30 Coastal Bedroom Ideas that Will Help You Relax and Unwind

The coastal style stands for gorgeous seaside elements and colors that reflect the ocean. The mix of creamy whites, beige, and blue reminds you of a summer vacation. Style a coastal bedroom, and you can feel the magic of the sea year-round!

Intrigued to create a relaxing space but feel anxious about the proper combination of elements, colors, and textures? Below, there are some helpful tips and gorgeous coastal bedroom designs, so make sure to go through them all!

1. Aim For a Cozy Coastal Bedroom Design. A navy focal wall, cozy bedding and linen curtains are the key elements that set the mood. If you prefer a lighter color, go for white shiplap walls. The subtle texture draws attention while still maintaining a relaxed mood.

Coastal Bedroom with Deep Blue Accent Wall

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2. Layer Neutrals. A soft color palette consisting f neutrals coveys the summer feel. The beige tones are reminiscent of the color of sand, creating a relaxing backdrop for a good night’s sleep. Light oak floors are a common choice for coastal spaces, complementing the warm neutrals.

Greige Bedroom with Beach Vibes

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3. Add Character. A coastal bedroom doesn’t have to be completely neutral and dull. Feel free to add character and your signature print. The blue-green cabinet is an excellent way to elevate the bedroom design, adding a bit of personality to customize your space.

Coastal Bedroom with Custom Blue Green Cabinet

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4. Introduce Natural Textures. The coastal style favors natural textures for creating a cozy and warm space. Embrace organic elements such as wood, jute, wicker, and driftwood to capture the sense of the coastal style. The rattan seating area is one of the common features typical for a beach house.

Modern Coastal Master Bedroom with Seat Area

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5. Add Warmth with a Jute Rug. A good area rug will anchor the elements creating a tasteful setting inspired by the sea. Jute is the best choice when picking the ideal rug for your coastal bedroom. The natural color of this material perfectly flatters the muted blue tones.

Beach Inspired Bedroom for Teenage Boy

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6. Let Your Beach House Bedroom Fit the Landscape. The coastal bedroom borrows the color scheme from its surrounding, making you feel closer to nature. A shiplap wall and baby blue paint are enough to set the mood. When planning the bedroom layout, make sure to provide the best views. A bed overlooking the beach should be your top priority.

Light Blue Beach House Bedroom

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7. Bring a Coastal Vibe with Decor and Bedding. Redecorating a primary bedroom is a challenge, so if you don’t like to have any design for too long, consider painting walls a neutral off-white color. Thus, you can easily change things up by getting a new bedding set and hanging a matching wall art.

Coast Themed Bedroom with Light Blue Tones and Rattan Bench

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8. Go for a Neutral Bedroom. The coastal style can always be interpreted in a way that works for your signature style. If you prefer a neutral aesthetic, pair creamy whites with natural elements. The cabana-like headboard contributes to the atmosphere, making the bedroom feel like a tropical retreat.

Crisp White Coastal Bedroom with Natural Texture Decor and Mirror Frame

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9. Play with Coastal Patterns. Coastal patterns add visual interest to the space, strengthening the beachy decor theme. Framed coral prints and a striped nightstand are excellent accessories for your space. Grab your interior design inspiration from this example and recreate it in a way that aligns with your style.

Coastal Bedroom with White Wall Paneling and Bright Blue Accents

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10. Enhance Natural Light. Coastal bedrooms tend to be bright and airy. Therefore, make sure to provide as much natural light as possible. Remove any obstruction that would prevent the flow of natural light to the space. Get proper window treatments that brighten the space.

White Coastal Bedroom with Pastel Throws

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11. Merge Coastal Style with Art Deco. Fitting coastal into other styles is always possible. This is the perfect example to follow if you wish to merge the color scheme inspired by the beach and an elegant setting. A luxurious chandelier with wood beads makes a major statement, complemented by the muted blue colors.

Small Art Deco Bedroom with Beachy Blue Tones

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12. Set For the Blue Coastal Bedrooms Vibe. A color scheme consisting of blues is a true reminiscent of the crystal clear waters. The soft colors create a relaxing environment, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Blue Coastal Bed and Armchair in a Master Bedroom

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13. Use Tropical Prints as Wall Decor. Tropical prints are an ideal choice for bedroom wall art. The minimalist print doesn’t overwhelm the space. Instead, it follows a relaxed vibe. The creamy walls set a calming mood, and the wooden stool used as a nightstand is a unique touch.

Gray Coastal Bedroom Wall Decor and Bedding Ideas

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14. Set Up a Hat Galery Wall. A woven hat reminds you of the breezy afternoons spent at the beach. If you have a collection, don’t mind showing them off. Create a charming gallery wall that strengthens the decor theme while adding your signature touch to the room design.

Master Bedroom with White Furtinure and White Walls

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15. Create a Boho Paradise. A cozy bedroom with coastal and Boho elements is a relaxing retreat where you will love to spend your time. The gorgeous chandelier and pampas grass bring a casual vibe to an all-white setting.

