44 Stylish Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Unique Interior

There are a huge variety of fireplace mantel ideas because there are different types of fireplaces. You can choose an electric fireplace, which looks good in a modern interior. A classic design requires a suitable wooden or stone mantel. Even a gas fireplace can be located in a stylish apartment. We have gathered the best fireplace mantel ideas that can be used in your interior design. Get inspired!

1. Fireplace Mantel with Art Piece. It is much easier to create a Christmas mood with the help of various toys, lights, and fake snow. However, this is only acceptable for a short period. And what about the other seasons? To make the fireplace look good not only on holidays but also through the year, don’t forget about the everyday fireplace mantel decor. Even if you are short on ideas, put one expressive work of art near it and it will transform the look of your fireplace.

2. Fireplace In The Living Room. Decorating a house is a matter of your taste! Its interior is your self-expression. In some houses, paintings or even TVs are hanging over the fireplace. Do you prefer to fill the space above the fireplace mantel in another way?

Look at this combination of mirror and light. You can weigh a sconce near the mirror, and it will be a play of different lights and colors – electric illumination on the wall, natural sunlight, moonlight, or shadows from the window, and the warm radiance from the fireplace.

3. Gilded Frame. In addition to the visual component, safety issues also play an important role. In case you have a fireplace without a mantelpiece, pay attention to the frames and shutters. They are not just decorations, they help you to avoid the danger of uncontrolled fire and sparks. You can choose those that look stylish.

Therefore, it is important to remember that furniture, textiles, and other flammable items should be placed at a distance of no less than one meter away from the front and side surfaces of the fireplace.

4. Focal Point in the Room. Those who have installed or are just about to buy an electric fireplace should remember that it heats up, so you should not use the upper part of the fireplace mantel to place any decor. You can leave it a clear space. Stylish! A cool idea for minimalists! Make the fireplace the center of your room.

5. Yellow Flowers for Your Fireplace. Decorating a mantelpiece is not an easy task. Since the fireplace is usually the central element of the interior, it is important that the mantelpiece catches attention, but doesn’t make the whole look too cluttered. The fireplace design should match the overall style of your interior. You can also experiment with adding some colors. If the decor has textures and tones that remind you of flowers or green stems, it will fill the room with freshness.

In cold seasons, you can use autumn colors, and in spring, add brighter shades. All this can be done with one piece of advice – use different vases and change flowers.

6. Decorate Wall Space Above Fireplace Mantels. Works of fine art seem obvious and even banal options for wall decor. However, there are interesting ways to make this statement incorrect. Art has to be in unusual forms, shapes, materials, etc. A photo in a rectangular frame? Well, there is nothing new about that. Choose something more modern. It’s perfect if the fire from the fireplace illuminates and highlights the artwork.

7. Displaying Hearth. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to put less effort into interior design. Too much decor can be annoying. Visual noise is definitely not recommended. If your fireplace already looks self-sufficient, you should not decorate it more.

Look at this example. The wide wall with the fireplace is lined with wooden panels. It does look stylish. And they hung a TV on the wall. That’s all, that’s enough. If you add more details, you will lose this modern and minimalistic flair.

8. Visual Interest in Your Room. We will never understand what a stylish interior consists of because it is a solid picture. It is impossible to add one detail to turn a mediocre room into a work of art. Such things never happen. You need to perceive the interior design as a whole picture. This example is well illustrated above. If you have panoramic windows with an incredible view, then you do not need to decorate anything. Enjoy nature. This combination of the fireplace and a picturesque view is wonderful.

9. Wood in the Fireplace Mantel Decor. Let’s talk about wood. This natural texture makes everything look better. You can choose a fireplace mantel made of this material. It will be a great decoration. You can also fill a free niche with logs. They will perfectly emphasize the very idea of ​​the fireplace that brings special natural coziness and comfort to your home. Add some sculptures made of recycled wood. They look unique. It can even be just a piece of wood that you brought from the forest. Let your imagination work!

10. Dried Flowers And Stone. If it is appropriate for your interior, feel free to experiment with natural elements such as shells, stones, crystals, or even twigs. The most affordable options are dried flowers and stones. These are the materials you can find easily. Gather some flowers and store them without water. Or dry a bouquet that was presented to you. You can place metal objects, small sculptures, and boxes next to them – such compositions will give your fireplace mantel an exquisite and interesting look.

11. Electric Fireplace Mantel Ideas. Electric fireplace mantel decor ideas are different from traditional fireplace decor. The main reason is a screen with fire – the real hearth doesn’t even seem to look natural. Fans of minimalism can leave the mantelpiece intact.

