Pergola-Topped Fence. Unlike most pergolas, this miniature pergola feature on top of the fence doesn’t offer much shade. Instead, it gives the design a festive finish and together with the string lights are doomed to be the center of attention at any garden party.

30. Right by the House. If you have a patio area that is located right next to your house, think about including a pergola that attaches to your house to cover it. The clean lines and dark finish of this pergola make it a great addition to any outdoor space. A large couch welcomes you to spend most of a nice day outside.

31. Pergola for Friends. Did you know that pergolas were originally built in the days of ancient Rome to protect against direct sunlight? At the same time, the frame was used as a support for grapes and other plants. Nowadays, people install it for reasons of attractiveness and comfort. For example, complement the garden with potted plants or create zones with string lights for cozy evenings.

A pergola can also protect shade-loving greenery and provide support for climbing vines. In addition, a well-built and durable shade shelter will increase the value of your home.

32. Simple Pergola. The wooden pergola is the most popular and authentic of these structures. The advantages of such constructions are their naturalness, environmental friendliness, stylish appearance, and ease of assembly. Look how beautifully its shadow falls! It is nice to drink morning coffee, read newspapers or even work here.

When choosing pergolas as well as arches for a summer residence, it is better to focus on hardwoods. Its cost will be paid off by the durability of the structure and savings on protective equipment.

33. Decorated Pergola’s Roof. It is believed that pergolas are most suitable for those who like to spend time outdoors. And if you install comfortable chairs that are in harmony with the overall style, you can be sure that you will always have visitors!

Metal pergolas with wooden roofs will be an excellent decoration for a summer cottage or private house. Among the disadvantages is the susceptibility of steel to corrosion. A metal pergola will require periodic maintenance and paint restoration. Why not install a modern fire pit here? As you can see in the photo, it adds a chic accent to the backyard.

34. Coffee Time. A pergola will become not only a decoration of the country house but also a place where the whole family gathers. Most often, wooden structures are used as the base material, and grapes or other types of creeping plants — as covering. These are classical pergola ideas. But you can easily make it without greenery. Here you can hide in any weather: even if it is pouring rain or the ground is covered with snow. Feel free to install a coffee table as well.

35. White Outdoor Pergola. Most pergolas are designed for relaxation or home gatherings. What if we said it could be used as a mini-dining space? You can also look towards the arbor. It’s a kind of patio where you can hide in the shade.

Here’s an example of an original design: a fusion-style pergola in the backyard of a private home with a wooden floor.

36. Hidden Oasis. In warm weather, it’s nice to enjoy birdsong and gentle sunshine. It is also the best option for outdoor meetings. However, when it is cold outside, there is a risk of freezing. Thus, this design loses all its relevance in winter.

Pay attention to the materials of the roof. It is an original solution that provides shade, comfort, and a presentable look.

37. Potted Plants For Pergola. This option is universal for any summer cottage where you plan to spend a lot of time and arrange frequent gatherings.

The white wall on the front side of the house serves as part of the pergola. Here we can see beautifully attached trellis for plants, and the sun’s rays gently fall on them. It is an ideal shelter in the heat, especially since there is a swimming area nearby.

38. Paper Lanterns. The color of the pergola can be either an organic continuation of the overall look or a separate accent that stands out from the rest of the background. Here we can see a neutral version of it, decorated with high-quality profiled furniture, paper lanterns, and a comfortable hanging chair. The lanterns harmonize with the surrounding, creating a cozy atmosphere.

39. Box-Like Pergola Idea. Rich variations of contrasting gray, black, and dark brown colors can make a building stand out from the overall calm look. One of the best decorating ideas is a home bar. The focus is on furniture: comfortable bar stools and a beautiful seating area. In such an enclosed patio, you will not be afraid of rain. Both conservators and innovators will love this pergola.

40. Wood Garden Pergola. This white pergola looks incredibly beautiful, surrounded by flowerbeds, lawns, and trees. The fresh and clean image creates a remarkable festive impression of the entire yard.

Made of wood, this pergola extends the natural feel. You could say it’s the outdoor kitchen itself. Now you don’t have to eat indoors: when you dine in the backyard, you can enjoy gorgeous climbing plants and flower trellises.

41. Open Air. The sun in such pergola designs provides the perfect tan. It is made of the simplest materials that do not aggravate the financial situation. Some might say it’s a pergola, but for others, it will serve as a patio. The gray-and-white furniture blends in well with the overall look.

There can be a barbecue and outdoor dining area, and even a hookah if you want. It is also worth noting the original finish of the floor that echoes the shape of the pergola.

42. Natural Wood. It is worth deciding what role the pergola will play: an addition to the decorative elements, support for plants, or outdoor shelter. Install a pendant light so you don’t have to sit in the dark at night. Pillows with a geometric pattern will add a unique accent to the space.

43. Well-Covered Outdoor Pergola. Although pergolas are very similar to gazebos, there is a fundamental difference. It is the presence of a kind of roof-jalousie.

It is quite popular to install a pergola as an extension of the building. Most often, there is a large roof covering, which allows you to create a dining area right next to the house. It is a convenient and practical solution. Such pergola designs provide more shade and the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Feel free to add hanging baskets to beautify the space.

