15 Tiny House Ideas That Are Just Incredible

Get ready to be inspired by these compact spaces! A treehouse, a narrow building in the city, a camper van, a tiny home near your own farm or garden — all these are incredible choices of the people whose dwellings you will see today.

Every detail is important: doors, materials, protection from weather changes, colors, and the mood set by the architect. So scroll down the page, and here you will find small homes that have become extremely popular.

1. Vacation Home As Perfect Recreation Area. This tiny house was built by the river with the goal of creating the perfect place to relax. As you can see, it is an excellent option for summer vacation. A simple rectangular shape is becoming more popular than a complex one. Usually, metal (painted anthracite) and wood paneling are used to decorate these constructions. As a bonus, you get a terrace for sunbathing and barbecuing. And natural rocks nearby will help in the case of swampy terrain.

This type of tiny house can be built in a factory and installed in a few days, even on the riverbank. If you take out a mortgage on such a property, it will pay off very quickly.

2. Floating Home For Quality Time Alone. This home is designed for short-term vacation living. Its advantage is the striking view of the sunrise from the porch and the lovely evening scenery. It is perfect for meditation and communion with nature. The opportunity to look at the starry sky through the roof windows is also fantastic.

The base of the structure is anchored to the ground underwater and held afloat by a platform, thanks to which it manages to stand almost without any movement. Tiny homes like this one are usually about 400 square feet or less. So it is easy to transfer it from one place to another. Thus, you will not be tied to one particular area. By the way, do not be afraid to lose touch with friends and family. As you can see, not only is this small space perfect for isolated living, but it also has easy access to the riverbank. So feel free to use the boat to get to your loved ones.

3. Tiny Home On Wheels For Free Spirits. There are many people who prefer the tiny camper lifestyle because of its low cost. It is also a favorite vacation home of all travelers that are used to taking long vacations, such as more than a month.

Instead of doing the repairs yourself, hire a professional for the interior design of your small house. Such a person will help in installing furniture that will be well attached to the floor, doors, and ceiling. It is also very important to arrange kitchen appliances, such as a kettle or stove. And do not forget to place additional heaters that can be turned on at night. For this, you need to think about proper sockets. As you can see, there is a door leading to the bathroom. And yes, even a small home of less than 400 square feet can have room for bathing procedures. Reserves of water can be stored in special barrels on the roof.

By the way, did you know that plywood is the most popular material for the manufacture of interior furniture, as it is quite modular? It makes it especially effortless to turn a table into a bed and a bed into a sofa.

4. Home Tree Home: House Of Your Childhood Dreams. A small tree hut can be a child’s hiding place or a unique dwelling where you can find peace from the bustling city. Such tiny homes are perfect for a family’s outdoor lifestyle. The wooden cabin in the picture has everything you need for living: food storage, a sewage disposal system, and a water supply. This particular approach gives you an advantage when building unusual tiny houses.

The floor in this hut is made of wood and reinforced with metal paneling. Oak, maple, ash, or spruce are best suited for such construction. You should not build a house on an intensely flowering tree, such as poplar or linden. In order to build a trunk-supported cabin, you must consider that the tree is growing, so the structure must be flexible enough not to interfere with the tree.

5. Tiny Home On Solid Foundation. Garden sheds can be easily turned into tiny houses. Who says they are only for tool storage? All they need is a little remodeling. To provide plenty of natural sunlight, install floor-to-ceiling windows, and feel free to make a small porch with a glass door so you can see your guests right from your doorstep.

The square footage of tiny homes like this one seems too limited to lead full-fledged lives. However, there is enough space not only for the kitchen and a cozy bedroom but also for a separate bathroom. This is a great option if you want to spend weekends with your neighbors or organize a community in a suburban area. Sometimes some individuals exist to bring like-minded people together and create a joy-filled lifestyle. It is your sign to check out some of the available options. Who knows, maybe there is a lovely site for sale at below cost?

6. Garden Studio For Family With Green Thumbs. You will be immediately fascinated by this idea if you have enough free time to do floristry. Are you planning to grow seedlings at home? Then you will need a small shed!

It is recommended to place mini-greenhouses on a property from east to west. Choose the flattest and sunniest place where there are no strong winds. Inside the backyard studio, set a handy table and shelves, and hang some hooks for garden tools. It is necessary to provide heating for cold winters. And for this, you can use special lamps, especially if you need to grow microgreens. Be sure to plan, optimize, and utilize all of your square feet efficiently. Thus, you will make your garden routine much easier.

7. Life Out Of City To The Fullest. Tiny house living can be quite diverse. This picture is of a small dwelling that has been moved to a good location with a favorable climate. Because of the large area, the owners raise beautiful gardens and keep animals. As you can see, this place is less than 400 square feet, so it’s easy to handle household chores here.

