30 Fabulous Girl Bedroom Ideas Any Girl Will Love

We have prepared 30 examples of how to arrange a girl’s bedroom. Here you will find options for toddlers, those who go to school for the first time, and teen girls. Not only the decor of the room is essential, but also the overall functionality since the young lady will spend a lot of time there. Pay attention to what your daughter likes and what interests her. Take these girls’ bedroom ideas as an example and upgrade her room.

1. Refresh Interior With Playful Designs. In addition to a place for sleeping, the children’s room usually includes a play area and sports corner. While the interior design should match the overall style of the house, it’s okay to add pops of color and fun prints to brighten up the space. Educational posters and pictures can also be hung to create an interactive and stimulating environment.

Consider the neutral design in the following way: if you remove all the knick-knacks and toys, it will not be obvious that it is a baby girl’s bedroom.

2. Save Space With Bunk Beds. To save space in the girls’ bedroom, put bunk beds. This option is not only for those who have two daughters. If friends or cousins often come to your daughter for an overnight stay, there will be an extra place to sleep.

In addition, children love all kinds of climbing and unusual recreation areas. You can choose both non-standard models and modified ones with additional ladders, ropes, etc. Consider it a simplified version of the sports corner.

3. Focal Point For Little Girl’s Bedroom. The best thing you can do is focus on one thing when decorating a girl’s room if you haven’t got a lot of ideas. It will be the main feature of her residence and, perhaps, of the whole house.

For example, you can hang a cocoon chair where a little girl can read and fantasize in solitude. Get a mannequin of her height if she likes to dress up and sew. She will be able to show her design talent on it. For animal lovers, organize a petting zoo with goldfish, hamsters, guinea pigs, iguanas, or something even more exotic.

4. Turn Blank Canvas Into Accent Wall. Designing a girl’s bedroom is a terrific opportunity to show your imagination and create a comfortable kid’s space. However, do not get too carried away with creativity by turning a place where a child should play into a coloring page.

To prevent it from being too showy, make only one feature wall. Also, choose the colors carefully. The art on the wall can be a daughter’s favorite cartoon or fairy-tale characters, animals, etc.

5. Natural Light VS Artificial Light. Consider several lighting scenarios for the girl’s bedroom. Changing the lighting will let you create different moods. The natural light that streams in from the windows can be controlled with roller shutters, allowing you to adjust the amount of light. Hang an ordinary chandelier with different lighting modes. And perhaps with several color modes.

You can also install a sconce or a floor lamp next to the bed. What about garlands glowing with magical lights?

6. Create Lightness And Airiness With White Paint. Girls need their own space, but it’s a serious task for parents. For your little princess to like this place, it is vital to consider her age and individual preferences. It is also the choice of the proper finishing materials: safe, beautiful, and pleasant to the touch.

It can be challenging to keep up with fashion trends and create a girl’s bedroom according to expert recommendations. The best approach is to take your time and consider the interior designer’s advice, but not necessarily follow it blindly. A classic white bedroom will always be a timeless choice. Light shades are calming and provide a blank canvas for adding pops of color with toys, textiles, and posters.

7. Perfect Example Of A Queen Size Bed. It is important to prioritize your health at all stages of life, but it is especially crucial during childhood. Proper care during this time can help prevent the need for treatment and corrective measures in adulthood. With this in mind, we want to discuss the importance of having a comfortable bed for children.

Besides comfort, it’s also about correct posture, a healthy spine, quality sleep, and everything else related. Choose an anatomical mattress of a queen size to prevent your little girl from falling off it when she grows up.

8. More Space And Extra Storage. For a child’s workplace, you can get a separate desk or some furnishings with shelves and bookcases. It is also worth paying attention to the furniture that combines several functions simultaneously.

In the photo, we see such an example. It is a comfortable place to sit down, change your shoes, or get dressed. Your child can also use it as a shelf for books, toys, and knick-knacks.

9. Bright Pink For Girl’s Bedroom. Let’s imagine that a girl has a whole collection of dolls. Therefore, it is important to create a special place for them that fits into the overall style of the room.

Match the basic tones of the interior to your daughter’s temperament. Maybe even give her the opportunity to choose for herself. Even if you personally don’t like it very much, you should consider the child’s decision. Anyway, repairs may need to be redone in a few years, as children’s preferences often change as they grow into teenagers.

10. Don’t Limit Your Choice Only To Pink. Girls’ rooms are often decorated with pink wallpaper, dolls, toys, etc. But the design of a space for a teenager should be more mature. After all, when the child grows up, toys lose their relevance, as well as childishly painted walls. And functional needs are different.

