20 Stunning Kitchens Without Upper Cabinets that Will Make You Double Your Space

Kitchens with no uppers are growing in popularity, and for a good reason. Besides looking incredibly stylish, they feel open and spacious, letting more natural light penetrate the space.

Upper cabinets can be replaced with open shelves, allowing for easier access to dishware.

Or you can choose to use them for showcasing decorative items, creating a more personalized look.

In addition, this trend can perfectly match a variety of styles, from rustic to contemporary.

Long story short, here are 20 splendid ideas of how to style a kitchen with no upper cabinets, so let’s dive in.

1. All White, All Clean. A kitchen with no upper cabinets is an excellent way to enhance the sense of spaciousness and openness created by high ceilings. Floating shelves, a bare window, and pendant lights above the table perfectly balance the total look of this kitchen.

2. Let More Air In. Using only bottom cabinets is a go-to method to make smaller spaces look less cluttered and airier. Hooks and shelves provide extra storage space without compromising the light and airy design. At the same time, the blend of white, charcoal blue, and natural wood creates a harmonious aesthetic.

3. Minimalist Kitchen With No Uppers. Larger kitchens allow you to go without upper cabinets since lower cabinetry, islands, or peninsulas provide enough storage space. As a result, you get an airy design perfect for open-concept homes. Muted green and milk white make for a classic vibe to last for years.

4. Rustic Coziness. A farmhouse kitchen without upper cabinets is an all-time classic many homeowners craving for coziness choose. The abundance of white combined with touches of pastels, wooden flooring, handmade textiles, and plants perfectly complement the look.

5. Tile’n’Style. Why not showcase snow-white, shiny tiles instead of hiding them behind bulky upper cabinets? This kitchen without upper cabinets is definitely an example to follow if you love the feeling of space and light.

6. Classic Approach. This kitchen with no upper cabinets is an awesome example of how beautifully the classic and contemporary styles combine in minimalist design. The abundance of white, naturally looking textures, ornate crown moldings, and the complete absence of textiles make this kitchen feel like one in a medieval castle.

7. Play of Contrast. This kitchen has no wall cabinets, pegs, or shelves, which helps inject a feeling of space into a small room with a low ceiling. Sandy beige and charcoal act like the new black and white, creating an eye-pleasing contrast, while minimalist spotlights seal the deal in this incredibly sleek and chic kitchen design.

8. Get Textured. Kitchen designs with no upper cabinets are the best choice for open-concept homes. This one catches the eye with its perfectly balanced richness of textures, from nature-inspired wood and stone to futuristic metals.

9. Open to Light. A countertop-to-ceiling backsplash without upper cabinets is a stylish choice for smaller spaces. Light colors, sleek surfaces, and abundant light effectively enhance the ambiance of space and openness.

10. Retro Feel. This 60s-inspired kitchen with no upper cabinets is all about softness and light. The full-height tiled backsplash, warm pastels, and simple shapes help achieve a cozy and comfortable feel.

11. Nature Inspired. T his kitchen with no uppers reminds of a cozy warm hut somewhere high in the Alps. Rough-sawn ceiling beams, natural textures and colors, a statement shelf running across the entire wall, and perfectly matching textiles all feed into the feel of comfort and coziness.

12. Vintage Vibe. If you want something simple in design but bright and eye-catching at the same time, consider copying this exciting no-upper-cabinets kitchen idea. It’s easy to achieve with simple shapes, vintage-inspired appliances, and solid colors like red and blue.

13. Pure Elegance. You can go even further and opt for a kitchen without cabinets, with everything you need organized within a kitchen island. It’s an incredibly elegant choice for small kitchens, all about sleekness and a Hollywood-like kitchen experience.

14. Milk White Cozy. A kitchen with no upper cabinets perfectly combines with a sink window, creating seamless, clean lines and adding the feel of spaciousness. Natural textures and milk white enhance this ambiance, while beautiful pendant lights and a cute corner shelf are all about coziness.

15. Jump on the Trend. Transitional design is getting increasingly popular today, offering a mix of traditional and modern designs to create a space that feels both classic and current. A kitchen with no uppers is a great starting point if you’re looking to embrace this aesthetic.

16. Embrace the Light. A kitchen with pendant lights over the countertop instead of the uppers is an excellent solution for spaces lacking daylight. When going no-wall-cabinets, add warm lights and choose warm pastels for walls and other surfaces.

17. Details Matter. Kitchens with only bottom cabinets provide perfect canvases for creating tasteful ensembles of decorative elements. Every single item on this countertop and above has been handpicked to match the entire picture.

18. Charming Rustic. This beautiful rustic kitchen with shelves instead of upper cabinets emits a vibe of the early spring somewhere in the woods. The sophisticated mix of colors, materials, and textures is just perfect, with the statement farmhouse sink and faded rug adding irresistible charm.

19. Accent Backsplash. A built-in kitchen with white subway tile backsplash without upper cabinets looks incredibly stylish. Elegant cream and white are perfectly complemented by green plants, creating a harmonious and refreshing ambiance.

20. Perfect Match. This small kitchen without upper cabinets receives plenty of daylight. The contrasting shades of the lower cabinets and walls make it feel spacious and airy. At the same time, vivid details like the fancy tap and the cute shelf inject personality into this kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen designs with no upper cabinets are amazingly versatile, allowing homeowners to choose one that can best match the style of the home and reflect their taste. You can create contemporary, vintage, minimalist, transitional, or rustic aesthetics (just to name a few!) while letting the daylight in and enjoying the feel of space and openness.