You can also consider solar panels as an alternative energy source. Some people even collect rainwater and use it for harvesting. Pay attention to this life hack! The cost of this beautiful tiny home was about $2,000. Not a bad deal, is it?

8. Container Cabin With Plenty Of Space. Temporary housing, especially a container one, has proven to be an excellent choice for summer cottages and remote living. It is easy to remodel and cost-effective.

Without a doubt, life in such a place is like a dream come true. The walls are made of plastic panels, the insulation is mineral wool, and the floor material is chipboard or linoleum. It looks like a luxury apartment with enough room not only for a fully equipped bedroom but for a laundry room as well.

Such a container must have a pair of fire exits, two metal entrance doors, a toilet, folding windows, and air conditioning. Firefighting equipment and emergency lighting are very important. It can also be a sea container transformed into an office. Just imagine yourself working in the midst of nature! Isn’t it a great idea for those who work as freelancers? Fact-checking — yes, of course!

9. Lovely Rooftop Space To Enjoy The View. Do you want to downsize but still enjoy living to the fullest? Check out this stunning two-story utopia space! Meeting the sunrise every morning and enjoying the stars in the evening on your terrace is amazing. In the summer, it is a place to read a book or do some meditation. In the winter, you can get the whole family together, play with snowballs, and make snowmen in the backyard.

There are some extra square feet on the rooftop, where you can place a table with chairs without spending money on stylish walls and ceiling. It is fact-checked that the fence is solid, and the drainage is sufficient. Get ready to fill your life with joy in such a place! The owner of this tiny cottage probably walks with his head held high.

10. Trend For Glamping To Refresh And Downsize. Glamorous camping or glamping is a modern trend for recreation among nature. Fancy tents can be used to set up full-fledged, comfortable campsites and glamping parks. As a rule, glamps are made of a metal frame covered with fabric vaguely resembling a tent. There are also special ventilation openings.

When part of the tent is covered with a transparent rubber cover, there is the bonus of being able to admire the view of the mountains. Because of their simple shape, these tiny homes have gained popularity all over the world. Relocating for a few weeks to a place filled with peace and nature like this can help you de-stress and regain your strength.

11. Farm Living In Compact Gypsy Wagon. The Shepherd’s Hut is located on its own property, surrounded by traditional chestnut wood sheep fences, near Broadlands, England. The hut was lined with solid oak beams, and the walls were covered with sheep’s wool for insulation. It is environmentally friendly and highly recommended. Here you will also find a Scandinavian wood-fired hot tub where you can relax and watch alpacas and sheep grazing in the meadow.

Such a place is perfect for both seasonal farm work and short romantic getaways. Just imagine staying here and stargazing at night! And if you get a mortgage, you can get your own tiny house very quickly.

12. Busy City Living In Skinny Home. It goes without saying that land is expensive, especially in a city with dense development. Thus, all square feet matter. So tiny home plans do not seem like a bad idea.

Take a look at this particular example of a narrow dwelling. Despite its size, the rooms inside seem enlarged due to the abundance of natural light coming through the openings and stylish windows. And the color of the bricks gives a beautiful harmonious look among other buildings. The advantage of such tiny homes is also the heat that the walls retain from neighboring properties. So you can be sure that in winter it will be warm inside.

13. Tiny Homes In Remote Paradise. How much time are you planning to spend on vacation? We hope a lot! Check out this recreation complex consisting of framework houses with everything you need for living, as its construction is two-story and lightweight.

How beautifully the architect’s masterpiece is nestled among nature in the rice-growing province! Just imagine meeting the sun at dawn in the tropics. As you can see, there are two full-fledged dwellings. How about going on vacation with a whole family?

14. Small Backyard Tool Shed. Over time, each of us accumulates things that are better kept in a secure place. Such a small ready-made metal shed can be brought and stored in the yard under a reliable lock.

It can hold a toolbox, bicycle, scooter, or roller skates and is also ideal to store hermetically packaged food. Sometimes it is used as an additional room for pets, for example, in the cooler seasons. In this case, you need windows of just the right size. Ask your neighbors if they have similarly handy sheds and whether or not they use that extra square foot in the backyard. You can buy it at auctions for a reasonable price and sell it when you no longer need it.

15. Privat Office In Storage Space. Would you use a backyard shed to separate your workplace from the dwelling? Check out this private nail salon as a decent alternative to organizing a home office!

It’s nice to make this tiny space bright with white wall panels and light gray laminate flooring. Feel free to make this place even cozier with Scandinavian decor or shabby-chic features.

In conclusion, tiny houses are an alternative for setting up home offices, wonderful places to live and relax in the lap of nature, and, of course, just necessary storage spaces for things. Some of these options will satisfy your needs and preferences, and we do not even need a fact-checker to prove it! So start planning your dream residence and use all the square feet wisely.