We suggest decorating it in neutral tones. For example, leave the white walls as they are and choose matching white furniture. In this case, the daughter’s room becomes more versatile. She can occasionally change textiles, posters, toys, souvenirs, etc. It will help give the space a fresh look.

11. Make It Fun For Your Child. It is crucial to supplement kids’ rooms with a variety of toys and games. And, of course, it requires a convenient storage system. Chests of drawers and lockers will help maintain order and teach the children to clean up after themselves.

It is worth creating a magical atmosphere for them. Stickers on the walls will help with this. You can draw the cartoon characters yourself or invite a professional artist. There are also special stencils that you can use. If the kid shows interest, you can do it together.

12. Floor Space For Little Girl. First of all, you need to take care of your kid’s safety. It is especially crucial when it comes to children who are still at preschool age. Only items that the little girl can reach and potentially interact with should be kept within easy access. In addition, all surfaces on which a child can climb must be safe to descend.

Therefore, use the floor space as a play area, allowing your toddler to crawl, have fun, and not get hurt. Feel free to set up a tent for this purpose. The floor should be splinter-free and warm enough. Or you can always put down a carpet or rug.

13. Loft Bedroom As Blank Canvas. At the age of 11-12, it is appropriate to design a bedroom for a teenage girl that reflects her interests and maturing style. While a play area may not be necessary, it is important to consider functional and aesthetic elements that suit the teenager’s needs and preferences. Forget about toys and piles of unnecessary stuff. Simplify and make it cozy.

The color scheme can have a stressful effect on the psyche, so the challenge for parents is to find a way to avoid it. On the contrary, after the school day, the young lady should be able to rest in her room. Instead of acid colors, choose pastel ones.

14. Enough Storage For Good Housekeeping. A girl’s room is a place where your daughter can express herself, have fun, and create whatever she wants. So make a special creative corner of the house.

For young ladies with artistic interests, having a comfortable and organized space where all the necessary materials and tools are easily accessible is a must. In the flow of creativity and imagination, it is vital not to waste time looking for little things. Let the space reflect her lifestyle. Consider everything from this point of view!

15. Bold Colors Are Always A Great Idea. Usually, girls ask to do the interior in pink tones. Sometimes they also emphasize that there should be a lot of pinks, while parents prefer to use colors in moderation. That’s why it’s worth finding a compromise together.

We suggest a solution! Consider bright pink textiles, which the young owner of the room likes, and all the main furniture in neutral colors.

16. Canopy Bed Is On Trend. Even though the room may be small, it is possible to create a bright, cozy, and functional space. To avoid a cluttered look, it is best to use a minimal amount of furniture and decorations.

Simplifying is always a beneficial bedroom idea. A single bed, a place for storage, and, if necessary, a workplace and cozy chair — what else is needed? Make the bed a focal point of the room if you want to keep it minimalist.

17. Bedroom Idea For Young Fashionistas. In addition to the standard list of furniture for a girl’s room, you can add a vanity table. A compact makeup area with a mirror will appeal to a young lady. It will harmoniously decorate the room rather than take up space.

If your daughter enjoys pretending to be an adult and going to events such as balls, it is a great way to spark creativity and imagination. It can also be a great storage place for hair accessories and other personal items.

18. Clutter-Free Closet As Feature Wall. It is important to provide functional storage solutions, such as a closet, built-in cabinets, or a separate dresser. Having such furniture can not only help to keep the room tidy, but it can also encourage the little girl to be more responsible and take care of her belongings.

A well-organized space can make it easier for her to find what she needs and maintain a sense of order in her surroundings. By teaching a teenager to be mindful of possessions, you can help her develop life skills that will serve well as she grows and matures.

19. Feature Wall With Built-In Bookshelf. A window with a seating area is a real find for a children’s room! It can be used as a reading zone for a young bookworm or a rest spot after active games.

A built-in bookshelf will immediately solve storage problems. Paint it pink to bring fun to the girl’s room. In addition, this bedroom idea is suitable for children to host their friends.

20. Let Your Daughter Choose Theme. When creating the design for the room, remember to consult with the future owner to ensure it reflects their interest and youthful personality. Additionally, it can be helpful to look at examples of beautiful modern-style interiors to get some inspiration and girls’ bedroom ideas.

For instance, if your daughter loves Barbie, you should consider it during remodeling. You could even make her favorite toy the centerpiece of the room.

21. Delicate Shades For Younger Girls. Here we see a soft combination of peach, olive, and beige. Without overloading with shades, you will get a bright room. In such a place, a young lady will definitely be very cozy and comfortable.

