25 Stunning Purple Room Ideas for 2024 You Will Love

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom, incorporating purple into your decor is a great way to achieve that. In this article, we’ve rounded up 25 trendy purple bedroom ideas along with decorating tips and photos to inspire your next bedroom makeover.

25 Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas for Creating a Comfortable Space

Whether you aim to create a bold and dramatic look or a soothing and relaxing ambiance, with its versatility and range of shades – from deep, moody shades to soft pastels – purple can set the mood for your space. From bold accent walls to plush bedding, these purple bedroom decorating ideas will help you create the perfect purple haven.

1. Elegant Purple and Gray Bedroom. This purple master bedroom should be added to the dictionary next to the word ‘gorgeous’. Skillfully mixing in traditional elements, like rococo wall ornaments or grand artwork, with classical motifs on the wall with contemporary features, like a futuristic lighting fixture and streamlined furniture, it is positively breathtaking.

2. Modern Light Purple Room. Tired of omnipresent pastel pinks and blues in bedroom interiors? Using cool and subtle lilacs and lavenders is a great alternative that helps you achieve a serene and inviting feel to the space. These shades are light enough to add visual interest and can also be used as a neutral background for accessories like art and patterned textiles.

3. Aesthetic Dark Purple Bedroom. Completely obsessed with the color purple? Don’t let anything stop you from decorating your bedroom purple floor-to-ceiling! Opt for intense delicious eggplant and grape hues for a dramatic and mystical atmosphere. Keep the furniture in the room minimal to avoid distractions from the hypnotic aesthetic.

4. Unusual Purple and Brown Bedroom Design. If you pursue a more mature look, start with neutrals and browns to give the purple room aesthetic a more sophisticated feel. This purple room decor has incorporated mauve and burgundy accents to contrast with the lighter wall and floor color. The furniture pieces are made of dark wenge wood for added contrast.

5. Statement Purple and Black Bedroom. This royal purple bedroom screams luxury and lavishness! Designed within a black and purple color scheme, it is enhanced by pearly white and silver accents to create an elegant ambiance. The walls are painted black for a composed look, while the ceiling, window curtains, and bedding are white to balance out the dark wall color. A massive crystal chandelier makes a perfect finishing touch to this purple bedroom’s decor.

6. Different Shades of Purple. Are you after purple room ideas that help create a soothing and multidimensional sleeping space? Layer various gentle shades of purple, ranging from subtle mauves to deep berry hues. This technique brings harmony and depth to the space. In this comfy purple bedroom, multiple delicate hues are combined with different textures to create a romantic and peaceful aesthetic.

7. Futuristic Violet Room Design. Despite the use of simple furniture shapes, this cutting-edge purple master bedroom exudes an ultra-modern and innovative feel. Although the pale violet color is dominant in this bedroom, the inky purple detailing provides structure to the design and enriches the color scheme without overwhelming other design elements.

8. Glamorous Purple and Silver Room. Adding purple as an accent color can add vibrancy to a neutral bedroom design, especially when paired with light gray walls and silver decor. Use purple bedroom accessories, such as cushions and curtains in bold tones, intricate patterns, and rich textures to bring visual interest to the sleeping space.

9. Violet, Lilac & Lavender Color Scheme. If you place a premium on rest and relaxation, a highly thought-through design that reflects your idea of comfort and personal aesthetic is exactly what you need. Need some inspo? Check out how the soothing shades of lilac, lavender, and violet bring out the best in this purple room decor, creating balance, harmony, and a restful atmosphere.

10. Minimalist Purple, Black and White Bedroom Combination. Instantly elevate the luxurious feel of your bedroom by incorporating a wave-shaped headboard with a timeless padded design. This style can help transform a previously bland space into a restful haven with minimal furnishings. To maintain the minimalist vibe of the space, restrain the purple room accessories to several pieces in vibrant magenta.

11. Cozy Pillows for a Purple Room Decor. Create a warm and comfortable space with cushy velvety throws and flannel linens adorned with chevron patterns. Start with walls in a delicate thistle shade and incorporate textured purple fabrics. A soft neutral carpet will help balance the color scheme and keep it subdued. If your room can’t boast a high ceiling, opt for low-profile furniture to create visual balance.

12. Bright Purple Lights. Using soft and delicate shades of purple can create a gentle and beautiful variation of purple bedroom ideas. Introducing lilac bedding or throws can provide an eye-catching pop of contrast in light purple and cream bedrooms. Additional pastel colors, such as aqua or sage green, can create an interesting and dynamic color scheme.

13. Stunning Plum Colored Room. Purple is an excellent choice for an accent color as it can add dimension to a purple room’s decor. Incorporating purple throw pillows, area rugs, drapes, or comforter sets in a white bedroom can give a contemporary feel. For rooms with mostly neutral colors, adding touches of plum hues can create a warm atmosphere.

14. Floral Pink and Purple Room Decorations. Create a princess look with these stunning bedroom ideas for a girl in purple tones! Use a light purple shade for the feature wall and get a bedding set in a matching color. Partnering this shade with bright pink creates a truly fairy-tale castle atmosphere.

15. Purple Curtains in a Room Decor. Using curtains in a bedroom is a great way to incorporate color into a simple design. This specific purple bedroom’s design features soft mauve curtains that give a feminine touch and emphasize the floral print on the bedding.