Coastal Bedroom with White Canopy Bed

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16. Consider Board and Batten Accent Walls. A hint of blue in the form of an accent wall makes a remarkable statement. The blue board and batten are paired with an off-white wall for a more subtle approach. The leaning photography seems to tie the colors, being the inspiration for the mood board.

Small Beach Inspired Bedroom with Blue Wainscotching

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17. Use Coastal Materials. Bleached wood is another go-to for achieving the perfect coastal look. Don’t forget that linen is the perfect fabric for summer-inspired spaces. Implement it in the form of curtains and bedding to convey a relaxed exotic feel.

Light Green Coastal Bedroom with Creamy Decor

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18. Add Pops of Coral. For a lively setting, don’t mind adding a pop of color. Coral is the ideal choice to elevate a coastal color scheme, implemented in the form of decorative accents. The cozy throws are an ideal way to disperse the color through the space, resulting in an elegant setting.

Mediterranian Inspired Master Bedroom

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19. Try an Effortlessly Elegant Coastal Bedroom Design. Coastal style is pretty flexible when it comes to implementation. A mix of creamy whites and pale blue is ideal for an elegant bedroom with a beachy vibe. With light colors and plenty of natural light, the attic bedroom feels soothing.

Coastal Attic Bedroom with White Beams and Blue Bed Frame

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20. Decorate the Room in Earthy Hues. If blue doesn’t fit your color scheme, don’t dispair! You can decorate a coastal bedroom without it. The earthy hues complemented with wood and woven details perfectly depict the beachy style.

Feature Pendant Lights in a Coastal Bedroom

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21. Consider an All-White Master Bedroom. Even an all-white bedroom with hints of gray can become a coastal retreat. The basic and neutral design is enhanced with an oversized print – an easy way to instantly add an exotic vibe.

Wall Decor Idea for a Coastal Theme Master Bedroom

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22. Add Interest with a Statement Ceiling. Making a statement in an odd layout might be tricky. But you can manage to do it! A ceiling with wooden planks, reminiscent of the ship’s flooring, adds a touch of warmth to the entire room. The wicker wall decor and linen throws are within the idea of creating a summer-inspired space.

Coastal Style Bedroom in White and Brown Tones

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23. Don’t Forget About Nautical Details. Everything nautical is welcomed when designing a coastal room full of personality. The striped print brings visual interest, the anchor throw pillows complement the casual vibe, and the model boat is a charming detail that supports the style. Feel free to show off your collectibles!

Beach Inspired Teenager's Bedroom with Stripes and Anchor Decor

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24. Be Deliberate About the Use of Wood. Wood in any form is welcomed when creating a cozy mood that depicts that sea vacation. The one with unfinished texture is the perfect fit, adding an organic vibe to the setting. Driftwood is another excellent alternative, allowing you to expiemnt with DIYs. The small pieces can be used to make decor, and you can use large pieces as a nightstand base.

Large Primary Bedroom with Coastal Theme Design

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25. Curate a Calming Ambiance. A combination of shiplap walls and taupe tones creates a calming ambiance. Hunting for thrift store finds isn’t bad since you can get unique pieces to curate a charming space. The small dresser used as a nightstand provides storage, and the end-of-the-bed stools complement the design.

Neutral Master Bedroom with Wall Panelling and Jute Rug

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26. Add a Touch of Greenery. The example shows how the coastal style merges with modern organic. The large leafy plants bring a tropical vibe to the bedroom, adding a touch of freshness. The color scheme is neutral and relaxing, consisting of gray and beige. It might not be a typical choice for coastal, but it definitely fits the mood.

Modern Coastal Bedroom Design

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27. Marry the Luxury and Beachy Vibe. Make your bedroom feel like a tropical resort with a muted blue color scheme. The plush bedding and bench recreate the upscale hotel look. Be sure to use crisp whites when creating a modern look with blues. They come with a blue undertone and are ideal for curating sophisticated color palettes.

White Beach House Bedoom with Blue Accents and Wood Planks Ceilings

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28. Search for Unique Pieces. Coastal style tends to nurture the love for the unfinished and organic. Therefore, don’t mind introducing unique pieces made of raw wood. The adorable nightstand brings charm to this neutral setting. For simple settings like this one, be sure to use warm whites.

Unqiue Decor Ideas for Coastal Theme Bedroom

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29. Put Some Wicker Furniture in Place. In addition to bringing the relaxed tropical vibe, wicker furniture introduces texture. A wicker nightstand or chair is enough to bring the aesthetic feel. The jute rug and leafy plant strengthen the coastal theme, creating a relaxed space with organic appeal.

Cozy White Bedroom with Rattan and Jute Textures and Beach Wall Art

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30. Make Your Master Bedroom Cozy and Relaxing. You don’t need to have a beach house to enjoy the coastal aesthetics. Adding a hint of the beach and sea brings the vibe year-round. Decorate the space with sea-related motifs, such as sea shells and driftwood, and you are good to go.

Coastal Bedroom in Different Shades of Brown and Beige

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Coastal bedroomsare all about a happy and relaxed beach day feel! While decorating a coastal bedroom is not really a breeze, we hope that these bedroom ideas have inspired you to get started!