25 Small Backyard Plunge Pool Ideas

If you have decided on the idea of having your own pool, think about the design first. What it will look like is only up to you. Will it be a simple recreation area, an entire sports pool, a swimming pond surrounded by plants, or a high-tech invention? The main thing is that you put a part of yourself into the creation and design of this place.

Now you will get acquainted with the simplest and most budget-friendly small pool ideas. You will also see them in 25 photos of summer houses and backyard designs.

1. Perfect Place To Relax. A swimming pool is an excellent idea for the summer period that allows you to enjoy the water and sun even far away from the beach. It is especially nice when a plunge pool is made with your own hands.

If you decide to make a trendy pool, think about improving your landscape design. The backyard style should be relaxing and entertaining. Let the warmth shine through everything!

2. A Cozy Nook. A small pool makes any property cozier. However, if you decide to do everything yourself, it may take some extra time and money.

Of course, not everyone can afford such an option, and the cost will be decent. But some craftsmen manage to build a concrete pool with their own hands. That’s why we decided to include it in our list of small pool ideas.

3. Narrow Pool. Here is a small pool design exactly as you imagined it in your best fantasies. Note that the idea of ​​this narrow rectangular pool is practical and fits into almost any yard. The surface is finished with chic gray tiles. Plants favorably decorate the site. It is impossible not to notice the opposite mirror wall. It profitably reflects azure water and visually enlarges the pool.

4. Closer To Home. The pool can be a continuation of any building, including summer houses. Use an unoccupied corner to organize a relaxation area with a canopy, sun loungers, and a small pool. Despite the limited space, we can even see a private summer bar! One can only imagine what kind of parties the owners of this residence throw.

5. Make It Memorable. Before answering the question of how to build a small pool with your own hands, you should decide on the type of construction itself. The choice of material and work methods will depend on this.

But if you have already decided on it, we advise you to pay attention to this particular option. What is remarkable about it? Such cocktail pools are ideal for any family. Just imagine sitting by the water all day, reading an engaging book, or listening to music. And don’t forget your patio umbrella!.

6. Original Forms. It is nice to swim on a hot summer day. But there may not be a natural reservoir near your place, and a full-fledged pool near the cottage requires a lot of space.

This small pool designed in a simple yet sophisticated style will be remembered by your guests and friends. There is a small underwater fountain and three mini-waterfalls. This small backyard pool will make all your summer vacation dreams come true!

7. Refreshing Dip. Sitting in the summer heat, you probably imagined how nice it would be to dive into the cool water of a small pool. You push the thought away instantly, but it keeps coming back to you on hot days, doesn’t it? Maybe you shouldn’t give up on such a great idea.

Such swimming pools attract with their screened-in design and chaises longues in the form of slides. Because of the glass construction, there is a lot of natural light here, and rainy days do not interfere with enjoying the warm water. As a bonus, you can admire the outside view.

8. Plunge Pools. The proper pool surround is also very important. Its design, mosaics, tiles, and decking should match the style of your dwelling. In addition, it is best to build a pool away from large trees, falling leaves, and roots. For more water heating, choose the sunny side.

The square footage of this space is used very wisely. The pool area is combined with the dining zone, and the glass partition does not interfere with the view. The place is illuminated with artificial lighting, making it possible to swim in the evening and at night.

9. Complex Contour. A small country pool does not mean that it should be standard. On the contrary, when the space is limited, you can not lean towards round and rectangular designs. So feel free to experiment with geometry!

The owners of this cozy backyard chose the option of a multi-level freeform pool. Gray tiles are used for the perfect finishing of the area. It harmonizes well with the snow-white facade of the house.

10. Green Paradise. If you can’t decide between a small pool and decorative bushes, combine one with the other! Such a design will become a focal point of your residence.

The low-maintenance backyard does not require special care: you only need to choose suitable plants. This in-ground pool looks like it is in the middle of an enchanted forest. We are sure that swimming in it is a heavenly pleasure!

11. Not Really Small Pool Ideas. A private pool in the yard of any type will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions to its owners. But when choosing it, there are many factors to consider, and one of them is safety.

Check out this gorgeous pool from South Carolina. It is not very deep, has convenient steps, and there is a place to rest, which is very good. The yard is huge, the garden around the pool is amazing, and the house’s aesthetics make everyone want to visit it.

