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30 Luminous Bedroom Mirror Ideas that Reflect Your Personality

A bedroom mirror is one of those indispensable decor items that can do a great many things at once. Whether you place it in a hallway, a bathroom, or a master bedroom, it instantly adds decorative value to the location and makes it more spacious and full of light. No matter where you hang a mirror, ensure it reflects the right things. Check out a selection of bedroom mirror ideas to add extra sparkle to your bedroom design.

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98 Small Kitchen Ideas to Make the Most of a Tiny Space

You need to know two things to create a kitchen that meets your needs. First, you must clearly understand what is crucial for you and what you can give up altogether. Secondly, you need to know what are the possibilities of kitchen renovation. It can be a complete rejection of cabinets or using tables instead of window sills, etc. We will tell you about all the exciting things and novelties to make your small kitchen a cozy corner in the apartment.

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25 Minimalist Living Room Ideas Proving that Less Is More

Living rooms can be different, but there are some rules for creating a truly minimalist one. For surfaces in the interior, it is better to use clean lines and simple textures. The color palette can be light or dark, but do not use too many colors. A minimalist interior is not supposed to be completely calm and flat. Use natural materials like wood or stone to complete the overall look.

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