Please note that light and bright shades evoke positive emotions. Avoid using too many dark colors when decorating a children’s room, as they can have a negative impact on a person’s psyche and perception.

22. Take Care Of Proper Furniture. Designing a girls’ room can be challenging, especially for those who have never done it before. Be sure to make the following areas: a play zone, a place to sleep, and a corner for creativity or study.

Children under three years old will not particularly appreciate the original design, so it is important to prioritize comfort. Allocate space for a crib, changing table, and chair for parents.

Once a child reaches one year old, they will become more active and curious, and any sharp objects in the room could pose a risk. Instead, opt for furniture with soft, rounded edges to ensure the toddler’s safety.

23. One Wall Storage Girls’ Bedroom Idea. Pay attention to the Scandinavian style. Its feature is the use of natural materials and simple forms. Also, you will not see a house in the Scandinavian style cluttered with furniture — only functionality, no unnecessary decor.

If you plan the interior of the girls’ room with thought and care, it will be a place of both practicality and fun, with plenty of storage space for all of their belongings and enough room for them to play with their favorite toys.

24. Girl’s Bedroom Idea With Tulle. Little girls who sometimes imagine themselves as princesses will appreciate the beautiful design of this bedroom. The harmonious combination of furniture and fabrics allows children to feel like they are in a palace. Such classic interiors are well combined with a canopy that hangs over the bed and serves as a curtain.

It is worth paying attention to the Provence style. It features the use of numerous floral motifs and shades of pink, purple, and lavender. It is also known for its warmth and beauty, which create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the house.

25. Smart Bedroom Zoning Is A Key. Sometimes it is not possible to allocate separate kid’s rooms in the house. In this case, you should use the zoning rules. That is, conditionally divide the room into several zones and assign the space for different needs.

For example, do not just put a bed, but create a sleeping area — with a small bedside table, carpet, lamp, etc. The same applies to the workplace. Do not limit it to a desk for homework, but to a table with a chair and shelves. Thus, despite the limited space, the girl will feel that she has her own corner. And you will not have to redo other rooms.

26. Wall Decoration Girls’ Bedroom Ideas. The most popular option for a children’s room is wallpaper. They are environmentally friendly and easy to stick as well as remove. Some modern models can be cleaned with water and detergents. Moreover, today there is a vast selection of wallpaper: single-colored, with prints and various textures.

Instead of standard wallpaper or whitewashing the walls, you can combine the two methods. Hang framed prints on painted walls.

27. Girls’ Bedroom Idea For Teenagers. The children’s room does not necessarily have to look like a nursery. Let it be cool and functional. Make the bedroom versatile in terms of color scheme and decor so that anyone can live in it.

Also, take care of a workplace with a soft seat. As for furniture, modern manufacturers have made sure that everything in the room does not have to be changed every year as the child grows. Give preference to such designs that you can change yourself whenever it is necessary.

28. Furniture In Girls’ Bedroom Ideas. When decorating a little girl’s bedroom, make it simple and restrained. Consider the following nuances: possible relocation of furniture, well-planned lighting, switches, and sockets.

Keep only the most essential items in the room while your daughter is still a baby, and add or remove items as she grows and her needs change. You should not furnish the room with a desk and a wardrobe if the child does not even know how to sit yet.

29. Teen Years Girls’ Bedroom Ideas. There comes a time when the daughter is getting older, and toys and pink wallpaper are losing their relevance. For example, in Eleanor Porter’s book “Pollyanna,” the main character imagines that her bedroom is decorated with pictures on the walls, just like in a grown-up’s room. She also wanted beautiful wallpaper, pillows for the bed, and curtains for the window. Perhaps your daughter also shares similar desires!

The main feature in decorating a bedroom for a teenager is not in the items but in the approach. It is worth taking into account the opinion of the young owner of the room. The task of parents is to guide their child’s dreams in the right direction, combining aesthetics and fashion with practicality and functionality.

30. Add Vintage Finds. In the process of decorating a girl’s bedroom, asking her what she thinks about one thing or another is essential. Find out exactly what your daughter would like to see in her room. It can lead to an original idea.

As decorative elements, you can use posters and paintings, figurines, caskets, photo frames, and pillows. But this is not the end of the list of options. Sometimes it’s a great idea to check out a flea market. Maybe the young lady would be interested in collecting something? What about potted plants or flowers?

For a girl’s room, it is vital to make it comfortable for its owner. Perhaps she needs a lot of home decor to make her feel cozy. Or maybe lots of soft toys are perfect for her. What about plants? Some children love bright rooms. And the color choice is not limited to blue or pink. Everything is individual, so the best decision about a girl’s room is to talk and decide together!