30 Best Decor Ideas for Dining Room Walls

The design of your home matters a lot, and the dining area wall decor can become the main visual attraction of it. Here are 30 amazing ideas on how to renovate walls in the dining area!

Dining Room Wall Decor

Now you can pick the best variants from the selected wall décor. We have predicted all the options: minimalism lovers, elegant dining rooms, small areas, modern design, etc. And now check this list of dining room décor ideas and choose the version you like most.

1. Cupboard Instead of a Wall. Dining room ideas can be very simple and obvious, but at the same time unmistakable. For example, the dining room is the best place for built-in open shelves. You can make this idea more interesting if you fill all the shelves with fancy details, memorable souvenirs, little artworks, and so on.

2. Wall Décor for Wine Lovers. If you’re interested in extraordinary wall decor for your dining room, this idea might be for you. Look at these wine shelves! Or can we name it a wine cabinet? Wooden texture, geometric lines, collection of your favorite wine bottles – isn’t it art?.

3. Tiny Shelves in the Dining Room. Sometimes wall décor should be very pragmatic. Especially if you know that this design will be not for all your life or the life of this dining area. Pay attention to small shelves. They do not damage walls a lot. Such shelves are rather auxiliary – put on different pictures, prints or photos, use sculptures or plates to decorate the wall.

4. Panoramic Windows Instead of a Wall. A large dining room can become an interesting challenge for interior designers. Would you hang on a lot of paintings? Or is it better to draw something on the whole wall? Could we use bright wallpapers? Just remind yourself that the best view is real nature. Even if your window view is turned to the city lights. It doesn’t matter. You’ll have new wall decor every day.

5. Wall and Ceiling with Vintage Decor. Just a wall can work as a decoration. Isn’t it an interesting thought? When you are searching for dining room wall decor, do not forget about wall texture itself. Wooden planks will transform your walls in the dining room.

6. Mirror in the Dining Room. Do you think that wallpapers are outdated? Is a cupboard too simple? Are paintings on the wall not for you? Imagination draws just a modern dining room without obvious details. Ok, use common objects in uncommon places. A mirror on the wall in the dining room, why not?

7. Experiments with the Wall. When you have chosen the wall art you like, you can think about the next wall. Let it be not a wall at all. It could be a window, gate, or portal to the next room, but without the actual entrance. For example, it could be a fake drawn entrance to an unreal place.

8. Hanging Memories in the Dining Room. Searching for inspiring pictures of the dining room? Your dining room can become your favorite place for family get-togethers. Pick the pictures that remind you about the best time, lovely people, nice places, and cool emotions. Use them as wall decoration.

9. Wooden Wall, Why Not? Natural textures are out of time. Also, natural materials are strong, eco, and cozy. Maybe wood is the first material that occurs to you. You can use this idea for dining room wall decor. Besides using wooden sculptures, you can work with wooden frames and wooden bars to decorate the whole wall.

10. Wall Art Matching Colors. Choose some artwork suitable for your dining room and paint the wall the same color. Such a combination of colors will make your picture rather adorable. Or make a color block – the color of the wall must be radically different.

11. Chic Decor with Hangings in the Dining Space. Elegant is the main attribute of your dining room? In this case, a lot of details will be too much for you. We should look for a more simple solution. Pay attention to curtains in your dining room. Fabric matters. If you choose the right fabric, hangings will fall off well and change shades in different lighting. This color scheme combines two spaces into one.

12. Niche in the Wall. There are a lot of dining room walls decor ideas, but this one is the most practical. The niche in the wall is not the same as the shelves. Although it looks very similar. It is more compact, more convenient, and looks more aesthetic.

13. Canvas Wall Art. In this case, the dining room art becomes the main object in this black space. The wall should be just a background, and all attention will be focused on the centerpiece of the room. The style is not so important. Choose what you like.

14. Fireplace as Wall Décor. Wall decor for the dining room can be functional. Just imagine how you share a meal with your friends or family near the fireplace. It is not the only option for warmer temperatures. It is the best suggestion for those who like cozy evenings.

15. The Shape of the Wall. It is not a problem if you have a small dining room. Use creative solutions for interior design. Not much space on the wall for décor? The wall will become the main decor! Just change the shape of the wall in this area.