44. Patio Space. We have a real cedar wood patio pergola here. It adds elegance to the space. The shade from the trees falls softly on the pergola. This freestanding structure will not leave any of your guests indifferent. White pillows, drapery, seatings, and carpets create the effect of cleanliness. Look how beautifully the curtains flutter in the wind!

45. Gardener’s Joy. What does a true admirer of the garden and flowers need for happiness? That’s right, a small handmade pergola! Such a glazed area will delight the eye every day. As you can notice, only high-quality natural materials are used here.

By the way, this space can be used for growing not only flowers. Turn it into your own greenhouse! Surrounded by nature, it will be nice to relax and spend your free time here.

46. Special Decor. Such options of pergola create the impression of a well-groomed space not only in the backyard but also in the house. The home’s exterior looks peaceful and inviting. An abundance of greenery, plant trellis, wicker furniture, beautiful lighting, and a special decor with lizards on the wall — all speak of the excellent owners’ taste.

47. Garden Party In Pergola. A place to relax by the pool also needs a canopy from the sun. Even a small pergola made of natural materials can accommodate several beds, taps, and even a compact sofa. You can spend a long time relaxing by the water without fear of getting sunburn and sunstroke. It is the perfect patio space for chilling in the shade in the seating area or swimming in the pool.

48. Rural Pergola Designs. Elegant shapes and attractive designs make it possible to decorate outdoor areas near the house or cottage. We also see a small garden attached to the dwelling. Trellis with flowers helps to create a cozy atmosphere. The ground is covered with plants too. The residents of this patio definitely love gardening.

49. Brutal Pergola Design. Separately installed pergolas with a sturdy structure can be equipped with comfortable garden furniture: small sofas, hanging chairs, as well as wicker chairs made of natural or artificial rattan. But in this case, the designers decided to use this wooden pergola as a place to relax. Thus, the sun’s rays can’t get into this space, and you’ll be in the shade. The vagaries of weather and nature do not scare you anymore!

50. Barbecue Space. Such an installation is equipped with a barbecue and a high-quality chimney. The pergola’s roof is made in such a way that it has excellent ventilation. Gentle throw pillows on the sofa will help you to relax as much as possible, creating a soothing atmosphere.

A pergola with a fireplace is a very practical solution in changing climate conditions: you can hide from the heat and sudden showers; BBQ will be safe as well.

51. Outdoor Space In Shade. The main difference between the pergola, awning, and gazebo is the absence of a solid upper ceiling and the presence of green spaces. In landscape design, the pergola often plays a dominant role, being the main decoration of the site. But here we see the option of a continuous roof covering, which is a plus. The glass door of this residence leads to the perfect place to relax. With such a pergola, outdoor living sounds like a great idea!

52. Enchanted Recreation Area. A garden pergola or patio is quite a popular solution in landscape design. In this project, owners divided the garden into zones and made shaded areas, hiding outbuildings that stand out from the overall style. You can set up a coffee table near your home and have lovely tea parties. Support vines with a pergola roof. It will give you aesthetic pleasure.

53. High-Tech Style For Wooden Pergola. The roofless pergola in the backyard is quite a trendy solution. The surrounding space can be decorated to your liking. For example, lay out a beautiful wooden walkway to the house and put a table and chairs while adhering to the overall style of high-tech. The structure of wood is evident in all elements of this design, which creates overall integrity.

54. Cactus-Style Outdoor Space. A patio pergola is an opportunity to socialize with loved ones in the fresh air, surrounded by a riot of flowers and fragrances. This structure has four columns and a roof. You can get into the pergola through the back door and stay here for a couple of hours.

55. Country Outdoor Living Space. Shaded corners are created with an excellent overview of the territory thanks to the elegant and openwork design. Especially advantageous arches look next to artificial ponds, fountains, and even flower beds. Such pergola designs let in sun rays but, at the same time, provide the necessary shade.

56. Wood Beams. The simplest version of the pergola is a wooden structure made of treated dark wood with straight lines. Look at this perfect pergola! Won’t it become an awesome decoration for your backyard? Such a pergola can be boldly called a room. The roof is made in the simplest way: basically, it is just wood beams.

57. Summer Decorating Inspiration. The choice of wooden or metal construction is a matter of taste and compliance with the overall style. Here the owners decided to combine a metal structure with a removable roof, which can be easily opened if necessary. A perfect place for noisy parties or a secluded holiday with a book!

58. Luxurious Pergola Style. Photos of metal pergolas demonstrate how diverse the design of structures made of this material can be. And if you add a wooden roof, matching furniture in a neutral color scheme, and paper lanterns, you get a great outdoor room, which will please and amaze your guests.

Such pergola designs will attract you with their comfort. The wooden structure will reliably serve you for many years!

Ancient in concept but modern in essence, pergolas have so much to offer to any house, patio, backyard, or garden. Pergola designs are both functional and aesthetic as they provide shade, privacy, and visual interest to your outdoor living space. From the multitude of pergola ideas, choose the one that reflects your lifestyle and taste.