25 Fireplace Designs for Every Taste

When choosing a home fireplace, you should consider what you need it for: to decorate the room or to create a certain mood. The purpose for which you install a fireplace affects its design. Let’s look at the most popular options and stick to unique decor ideas for each room.

With a fireplace, your home will gain undeniable charm and become a lovely and memorable place for family reunions, perfect romantic evenings, and friendly gatherings.

1. Wood Stove In Fireplace Nook. If you like the classic look of a fireplace but are concerned about safety, consider a wood stove instead of an open hearth. Moreover, since it is completely enclosed, there will be less smoke in your home, which is another benefit. So feel free to install a wood stove in a fireplace niche and enjoy warm, fire-safe evenings.

As an embellishing element, you can use cladding made of different materials: brick, stone, or ceramic tiles. The green shade of the sofa is in perfect harmony with the color of the walls and throw pillows. And the mantel is a perfect place for flowers, books, and other decorations.

2. Marble Fireplace For Pure Elegance. Marble fireplaces combine the beauty of natural stone with the power of the living flame. When choosing a natural finishing stone, it is necessary to consider all the nuances that can affect the appearance of the room.

Check out how the marble fireplace fits perfectly into the modern interior of this living room. The snow-white wooden ceiling looks especially advantageous here.

3. Add Some Gothic Touches. The decor should be chosen according to the style of the room. Otherwise, the design will seem imbalanced. We see an absolutely Gothic room made in dark shades. These colors do not burden the atmosphere in any way. On the contrary, they give it a special feature.

A beautiful mantel serves as an open shelf for fireplace mantel decor: a vase with flowers, a mirror, an original painting, and candles. Such fireplace ideas will appeal to those who are used to cleanliness and orderliness.

4. Bring 60’s Vibe To The Living Room. Some modern fireplaces are as finely tuned controllable devices as your smartphone, as you can control the flame at your discretion. Such an option is perfect for houses in hi-tech or Scandinavian style.

The existing fireplace emphasizes the original inter-level staircase, the beige shades of the living room, and the warm and pleasant atmosphere. It also brings a futuristic ’60s vibe that you cannot help but like.

5. Modern Rustic Interior Design. Compact fireplaces are worthy competitors to large ones. They can easily create a cozy atmosphere in tiny country houses. An open hearth will bring extra comfort to any home. The firewood wall is both a beautiful decor and a practical solution.


A mantel with candles will remind you of quiet winter evenings with your family in the countryside. You can also put a small coffee table next to the sitting area.

6. Fireplace As Focal Point. A matching fireplace makes an all-white interior even more spectacular. Imagine an open fire in an icy white or any other cold frame. The amber color of the flame will be enhanced and emphasized by the white, making it even brighter.

This crisp white living room interior design is not boring at all: it breathes cleanliness, homeliness, and neatness. Pure perfection!

7. Perfect Fireplace For Bedroom. The fireplace in the bedroom is placed less often than in the living room. But it helps to make the entire space cozier and warmer. Fireplaces can fit into any interior, from rustic to modern minimalist ones.

It can be a natural source of an open fire with a chimney in a large house or a compact electric fireplace in a small apartment. Feel free to install one in your sleeping area for super cozy evenings.

8. Simplicity Is The Source Of Inspiration. Interiors in the style of Provence are dominated by simple shapes, light and delicate shades, floral motifs, and natural materials. Often a fireplace with elegant cladding of ceramic tile, brick, or stone becomes the main decoration of an entire space. It can be found not only in the living room but also in the kitchen and dining areas.

Of course, you can use the mantel to your liking: display all the figurines or leave it as is. Its simple beauty is what makes it unique. Notice how the space immediately fills with warmth!

9. Make It Stand Out. In this photo, we see not an ordinary fireplace but a detached wall with an open hearth. Such separate walls are quite popular nowadays. This one is made in contrasting colors and serves as a partition. How clever!

Natural materials and brick are great for cladding fireplaces. They differ in fire resistance and durability. Instead of marble, your designer may suggest using a chevron pattern: do not worry, it will look just as attractive.

10. Fireplace With Log Storage. Wrought iron or clay elements that can withstand heating are often used to decorate fireplaces. Sometimes figurines, framed photographs, and potted flowers that are unpretentious to temperature changes are placed on the mantel.

This picture radiates warmth. We would like to note that this interior design is sure to fascinate your guests. They will especially love the log storage that is convenient to use.

11. Island Fireplace In Family Room. A modern island fireplace is a striking design solution for a spacious living room. It attracts attention even if the overall look is restrained and minimalistic.

This space features a modern island fireplace. It definitely has its own special charm. Such a fireplace will become the focal point of your house, for sure. So why hesitate?

12. Enjoy The View In Warmth. The decor for such a fireplace is quite difficult to choose, but you can adorn the space with the help of properly arranged furniture. Place poufs and couches, comfortable wooden chairs, coffee tables, and plants.