16. Art on the Wall in the Dining Room. Wall decorations could be a real masterpiece. Visit the gallery of contemporary art and choose what you like. That doesn’t mean you have to buy it, but you can if you want. You will just know what you like.

17. Dining Space Wall Painting. Remember about handmade when you think about dining room wall art. You can contact professionals or you can paint the wall by yourself. It is easy to draw with a damp sponge, brush, stencil, etc.

18. Combine Wall Design Ideas. Choosing only dining room wall art as decor is not bad, but you can do better! Add more options to your décor, combining techniques, materials, items, and so on. Make each wall with its design. Use an idea with shelves on one wall, and another one will be good for a big picture.

19. Central Place on the Wall. You can compare several room walls ideas and choose the best or invent a new one. What do you know about recycling? Put a memorable object in the center of your main wall – your first bicycle, wedding flowers, children’s drawings, etc.

20. Classic Decoration. Do not lose sight of common décor, considering numerous exciting dining room walls ideas. A big clock on the wall is a classic. So, it means an out-of-time decoration. Only one big detail. More decorations will look like a visual mess.

21. One Color, Different Shades. A simple idea for minimalism lovers – paint your walls using different shades of one color. If you choose unsuitable shades, it could be a trap for your dining room. Working with color is not very easy, but in the long run, it looks fancy.

Minimalist Dining Room in Shades of Gray

via @hozy

22. Gallery Wall is the Focal Point. You can move from the dining room to a real gallery. All you need is large wall art. Choose one wall and make it the epicenter of art. Modern artworks are best suited for this option. They are visible from any part of the room. Also, they are always interesting to observe.

23. Dining Room in the Mirrorland. Do you want to add some extra space and light to the dining room? Just think about mirrors. Not one looking glass. Use frames or use separate mirrors, look for different shapes. Different images of your dining room will be reflected on your wall simultaneously. It will look like different paintings of the same location from different artists.

24. Wall Decoration with Eco Materials. Recycling is good for decoration because you have all your imagination and materials that will have the second life. Plate holders, napkins, broken dishes, twisted forks, souvenirs, unsharpened knives, and other old stuff from the pantry will become an interesting décor in the right hands. Don’t ignore flea markets and second-hand shops. You can find real treasures there! Such things will help you to create chic and visual interest.

25. Modern Wallpapers and Decorative Mirrors. In today’s world, wallpaper has a different look than ten years ago. Maybe you remember the wallpaper from your childhood with visible joints? No more now. Also, if you want a picture on the wall but can’t paint, then choose the proper wallpaper. The picture will be excellent. And the fact that this is wallpaper will not be visible.

26. Handmade Decoration on the Wall. There are many online platforms where you can find craftsmen who make their décor. This is a unique thing! It can be products made of wood, fabric, clay, dried flowers, and other materials. Guests will look at every little thing on your wall. You can collect all the items available that go under your chosen theme.

27. Stone Wall in Home Design. No decoration, only the accent wall. Look how self-sufficient the wall is! Natural stone gives some special charm to the interior. The texture of the surface and color change making such a wall very noticeable, even prominent, in the design of the dining room.

28. Tricks with Light. A dining area is an important place in the house. In the morning, your children fuss here before breakfast. A neighbor may come for lunch. You can dine here with a large family for holidays. In the evening, you would sit and enjoy cocktails with friends.

In any of these cases, it is important to capture the moment and see the emotions on the faces of your relatives and guests. That is why it is important to organize the space in the dining room so that the design helps the light. It can be a glossy white surface that reflects light or wall lamps that scatter light, for instance.

29. Window in the Wall. Wall hangings are a good idea for dining room design. Such methods change the space. You can also use the good old idea of a window to the kitchen. You are sitting in the dining room but you can see what is happening on the stove or smell smoke from the oven. If you cannot make a real window, it may be just a design with a mirror or glass.

30. Stencil for Painting on the Wall. Wall art may be easier than you can imagine. Not everyone knows how to draw, and this is not a problem. There are many life hacks to help you paint a wall without special skills now. Buy stencils, paints, and go!

Shops are full of patterned decor. We recommend using flea markets and secondhand stores to find original things, please feel free to use this tip.

As you can see, the dining rooms walls’ décor can be very diverse. Don’t be discouraged by the wide range of materials and decorations available. All you have to do is find an option that suits you and complements your dining room.