12. Fireplace And Swimming Pool. Let’s go back to smaller pools. This ideal man-made body of water has everything you need for a fully immersed vacation: a cozy nook by the fireplace for intimate conversations, a huge wicker banquette seating, and a private plunge pool for foam parties or a quick dip. This sunroom seems to be indoor, but it is not. Amazing idea!

13. Tiny Pool And Herringbone Flooring. Owning a place to swim is like having a personal oasis. This plunge pool must be someone’s dream that came true!

Open doors lead their owners to a beautiful recreation area with sun loungers, umbrellas, and, of course, a small pool. The room itself is decorated with a herringbone brown tile floor and a massive wooden ceiling.

14. Pool Deck. What do you think when looking at this photo? Flawless! It emits only a cool vibe. Lighting hints at entertaining evenings, while comfortable wooden sun loungers are conducive to little rest. It is an ideal place for family and friends gatherings. You can match your small pool with the rest of the site and relaxation area with colorful tiles, different shapes, and materials.

15. Circular Pools. Above-ground options offer another great pool idea. The main rivals of the framed ones are round inflatable pools. They are easy to transfer and relatively quick to set up in the yard, although the pump takes a bit of fiddling. Such a mobile circular design will adorn your outdoor space. Moreover, it can also serve as a private hot tub.

16. Water Features. A small plunge pool can be adjoined to any residential building. It will be pleasant to admire the water surface from the windows. An outdoor pool might not sound like the best idea on a rainy day, but if you live in a warm climate, you have nothing to worry about.

Add an interesting water feature to make your residence stand out. It can be a fountain, mini-waterfall, or water garden.

17. Wading Pools. When planning a concrete backyard with a water feature, you need to consider the budget. A lap pool, as you already know, is not a cheap pleasure. The edge of this planning is that you will be prepared for the difficulties that may arise.

This wading pool is equipped with a separate children’s zone. That is perfect for safe summer water fun. But you must remember that such additions affect the budget. Slides, waterfalls, pools, lagoons, sea wave effects, lighting, and terraces may cost you a fortune.

18. Water And Fire. How do designers equip small backyards? First of all, they think about comfort and accessibility. Add a hearth or open fire to a pool area. Two elements — fire and water — will complement each other.

Note how the pool becomes a connecting element between the garden, main dwelling, and area with an artificial open fireplace. No wonder this small pool is located in the center of the courtyard!

19. Small Pool Ideas With Gazebo. Next to the small pool, you should definitely install a tiny gazebo where you can hide from the sun on a hot summer’s day. It is also calming to sit and relax there after having fun in the water. If the area of ​​​​the yard allows, you can fit a small dining area: eating in the fresh air is always a good idea.

20. Backyard Covered Spa. This luxury spa is surrounded by a beautiful forest, making it look like an enchanted place. It is especially charming in the evening when the lights turn on. Such small pool designs will please the pickiest of guests for sure.

As you can see, even the back deck is glazed. Stone elements and boulders give this pool a truly natural look.

21. Stone Pool. Design decisions of the residence highly depend on what shape of the pool you choose. As you can see, there is a classic stone and tile finish. The pool area is decorated with massive potted plants, which gives the place a special chic. You also can notice a table with benches. Perfect space for family and friends reunions!

22. Simple Pool Area. Plunge pools with natural wood decks are also a good option for limited areas. Clean lines of coverage will give your backyard cleanliness and orderliness. It will be perfect for the front yard, making passers-by envy you on a hot summer day. In a good way, of course.

23. Swimming Pond In Garden. Check out this inexpensive swimming pool option that you can build yourself. Gravel and clay are used for walls instead of concrete, and natural aquatic plants (reeds, lilies) serve as decorative elements. It is one of the best above-ground alternatives. Your tiny space will turn into a real backyard paradise. Such small pool designs captivate with their beauty and practicality.

24. Living Room And Swimming Pool Combo. This pool design will appeal to people who like to spend time at home. Here we can see a chic swimming pool, relaxation area, home bar, garden, mini-library, and sun loungers for a great tan. What else is needed for complete happiness?

25. Restaurant-Like Place. Everyone has their own vision of beauty and comfort. But who wouldn’t want to have a mini-restaurant with a swimming pool decorated with stone walls and lit by sconces? The concrete version of the compact garden pool will make you fall in love with it at first sight.

As you can see, when carefully considering every detail and making sure you are completely satisfied with the result, you end up with a perfect small backyard pool. Thus, we wish you good luck with ideas and inspiration!