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50 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Space

As soon as the warm weather sets in, all there is to think about is spending evenings outdoors in good company around a blazing fire. There is sheer indescribable magic in sitting around a fire pit, enjoying each other’s company, and taking in the appetizing smell of barbeque or s’mores. With these creative fire pit ideas, you will turn your backyard into an eye-catching and heart-warming space.

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35 Dog Fence Ideas for Your Pet to Live Its Best Life

Dogs are the most popular pet in America, living in over 60 million of our homes. Yet, when deciding on which dog to get, people consider things like size, temperament, and grooming, overlooking the need in dog fencing that will have the pet stay safe and within the area you designate to it. Dogs, especially puppies, do best when they have their own space, whether a kennel or their own bedroom. And what about the outdoors? Will the dog be tethered to a stake with little room to run or given a safe, enclosed yard to play in? Will there be an option to limit dog’s movement when guests come then? Here are 35 dog fence ideas for any of these scenarios.

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25 Pretty Garden Gate Ideas For Your Backyard

There is a chance to get a special custom-made fence that is just right for your lawn. And there are always options on the market for less unique yet exquisite garden gates. In any case, you should remember that the fence, like everything else in your home, should be both visually spectacular and practical. Check out these awesome garden gate ideas we’ve prepared for you to find lots of inspiration for improving your outdoor space.

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