Alternatively, you can use another screen. Then, the imitation of the top of the fireplace can be hidden from view. The image on the display will help you with this. You are up to choose absolutely any option: geometric shapes, floral prints, bright abstraction, etc. For example, a modern house in a rustic style will benefit from a rug, small pebbles, and large stones.

12. Mantel Shelf without Fireplace. Look at this fireplace mantel that is situated in the corner. In fact, it is just a mantel without a fireplace. Despite that, it looks amazing. Also, it functions as a dressing table. On the other hand, it’s not a secret that a mirror can visually enlarge the space – this is a great option for smaller rooms. So, you kill two birds with one stone. It may be a functional and marvelous place in your home.

13. Simple Mantel. In many modern houses, and especially in city apartments, there is no possibility to equip a full-fledged fireplace. In cases like that designers opt for imitation of such hearths. Install cladding without a furnace. You do not want such an element simple and uninteresting, so it must be properly decorated. Look at the picture, can this idea work for you?

14. Modern Wood in the House Design. A wooden built-in bookshelf is the best option for those who like to read while sitting in front of the fireplace. It is not necessary to make a complete shelf. It depends on your taste. In addition, it is also fine to use book stands. Such decor items tend to easily fit into different interiors.

15. Candlesticks for Mantel Decor. Bricks painted white and a wooden shelf make a great backgroung for all types of decor displays. A mantel design that can really let your creative juices run wild!

16. Decor Ideas with Books. Let’s think about decorating the fireplace inside. Yes, it’s very aesthetic to choose just the mantelpiece and decorate it in an unusual way. Sometimes it is enough to make an imitation of a fireplace. Fans of vintage can put old books inside and decorate mantel tops with various antique items from flea markets – plates, pictures, flowers, frames, bottles, and more.

17. Traditional Mantel Decor in the Living Room. Do you want to add brightness and sophistication to the interior? Vases and figurines are ideal for decorating a mantelpiece. You can safely combine them, experimenting until you get the most satisfying and unique solution.

Another fireplace mantel idea is to put vases of unusually rich colors into the empty fireplace. If you prefer classics, you can use the decor in white or any other pastel shades: ivory, peach, sand, etc. Such solutions also look elegant and refined.

18. Different Heights in the Interior. Designers advise placing photos and paintings on the shelves rather than hanging them on the wall above the fireplace – this way it looks more modern. If you have several frames of different sizes, it is better to put them one after another to create multi-layered compositions.

19. White Candles for White Fireplace. If your fireplace is just an imitation, liven it up. Place several candles of different sizes in the niche. You can find large decorative candles in every market. To feel the warmth of your home, you just need to light them.

20. Playing with Color and Shape. If you want to turn a banal hearth into a gorgeous and unique design object, think about decorating it. As you can see, there are many ideas at your disposal. It is important to choose the one that is perfect for you according to your individual preferences and the interior style of the house or apartment.

Mantel decor may not be in only one color. Look at this photo and imagine how different things would fit into this fireplace if they were only blue or white. Indeed, think about adding various souvenirs on the top of the mantel.

21. Round Mirror, Picture Frame, and Vases. You can put your family photos on such a shelf as depicted above. Be creative in choosing a frame. It should harmonize with the style and material of the fireplace. It is not necessary to overload the surface. The best option is two or three frames of different sizes. Black and white photos in retro style look glamorous and fashionable. Add a mirror, a vase with flowers, and a sculpture. Universal mantel decor is ready!

22. Fireplace Area with Colorful Accents. Use shelves for design. Do you want to turn the fireplace area into a brightly decorated corner of your house? Paint the back wall of the niche with rich colors and install additional shelves. It is possible to place a variety of decor items, picking them up in any order.

23. Classic Fireplace Mantel Decor. One of the most popular variants is decorative tableware. This is an option for apartments and houses decorated in different styles. It could be used for country and province interiors or classical living rooms. The fireplace mantel will be a great place for decorative utensils. Hand-painted plates and dishes on beautiful wooden stands are sure to catch the eye of your guests.

24. Modern Mantel Becomes a Focal Point. If your fireplace already looks like a masterpiece, do not use souvenirs to decorate it. For example, here you can see a vase with fresh fruit placed on the top. This is an extraordinary variant.

25. Living Room for Rest. If you know that you will often use the fireplace, decorate the living room this way. Maybe make a rack for firewood. Why not? It looks marvelous. A beautiful stand filled with real logs would look unusual near the fireplace. It can be natural wood that you will use to light the fireplace. Make it an element of decor.

26. Rustic Mantel Decor. Fireplaces can be placed not only in the living rooms. If this is true in your case and the fireplace is located in the kitchen, organize a mini-bar. You can install a bottle holder in the recess, and put glasses, corkscrews, and other accessories. And your original mini-bar is ready.

