20 Elegant Black and White Bathroom Designs for a Stylish Retreat

The black and white scheme is a perfect choice for homeowners looking to create an elegant and timeless bathroom design. From tiles and fixtures to hardware and mirror framing, ways to combine black and white are virtually endless. Here are 20 amazing examples of black and white bathroom designs to inspire you for a stylish transformation.

1. Black Floor, White Walls. This dazzling bathroom is teeming with interesting details, so the neutral white and black combo is just the right choice to keep things balanced. A Crittall-style shower enclosure with subway tile walls, diagonal tile flooring, accent wooden crown molding, and an oval-shaped tub make for a truly sophisticated look.  

2. Elegant Accents. A few black accents can add style and personality to any all-white bathroom. A couple of black shelves, a black Crittall-style splash panel, and a mirror framed in black are perfectly complemented by the black-and-white Moroccan-style tile flooring. At the same time, the white items have simple shapes to create a subdued backdrop.

3. Bold Tile Pattern. Accent black and white shower tiles flowing into the floor is just enough for a bathroom to stand out. When choosing an eye-catching design like this, make sure to keep all the other elements low-key.

4. Clean Lines. Using more white in black and white bathroom designs is a way to go if you want to create an ambiance of space and light. Moroccan-style floor tile pattern, mirror frames, and the matte black light fixture make up an elegant combo of black elements.

5. Accent Walk-In Shower. This is an excellent example of a few distinctive details making a bathroom look impressively stylish! Oversized subway tiles in the walk-in shower perfectly combine with a minimalist framed panel for a modern industrial feel. In contrast, an oval-shaped tub and gray floor tiles do a great job softening the total look of this bathroom.

6. Embracing the Textiles. This boudoir-style bathroom looks really cozy and inviting. Not a typical bathroom vibe, this coziness is achieved through textiles and decorative elements. The classic chandelier, curtains, and freestanding tub combine so well with subway shower tiles, creating a trendy transitional ensemble.

7. Black Hardware. Contrasting black hardware on the white shower bathtub combo and cabinets is another option to make a stylish statement. The black and white tile floor with a pattern resembling pebbles serves as a bright accent, balancing the overall color scheme.

8. Pinch of Gold. Monochrome black and white bathroom designs acquire a totally new feel when complemented with a few matching warm shades like green and gold. Still, there’s even more to this bathroom: herringbone tile pattern in the shower, an oval-shaped vessel sink, and sophisticated pendant lights add elegance and personality to the space.

9. Timeless Classic. The black and white color scheme is an excellent choice for classic bathroom designs. While the classic feel is achieved through the freestanding tub, traditional vanity, and rectangular mirror, subway tiles add a contemporary touch to this bathroom.

10. Leaves & Honeycombs. Black and white are ultimately neutral colors, which allows you to combine various patterns and textures without overloading the space. Black and white wall tiles with a floral pattern, hexagonal tiles on the floor, and the marble vanity countertop create a wonderfully eclectic feel to please the eye.

11. Classic Appeal. A black and white floor tile with Moroccan motifs is an excellent choice to spice up a classic bathroom design. Timber and seagrass add an organic feel to this bathroom, while the black shower panel, mirror frames, and hardware help ensure a harmonious look.

12. Trendy and Chic. If you’re looking to embrace transitional style, consider copying this eye-catching concept. This bathroom combines the contemporary industrial design with the classic style. While the industrial feel is achieved through the black and white color scheme and geometric tile patterns, the freestanding tub and chandelier make for a classic boudoir look.

13. Thunder Already Stolen. Black and white pattern tile like this grabs all the attention, so avoid overwhelming your space with other bold elements. Instead, go for simple shapes and patterns, for example, subway tiles and contrasting lines.

14. Touch of Pink. This bathroom features equal portions of black and white with a pinch of refreshing pink, resulting in an ultimately elegant look. Soft shapes, marble-effect tiles, and wall art add even more charm to this lovely bathroom.

15. All Eyes on the Shower Box. This dark and moody bathroom is all about elegance, style, and maximum comfort. A huge shower box with a shelf and a bench is adorned with penny floor tiles and graphite subway tiles on the sides, perfectly matching the overall color scheme. 

16. Full of White, Full of Light. White is the best choice to make an attic bathroom feel airier and more spacious. Also, make sure the floor has a color and pattern different from the walls — this helps create the effect of a higher ceiling.

17. Modern Feel. Done primarily in gray, this stylish bathroom features a few white and black accents that make it look really stunning. Rectangular shapes and wall-hung fixtures help create a contemporary feel.

18. Natural Charm. Black and white are renowned for combining well with all the other colors and textures, timber being no exception. The wooden panel looks so in place with the black and white tile floor and white subway tiles on the walls.

19. Read Between the Lines. The black and white color scheme helps highlight clean lines and angles in a bathroom. To make the most of this effect, set the white as a background and add some eye-grabbing black details.

20. Concrete Evidence. A concrete accent wall flowing into the floor adds a fabulous texture and architectural feel to this black and white bathroom. At the same time, wall-hung fixtures and an enormous mirror make it look more spacious and airier.

Final Thoughts

The black and white color scheme is versatile and timeless. Combining black and white in bathroom designs allows for creating a broad spectrum of aesthetics, from classic to contemporary. Solid color or patterned tiles, fixtures and hardware, shower doors and textiles, and even wall art — there’s sufficient material to mix and match for a unique black and white bathroom design.