The floor is neutral, and the glass wall looks very contemporary. It may seem that such a fireplace is impractical, but it is absolutely easy to use.

13. Find Peace Among Books. For owners of spacious apartments, the library evokes a sense of excitement, providing comfort, solitude, and relaxation. Imagine walking through an almost forgotten world where light, wood, and a wall of books are a collective key to immersion.

How can you do without a cozy fire and the perfect sitting area? Use the mantel for photos: they will always remind you of the brightest moments of life.

14. Stone Fireplace For Modern Farmhouse. A stone fireplace is an efficient heating mechanism. For centuries it has been used to warm the home space. Everyone wants a fireplace that is both practical and appealing. Fortunately, it is not a difficult task these days.

A coffee table combined with contemporary chairs creates the perfect corner of the house for a feast. And the custom mantel fully reflects the free spirit of the homeowner.

15. Faux Decorative Fireplace. Nowadays, fireplaces can be found not only in vacation homes and cottages. There are many different options for apartments of any kind. And to make the space attractive, they should be adorned with decorative elements.

How do you like this Victorian-style fireplace? Thanks to its eye-level placement, the mantel draws attention to the main beauty of the room.

16. Brick Fireplace For Rustic Feel. Country-style fireplaces are all the rage nowadays. Are you wondering why? They look natural yet stylish, which is why they are so popular.

There are many fireplace cladding options to choose from. You can finish it with brick to get an old fireplace look or with tile for a glossy effect. Either way, it will look amazing.

17. Liven Up Your Space With Art. If you want to make a new fireplace, consider this option. A favorite technique of many is to decorate the wall with artwork. It can be several small paintings or just a large one.

By the way, plants are the perfect fit for this place. They serve as a focal point and emphasize the calm atmosphere of the room. Such an accent wall can’t leave anyone indifferent.

18. Built-In Fireplace For Dining Room. A cozy hearth can also find its place in modern dining and living rooms. The designer of this project preferred strict minimalism to emphasize clean lines and the airiness of the space. Thus, the built-in fireplace was chosen.

But you can let your imagination run wild with the furniture: upholstery chairs, wooden cabinets, and shelves. As you can see, cladding also plays a crucial role. The white finish harmonizes perfectly with the black trim.

19. Mantel With Faux Greenery. Christmas and New Year are fast approaching, so you should start thinking about decorations. We suggest you do it in advance and take a closer look at this great option.

Incidentally, the fireplace is the second symbol of the Christmas holidays. It is impossible not to note this herringbone pattern. Perfect tile for such a fireplace!

20. Additional Source Of Light. The designer of this project decided to play it safe with an additional light source — a floor lamp. However, keep in mind that choosing the proper lighting will require some knowledge and skills in interior design, especially if your fireplace is black.

A small gray sofa will be a great place for a good rest by the hearth. The black and white contrast looks very modern, elegant, and stylish.

21. White Brick Fireplace To Update Your Home. Laying a brick fireplace with your own hands is within the power of every homeowner who wants to equip his home. But you can always opt for subway tiles to achieve the same look with less effort.

Such interiors fascinate with their contemporary design. There’s nothing better than living in a quiet, comfortable place like this one. Look at this photo for some inspiration!

22. Fall-Inspired Mantel Decor. Any fireplace can be decorated so that your guests will squeal with delight. The perfect fall decorations were created in this family home using faux leaves, pumpkins, gilded mirrors, ribbons, and candles. So can you!

Turn your fireplace into a masterpiece. Change its appearance every season with different decorations. Remember that fireplaces exist not only to provide heat but also to please the eye. What could be better than enjoying chilly nights amidst real beauty?

23. Fireplace Is More Than Just Hearth. The fireplace symbolizes home comfort and family prosperity. As a decorative element, it should be a harmonious continuation of the interior, match the overall appearance and reflect the lifestyle and preferences of the owner.

A fireplace will make your living room look warmer and add a touch of comfort to the space. Try to choose more modern options for yourself.

24. Brutal Fireplace For Real Man. A stone fireplace is an aesthetic, reliable, and functional place for a home hearth, made of environmentally friendly materials. It belongs to the classics and, in most cases, repeats the shape and outlines of wooden structures.

Such rustic fireplace ideas are striking in their simplicity and charm. And the animal skull created a very brutal image of this place. It is best suited for a country hunting lodge.

25. Rose Mantel Garland For Pink Lover. For a romantic atmosphere, paint the room dusty pink and add a rose mental garland. Instead of a real fire, consider a wall-mounted electric fireplace. Thus, you can match the color of the flame to the room and not worry about safety.

If you do not want your mantel to accumulate dust, you can always replace faux flowers with candles and framed photos. After all, it is, first of all, a place to enjoy the heat and pure relaxation.

We hope our list of modern fireplace ideas will help you choose the option to your liking. Take into account all the advice above to turn your home into a dream place. Let coziness and comfort reign in your home!