27. Open Hearth. Fireplaces can be placed not only in the living rooms. If this is true in your case and you proudly own a fire pit in your backyard, organize a mini-bar. You can install a bottle holder in the recess, and put glasses, corkscrews, and other accessories. And your original mini-bar is ready.

28. Create a Good Light. Try mixing candles and mirrors to get more light. In addition, some sparks from the fireplace. Your room will be extremely cozy!

29. Warm Room. Among all gas fireplaces, you can choose the type that will be operating as your table. Just use it to put wine glasses on top.

30. Brick Fireplace with Shutter. Another interesting design solution is to hang the main mirror in a beautiful frame in the center above the fireplace and place slightly smaller mirrors around it. You’ll achieve an unusual visual effect. Instead of a smaller mirror, you can use a photo in a frame.

31. Fireplace Mantel Made of Brick. Don’t forget about standard fireplace accessories. Use a damper. Buy a special poker. What about a flame fan? Take everything. These things look most organic with a real fireplace. Especially if it is a brick fireplace. It has its special aesthetic value.

32. Modern Fireplaces Are Sculptures. Floor vases are an option for decorating the room around the fireplace. Alternatively, you can put two vases on both sides of the hearth. It is important that they do not interfere with the heating and care for the fireplace.

33. The Centerpiece of Your Room. Brick fireplace mantel ideas bring one unusual option – make the fireplace area in the center of the living room. In this case, you will not need any mantel shelf.

34. Different Walls. Do you collect plates, coins, or models of cars from different countries? Whatever your hobby is, you can place the collection on the shelf to show it to your guests and add individuality to the interior. All of that can be placed above the fireplace, or do not hesitate to dedicate a whole wall to your collection.

35. Total Brick Fireplace. This type of fireplace is probably the most popular one in country style interiors. We recommend decorating only the mantelpiece or the space on the sides. Here are some interesting ideas on how to decorate a functional fireplace.

36. Use Rustic Collection. Wondering how to decorate a fireplace mantel with different things? There are two perfect words for you – flea market. Don’t be shy to use your grandma’s suitcases, boxes, and antique decor items in the attic. These items can be safely used when decorating a fireplace. It is possible to decorate both – a mantelpiece, and a niche.

37. A Large Piece in the Interior. Pay attention to fresh flowers. The safe distance from fire allows you to place plants there. These can be both flowers in pots and cut bouquets in vases. You can put them both down and on the fireplace mantel.

38. Artwork as Fireplace Mantel Decor. Rule number one when decorating a fireplace – find a balance between items. Usually, one large object, such as a mirror or a painting, is used as the base, and small details fill the surrounding space. These can be vases, candlesticks, etc.

39. Blue and White, Tall and Square. Balancing objects of different sizes and shapes will help to create a composition that is pleasing to the eye and interesting. Look at this example – we see a good work with shapes (oval, square), colors (white, blue, dark), and items (tall candles and a painting in frame).

40. Hearth in the Middle of the Room. If your home has a lot of printed materials that are scattered throughout the room, put them in the fireplace niche. Of course, if you want to find the right book, you have to spend a lot of time searching for it, but everything will be neat and stored in one place.

41. Add Some Things from Flea Market. Arrange family photos in frames that harmonize in style with your interior. Do not interfere with a few candlesticks or just large and fragrant candles. In this place, you can conveniently put your favorite books from beloved authors. Some potted plants are quite comfortable on the shelves of the hearth.

You can constantly change the composition, adding new items, travel souvenirs, and cute figurines.

42. Big Mirror Instead Of Wall. Make an art display! You need to buy a frame or a mirror the size of your fireplace. If you’ve made up your mind to put a painting, know that it is recommended to coordinate it with other paintings available in your home, and in this room in particular.

43. Wooden Shelf Is a New Mantel. It is not necessary to place objects symmetrically – such pictures can be boring. Instead of putting a vase on either side of the mantelpiece, you can put a vase on one side and balance it with a group of candlesticks or other items that would have about the same visual weight.

44. Greenery in the Living Room. It is better not to put live plants on the shelf, as excess heat will have a detrimental effect on their development. Today, you can easily find some original artificial flowers which at first glance are indistinguishable from the real ones. This is a good alternative to decorating the fireplace.

We hope that our ideas inspire you, and your home will be decorated with a beautiful fireplace! These mantel fireplace ideas are extremely diverse. You can use some of them or mix several of our suggestions. For the fans of minimalism, it will be a good idea to choose only the finest details for their interior. Make your fireplace mantel fancy, fashionable, creative, cozy, stylish, unique, or even extraordinary. Choose the decor you like the most.