40 Delightful Kids’ Shared Bedroom Ideas

Having a shared bedroom is often an unavoidable reality for siblings. But that doesn’t mean it has to be an unappealing one! With the right combination of creativity and pragmatism, you can create a shared bedroom space that’s functional as well as comfortable and fun.

In this article, we’ll provide 40 ideas on designing kid-friendly shared bedrooms – from smart storage solutions to paint color ideas – so you can rest assured everyone in your home will have the perfect place to study, play, listen to music or relax.

Shared Bedroom for Small Spaces

Finding a way to maximize space and make the most of it in kid’s rooms can be quite challenging. This is especially true when dealing with a tight space. Here are a few inspiring examples proving the mission is possible along with the useful hacks to know!

1. Think Built-In Furniture First. A great way to squeeze two beds into a small space is by using built-in furniture. This may relate to both cupboards, shelves, and beds themselves — a great solution for making the shared kids’ room feel airy and not cluttered.

2. Look for Bunk Beds with Storage. Beds and furniture don’t take up nearly as much space when bunked, making traditional bunk beds a perfect solution for kids sharing a small bedroom. Additionally, bunk beds are not only efficient but fun for kids, giving them another area to explore and play. For extra storage solutions for the kids’ things in the small space, bespoke bunk beds with drawers built into the steps provide ample storage without taking up more floor area.

3. Envision Under-Bed Storage. Under-bed storage can help you get the most out of limited square footage. Try looking for beds that come with storage drawers under the base. Depending on the size and shape of your bedroom, these space-saving forms of under-bed storage might offer enough organization and storage options to make shared kids’ bedrooms a reality in even the smallest of spaces.

4. Make Bulky Furniture Match the Wall Paint. If you have two or more kids, you often need to fit in a large dresser that looks cumbersome and imposing. To avoid this effect, make little folks furniture floor to ceiling high and let it look like part of the wall. White on white will be one of the best solutions, but you may also turn it into a statement accent wall.

It is better that a double desk — another must-have for small shared rooms for siblings — has minimalist design and matches the rest of the furniture.

5. Focus on the Bedroom’s Core Mission. Draw inspiration from master bedrooms and focus on some stylish bedroom decor, while organizing a study in a separate space. Small kids might not need much storage space, so you may focus entirely on the cozy sleep and play zone.

Different Age Kids’ Shared Room

Designing a shared bedroom for different ages and stages may seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be — with some creative and thoughtful planning, any parent can create a shared room that works for both a younger child and an older sibling.

To ensure that no one feels left out or crowded, visually separate a bed and a crib area. Finishing touches like wall art and throw pillows give the shared bedroom idea a lasting impression and accessorize the shared haven perfectly.

If you have two teens sharing one room, consider twin beds that have some sort of a divider between them. This will provide a better sense of privacy for the growing individuals.

Boy and Girl Room Ideas

Creating a shared bedroom for a boy and a girl can be incredibly challenging, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to teach the importance of respect, communication, and collaboration in their own living environment. When it comes to decorating a room for a boy and a girl, there are two main routes to go:

1. Gendered Approach. Choosing a gendered approach, you clearly designate the kids’ private areas with soft blue and pink colors and thematic decor. No need to paint the whole room; a lovely idea is to have a bed frame or even bedding that speaks of a gender. You may support the theme with wall art or plush toys too.

2. Gender-Neutral Approach. Mind that the shared kids’ room needs to appeal to both inhabitants, so gender-specific themes are not always encouraged. White, beige, sage and gray paints, as well as yellow and terra cotta accents, are great gender-neutral colors to use in a boy and girl bedroom. Complement the design with a name decor or pieces that showcase the kids’ personalities. By doing this, you can create a peaceful space that both kids will love!

An important part of creating a shared room is creating enough personal space for each child. Reading nooks with canopy or dividers can provide each child with his/her own space without closing off the entire room from each other.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brothers

When it comes to boys’ shared bedroom ideas, use one of the boy bedroom themes to make the idea of sharing one room more appealing for siblings. An outer space mural or rocket ship bedding provides a striking focal point for young boys who love science and technology. If your family loves sports, think about mounting a basketball hoop, adding soccer net pennants, or creating a scoreboard wall with stick-on decals.

You can also choose some boys’ room themes like superheroes, trucks, or dinosaurs, designate space for train tracks or get a fun carpet with a racing map. Just take care to discuss all the ideas with your boys and make sure they find common ground!

Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas

Sisters often have less rivalry than brothers, so while they may have individual styles, having them agree to a girl room design might be an easier task. Canopy beds, four poster beds, and soft furnishings provide the perfect place to cuddle, snuggle, chat, or read books. You may also add interest and bright colors through wallpaper feature wall. Finally, finish off with soft cushions and throws for an added touch of comfort and coziness.

Consider adding a vanity corner to nurture self love and self care in your girls. With these inspiring bedroom ideas for girls, they’ll be dreaming sweetly in no time!

Bedrooms Shared by Three Siblings

When more than two kids share one bedroom, it can be difficult to find the right balance of function and style. You will unlikely find enough floor space for all single beds, but giving each child a sleeping space of their own is a must. Bunk beds, daybeds, trundles, and more can ensure that the kids have enough room while adding an element of fun.

Still short on space? Look for any unused space in your house and consider moving some elements of shared kids’ room interior design there. For example, there are some really cool basement study and play zone ideas. Or, you may opt for an attic bedroom and use the kids’ room as a study to allow ample storage and desk space.

To round up, when it comes to siblings sharing a room, a great idea is to assign each child their own space. Whether that means twin beds or one bunk bed, designating specific spaces will allow them each to have some control and autonomy over the area that they occupy.

Kids’ rooms should leave enough space for storage and organization too, so consider giving siblings their own dressers and bookshelves to help separate their belongings from each other’s. Decorating the walls with blackboards or colorful wall decals can bring creativity and individuality into the space for siblings to express themselves in style.

We hope these design tips and inspiration photos will help you make a shared kids’ bedroom a fantastic project!