16. Purple Accent Walls in a Bedroom. Searching for bold purple bedroom ideas? Using dark colors in bedrooms has become a trendy choice for those seeking a refined atmosphere. Limit a rich eggplant hue to an accent wall to make your bedroom feel lighter. This shade can create a lavish and enveloping ambiance and works well with tea greens and creams to achieve a dramatic yet inviting look.

17. Royal Purple and Gold Bedroom Ideas. For home owner’s of palatial rooms with soaring ceilings, we offer to go all out with purple room ideas. Painting both walls and ceiling an intense purple paint and opting for a dark wood floor, heightens the grandiose opulent effect. Deck your purple bedroom with gold accessories and deluxe textiles to support the royal feel.

18. Plum Colored Bedding Set. To achieve a warm and inviting ambiance in your bedroom, consider using delicious colors such as plum, grape, or wine, which have deep and rich red undertones. These hues can make purple-colored bedrooms feel cozy and intimate. Warm earthy shades of walls, floorboards, and furniture pair well with these colors and make a great choice for those who love homely interior design.

19. Bohemian Style Room Design. Striving to create a chic and inviting purple bedroom with a bohemian touch? Ramp up the layers of drapery and consider merging other startling shades along with purple room decorations. Use colors like cream, peach, and reseda green to create a cohesive and soothing color scheme for the bedroom.

20. Purple Complementary Art in a Bedroom Design. If ideas of a painting for a purple bedroom seem obsolete, go for an accent wall watercolor art in beautiful shades of purple. It’s one of the most creative purple room decoration ideas as it speaks volumes about your personality and style choices.

21. Purple and Green Room for a Hint of Nature. For those who enjoy bold colors, consider using royal purple decorations for bedrooms paired with a contrasting moss green for an eye-catching look in your bedroom. Both purple and green share the same blue pigment, making them a smashing color combination, that evokes a sense of being out in nature.

22. Bedroom Design with Mauve Soft Carpets. To add depth to your purple bedroom without overwhelming it, consider using a paint color that has a subtle hint of purple, such as a light shade of white with just a touch of mauve. For a pleasant and calming atmosphere, accessorize with mauve accents, such as pillow shams, faux fur throws, and wall decor.

23. Purple Bedroom Ideas for Adults. Create a luxurious bedroom with a regal touch by incorporating dark shades of purple using a color-blocking technique. A wall panel in a deep grape shade adds interest to an otherwise monotonous lilac headboard wall, while thick curtains in the same grape hue create blocks of color across the wall with windows. Use materials such as velvet, satin, and dark wood to achieve a high-quality and expensive look.

24. Magenta Teenage Bedroom. Rather than opting for an all-purple bedroom, a cute alternative for teenagers is to use a vibrant magenta bedspread on a queen-size bed. This purple tone can become the main highlight of the room, adding a cozy charm to your sleeping space. Pairing the bedspread with neutral furniture can help balance out the boldness of the color.

25. Purple Kids’ Room. Last but not least, purple is a fantastic option for decorating children’s rooms! Kids will adore the fun and playful vibe of a purple bedroom. Consider using soft purples like lilac and lavender on the walls to create a peaceful yet imaginative atmosphere that encourages self-expression. Purple also pairs well with neutral colors, so you can easily incorporate purple accents as your child grows and their preferences evolve.

Tips for Creating a Timeless Purple Bedroom

Ready to give those purple bedroom ideas a try? Here’s how to do it like a pro:

  • Consider the mood you want to create. Darker hues like eggplant or fig can elicit intense emotions and create a dramatic effect, while softer shades tend to evoke a sense of calmness, relaxation, and tranquility.
  • Use purple as an accent color. If you’re unsure about using purple as the main color in your bedroom, consider using it as an accent color instead. For example, you could use purple curtains, throw pillows, or an area rug to add a jolt of color to a neutral bedroom.
  • Pair purple with complementary colors. Purple pairs well with colors like white, gray, and beige. Use these neutral colors to balance out the purple and create a cohesive look in your bedroom.
  • Mix and match patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns in your purple bedroom. Try pairing a floral duvet cover with a geometric rug or mixing different shades of purple in your throw pillows.
  • Use texture to add depth. Adding different textures to your purple bedroom decor can help add depth and visual interest. Consider using a plush purple rug, velvet throw pillows, or a quilted bedspread to add texture to the room.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating purple into your bedroom decor can add a touch of elegance, luxury, and tranquility to your space. Whether you choose to go bold with rich, deep hues or keep it light and airy with soft pastels, there are endless ways to make purple work for your bedroom. We hope these 25 trendy purple bedroom ideas have given you inspiration and practical tips to create your dream purple oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several colors that go well with purple, including white, gray, black, pink, and blue. The choice depends on the shade of purple and the desired mood or style.

To make purple bedroom walls look good, consider complementing them with neutral-colored bedding and decor, using metallic accents for a touch of glamour, or pairing them with a contrasting color such as yellow or green.

Purple can work well in various rooms, but it's especially popular for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. It can create a homely, calming, and elegant ambiance in these spaces.

To make a purple bedroom look more grown up, choose a rich, deep shade of purple and complement it with neutral colors like white or gray. Use elegant furnishings and decor such as velvet fabrics, metallic accents, and sophisticated lighting.